January 24, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 38 Of 91!

Let’s get another Dark Matter fan Q&A rolling!  Today, and for the rest of this week, I invited you to post comments for the awesome Noreen Landry, Dark Matter Costume Designer.  She and her team have been responsible for outfits like these…

January 24, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 38 Of 91! January 24, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 38 Of 91! January 24, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 38 Of 91! January 24, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 38 Of 91! January 24, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 38 Of 91!

January 24, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 38 Of 91!

And many more!

If you’ve got a questions for Noreen, you know the drill.  Post them in the comments section!

To those of you STILL wondering, no one has guessed the identities of the speakers to the three dialogue snippets I posted in yesterday’s entry.  Here’s a hint: Two of the lines are spoken by crew members, the third by a recurring guest star.

Hey, how’s that Ferrous Corp shipyard coming along?  Artist Henry Fong supplies the answer:

January 24, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 38 Of 91!

27 thoughts on “January 24, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 38 of 91!

  1. OMG Noreen!!!!

    Ok!! I just stopped everything I was working on! I have 1000 questions but I will try to keep it to like two or three! I am hoping Joe passed on the Stargate P90 harness I made for you guys last year when I saw the DM-P90 and sent up during wrap up last season! Hoping I might see that get used someday! =)

    Q1: So what costume designer(s) do you feel has had the most influence on you over the years?

    Q2: Your work seems very in line with people I also admire like Val Halverson, have you ever worked with her and where do you hope to see yourself in ten years?

    Q3: What has been your biggest challenge (other than dealing with Joe’s pocket squares and socks) with Dark Matter thus far? And since you have had so much amazing stuff what do you feel was your least favorite design or later you wish you had done it differently?

    Thank you for your time!

    Love your teams work its amazing! Can not wait to see Season 3 kick off!


  2. So does anyone else out there watch Supergirl? Stargate got a shout out last night, and we got to visit another planet via their own version of the Stargate. When they went through, the token geek was told to stay and figure out how to dial them home. LOL Of course that geek was very excited when they were on the Earth side, getting ready to walk thru their “gate” – that it was a “Stargate!”

    I wonder if there is a connection there…between who wrote last night’s Supergirl and the upcoming Stargate revival?

  3. Kathy, I was cheering like school girl!


    Winn is “OMG ITS A STARGATE” the very next shot did you see that alien was SOOOO a Unas! Then we got some Red shirt Star Trek too! Loved that episode…!

    Already links all over!


  4. Let’s try this again…

    Welcome Back – Lieutenant Andres
    Being Better Is So Much Harder – Three
    The Costs Are Always Personal – Six

  5. “Welcome Back” – Android ???

    “The costs…..” -Misaki

    “Being Better…..” -THREE

    For your hiatus:

    Needed some down time tonight so am at a friends house right now and we just finished watching the first two movies in The Divergent trilogy:
    1.Divergent 2 Insurgent 3 Allegiant

    I would not declare this series “amazing” but if you haven’t already seen it, I think you might find some concepts/ideas for DM season 4 in it. (Your stunt coordinator might also appreciate the 1st two movies of the series).

    Also, Sometime over the weekend, send an email request to David Hewlett and I’m sure he’d be happy to zip you the first few episodes of “Incorporated”.to watch on laptop.

  6. @MaggieMayDay Love your new Hawaii pic. <3

    @Kathy C Havent had time to keep up with SuperGirl of late. Thanks for the tip! Will check it out the new episodes the next time I can wrangle an evening off.

  7. For the lovely Noreen Landry, I’d like to know:

    Where do you get your ideas for the costumes?

    Do you always notice and look at what people are wearing?

    How old were you when you learned to sew?

    Do you make or use a pattern?

    What is your favorite color to work with? (I’m guessing black)

    Those that work for you, what qualifications do you look for?

    Would you rather design for a male or female character?

    Thank you Noreen Landry. Your work on Dark Matter is beautiful and classy!

  8. I had a question about Five’s normal ship-side costumes.

    Why does she wear clothing that looks contemporary to 2016, as opposed to the rest of the cast that has a generally more futuristic aesthetic? What inspired this somewhat anachronistic look?

    Thank you.

  9. The space port is absolutely stunning.

    ok now to swag at the test you have given us.

    “Being better is so much harder” – Five

    “The costs are always personal” – Two Boss

    “Welcome home” – Alexander Rook (stole this from MaggieL)

  10. Looks like Ferrous Corp is totally “docked” out! Awesome design. That would look great on my guest room wall.

    For Noreen:
    First show you ever worked on?
    Favorite costumes that others have designed?
    Favorite costume that you have designed for a Dark Matter?
    What does your closet look like?
    Favorite shoes?

    And lastly for Joe: Try, try, again
    Being Better…: Six
    The Costs…: Misaki
    Welcome Back: Android

  11. For Noreen: how do your source your fabrics? Online, or do you go on shopping trips where you can get a literal feel for the textures and weight? Do you have a huge fabric stash, just in case? How many original pieces a week do you come up with, and how much “repurposing” of stock/standard clothing items do you do?

    Thanks, Drea, we had a terrific time!

  12. I may regret asking, but…
    Noreen, do you want a hand-crocheted accessory or two for the costume stash? I’m coming to TO in March; Joe has my email.

  13. @ Peggy, I have phone con with MGM consultant today about MAYBE a different approch to bringing Stargate back and using us that are part of Legion M to help facilitate that! More to come! I hope! Fingers crossed!

    If anyone is interested in Legion M or investing you can get info here! https://thelegionm.com/ or I can put you in touch with one the co-founders if you have questions?

  14. Henry Fong’s artwork is fantastic! Looking forward to seeing it in the episode.

    Loving all the great questions for Noreen.
    Is there a certain style that you like to use to influence a design?

    @Drea Yep, David Hewlett – Incorporated! 😱

    Thanks for the hint, Joe 👍
    Next guesses
    Being better – 3
    The costs – 6
    Welcome back – Truffault

  15. What was your favourite costume to put together?
    What other projects have you design projects for?
    Also, can you give me the answers for Joseph’s quote challenge for the names of the episodes?

  16. Again, with as much as I admire Noreen’s work and immediately thought of a couple questions, I scanned those posted in the comments already and they’ve all been accounted for. So, instead, I’ll ask some random ones:


    Sushi or Fish Tacos?

    Favorite breed of dog?

    What was the last book you read?

    Not saying that you actually are any of these, but with respect to costuming, do you find you’re more OCD, ADD, or Perfectionist?

    Any little tricks or ideas up your sleeve that you’re dying to try on one of the crew of the Raza?

    I’m one of the guys out there that truly enjoys all the little details that go into a show, especially sci-fi shows, and I love how things are made. I’ve mentioned this before in Joe’s blog, but costuming would be either first or second on my list of places I’d love to work if I were to work on a TV show. It’s usually a toss up between costuming, sets, and props. But all of those deal with little details that really add “flavor” to a show in their own special way. I can sew, too, and have made a number of different things over the years including stuff from some of Joe’s previous shows. I also made sure to buy a costume piece from each of those previous shows, too. Hopefully, when DM has run its five year span, you guys will sell off some of the costumes, props, and set pieces, and I’ll have the opportunity to buy something you and your team designed.

    Thanks and keep up the fantastic work!

    Now, as for the guesses on the lines of dialogue, I’ll revise my earlier guess only slightly. I stand by my earlier guess of FOUR and THREE with the first two lines, but for the third, the “Welcome Home” line, I want to say Misaki, but something is telling me it’s Truffault. Crossing fingers!

    -Mike A.

  17. Noreen ‘s costume designs are so strong esp for the female characters.
    Question: Is there any chance any of them, particularly THAT coat AU Two wore, will ever be made available to buy?

    My further answers for the quote/titles are

    ‘Being better …’ Three
    ‘The costs are..’ Ryo
    Welcome home’ The General
    or is it
    The General

    Alicia Reynaud

    or Three
    . Alicia Reynaud

    That’s it. I’m finished … and all wrong, I know 😞 But I gave it my best shot(s!)

  18. Love Suji’s cart!

    No question for Noreen Landry, just a note of appreciation for women who look strong, or strong and sexy, but not sleazy. Love the costumes!

  19. Hi Joseph, this is a question for you since I know that you have to look through this comment section. How do I audition for dark matter?


    Welcome back- Truffault
    The costs are always personal- Six
    Being better is so much harder- Two


    Welcome back- General
    The costs are always personal- Two
    Being better is so much harder- Three


    Welcome back- Truffault
    The costs are always personal- Ryo
    Being better is so much harder- Three


    Welcome back- Truffault
    The costs are always personal- Two
    Being better is so much harder- Three


    Welcome back- General
    The costs are always personal- Four
    Being better is so much harder- Three


    Welcome back-Truffault
    The costs are always personal- Five
    Being better is so much harder- Three

  20. Then again …
    ‘Being better…’ Android
    ‘The costs ……’ Truffault
    ‘Welcome home’ Two
    … or not …. again 😂

  21. I am going to try
    Being better 3
    The costs are always personal 2
    Welcome home AlicIA Reynaud

  22. I wish I had intelligent questions for Noreen but I can barely sew a button these days. Used to sew in the 7th grade or so, but not anymore and every time I bring my sewing machine out, it doesn’t work and I erupt in a long string of curse words.

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