January 23, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 37 Of 91!

“She’s an emotional pooper,”said Akemi, by way of explaining Suji’s knack for, uh, dropping pebbles whenever she gets worked up and barksome.  

January 23, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 37 Of 91! January 23, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 37 Of 91!

I’m not a coffee guy but I’m thinking Suji might have the right idea here.  I may need to take up the habit if I’m going to make it to the end of the season.

January 23, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 37 Of 91!

Sujiko’s instagram (NewOldPugSuji) is blowing up.  She’ll probably hit 1000 followers by tomorrow and should eclipse my modest follower count by hiatus.

Now what did I intend to blog about today?  I know it wasn’t dogs.

Oh, yeah!  Dark Matter!

January 23, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 37 Of 91!

We took our show on the road today, deep into the wilds of the Dundas Valley Conservation Area for a little shooting, a little double-crossing, and a little heartbreaking.  Not necessarily in that order.

To those of you asking – Nope, no one guessed correctly.  The marvelous grand mystery prize is still up for grabs.  To win, all you have to do is identify who utters the following dialogue in Dark Matter Episode 27:

“Being better is so much harder”

“The costs are always personal”

“Welcome home”

Behind the scenes:

January 23, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 37 Of 91!

Hmmm.  SOMEONE is getting a new outfit – which would suggest we’ll be keeping this individual around a little longer…

January 23, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 37 Of 91!

Assistant Makeup Dorota Mitoraj and Xena.

January 23, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 37 Of 91!

B Dolly Grip Phil Calambakas and B Camera Operator Dave T. Sheridan.

Tomorrow, prep meetings in the morning, editing in the afternoon, and writing at night.  It’s going to be a mad push to the hiatus!

27 thoughts on “January 23, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 37 of 91!

  1. Too bad I don’t still have the old episodes on the DVR. Too bad I don’t have Netflix either. Good luck to the eventual winner! LOL Next contest for me.

    Adorable Suji pictures! I can’t believe she doesn’t have agents banging down your door, sigh. 😀

  2. Hi Joe
    Lets try it like this…

    “Being better is so much harder” – Five
    “The costs are always personal” – Truffault
    “Welcome home” – Android

    How’s that?


  3. Guess 2:

    “Being better…” THREE
    “The costs …” Truffaut
    “Welcome…” Android

    Maybe you could consider Suji’s pebbles like little “nuggets of love”!

  4. My black cat, Max (named after your boy Maximus) is also an emotional pooper. He does it when ever we take him to the vet. I found out when I was holding him as the passenger in the car as my son was driving us to the vet. My leather jacket needed a good cleaning after that visit. Bleh.

  5. @Kathy C These aren’t from past episodes… pretty sure they are the ones filming now. There have only been 26 episodes, so this one is from 27.. ie opener for Season 3 unless I missed something.

    “Being better is so much harder” Two

    “The costs are always personal” Six (though first guess of four still seems better)

    “Welcome home” Five

    (Of course you all know he could be messing with us and no one says them, or only person says them all)

  6. oops it cut off some lines of reply when i hit post.

    lets try that one again:

    3:00 am here. Just got in from another looooong day. Albeit, What a nice treat to come home and find the 2 little princesses, Suji & Xena showing off their adorableness. xo

    Ok – before I hit the pillow – one more shot at guessing who says the lines:

    Welcome Back – Kotter.

    Being better is so much harder – Sylvester’s reply when Tweetie Bird asks why do you always have to be so mean!

    The costs are always personal. – My comeback line when well meaning friends tell me I look like one of the walking dead due to lack of sleep.

    …and on that note ………… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  7. If at first you don’t succeed:
    Being Better Is So Much Harder: Three
    The Costs Are Always Personal: Misaki
    Welcome Back: Alexander Rook

    Nice pics. The crew deserves recognition. We appreciate all the hard work that goes into making this show. Stay warm!

  8. Love the first pic of hopeful Suji and the biscuit bones. Akemi’s baking?
    Just how many outfits does Suji own? I’ve lost count…

    Further comp guesses
    ‘Being better ..’ Truffaut
    ‘The costs …’ Three
    ‘Welcome home’ Misaki

    …. or not

  9. Suji’s coat is very Monroe circa Arthur Miller, next we’ll hear Suji’s studying the method. Her slalom sitting poses are amazing, I’m guessing she thinks other dogs are just sitting wrong because of their ghastly manners.

    Hm, I don’t think I’ll get the quiz right, but I’ll try:
    “Being better is so much harder” – Three
    “The costs are always personal” – Truffault
    “Welcome home” – Kierken

  10. I haven’t made a guess yet as to who says what line, but it’s hard to tell if you’re asking if one person says all those lines, or if it’s a different person saying each. I’ll go ahead and put in a guess each way just to be safe. 😉

    All uttered by one person:

    Individually uttered:
    “Being better…” – FOUR
    “The costs…” – THREE
    “Welcome home” – TWO

    -Mike A.

  11. Dundas Valley–wonderful memories. I used to ride my horse there quite a bit many years ago (before heading west to AB) and the trails were always great.

    As for the quotes. Your gang will be making guest appearances and so go the quotes:

    “Being better is so much harder” Lulu

    “The costs are always personal” Bubba (now that Suji is monopolizing the cuddle time)

    “Welcome home” Akemi (to the much-loved Suji)

  12. Oo, oo. Off the wall and no where near …

    ‘Being better…’ Truffault
    ‘The costs … ‘ Ryo
    ‘Welcome … ‘ Alicia Reynaud

  13. I wish I had a coat like that. OK, here are my guesses:
    “Being better is so much harder” – Two
    “The costs are always personal” – Three
    “Welcome back” – Five

  14. I’ve come to the conclusion guessing who says each line is so much harder without a framing of emotional context.

    Here’s my analysis/breakdown today based on previous answers given:

    Welcome Back: Prison Warden at H8

    Being Better is so much Harder: Anders says this to THREE as they are getting shot at when he has a change of heart and helps him escape from Prison.

    The Costs are always Personal: Conversation between Ryo/Four & Misaki.

    In an AU version of the story “Welcome Back” is the first line of an Emerson Lake and Palmer song Android is having an absolute blast rocking out to on the ship while the station is being blown up.
    Now “THAT” would be funny!

  15. Those guesses are getting really “out there”, and some a little more desperate. I love it! Keep ’em guessing Joe. Definitely entertaining!

    Xena is a beauty. So Suji is dropping pebbles whenever she gets worked up and barksome? Could you explain some of these instances? I came home from work yesterday to a “nugget” in my dog’s bed. With her, I think that saying is true… “Shit happens” 😆

  16. Being better is so much harder-3
    the costs are always personal-5
    Welcome home-commander Truffault

  17. Let’s try
    Being better 3
    The cost are always personal 4
    Welcome home Victor

  18. I am going to try
    Being better 3
    The costs are always personal 2
    Welcome home Tabor Calchek

  19. The horrible dilemma. I vote to eat ALL of them. That is some self-restraint there.

    “Emotional pooper!” That is an awesome phrase. I’m going to use that on Jeff the next time it fits.

    Don’t know if I’m too late for this but:

    “Being better is so much harder” : Two
    “The costs are always personal” Nyx (because I want her back this season)
    “Welcome home” One (hey, its an off the wall guess)

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