January 3, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 22 Of 91!

Production resumed today on Dark Matter’s third season, Episode 303, with director Steve DiMarco at the helm.  Steve directed one of my favorite episodes last season, “I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You” (aka The one where TWO, THREE, and FOUR get their memories back and chase FIVE through The Raza), a taut, suspenseful, ship-centered outing with a compelling character-driven core.  We’re very different – me in my three piece suit, tie, and colorful socks, him in his leather, rings, and tats – but we share an appreciation for Ministry and Japanese whisky, and an intolerance for bullshit.  I’m a big fan of his work, and him as a person, and look forward to collaborating with him this season on not just one but two glorious episodes.

January 3, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 22 Of 91!

This morning, we kicked things off in the mess with “the reveal” that saw a certain cast member NOT take part in the rehearsal for a performance-related reason – a first!  Unusual, outside the box, and brilliant.  Typical DiMarco.

January 3, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 22 Of 91!

Playback Operator Greg Whiteside will occasionally surprise us with various SF-themed backdrops for the triptych in The Raza mess.  We’ve seen Star TrekFamily Guy, and then today…this.  “What movie is that still from?”I asked script coordinator Alison Hepburn.  “Rogue One,”she informed me.  Ah.  I haven’t seen a Star Wars movie since halfway through Return of the Jedi.  I don’t count Attack of the Clones because I was tricked into going.  I do hear great things about this latest one though.

January 3, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 22 Of 91!

I took a break from production to join line producer Norman Denver, location manager Zach Beckwith, 1st assistant director Chris Binney, and Episode 305 director J.B. Sugar for a rainy stroll through an ice-covered forest in Hamilton. Can’t wait to see what the weather looks like in a couple of weeks when we actually come back to shoot here!

January 3, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 22 Of 91!

Apparently, someone in the art department had a touch of food poisoning over the holidays so 1st assistant art director Roxanne Borris commemorated the experience with this gorgeous artwork.  I think I may commission a portrait of me wiping out and injuring my knee.

January 3, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 22 Of 91!

 That shipyard is coming along nicely (concept artist Henry Fong).

January 3, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 22 Of 91!

People ask me how I can read so many books every year.  The simple answer is that I make the time to read by ignoring film and television.  Yesterday, however, I set my books aside to actually take in a movie I’ve been meaning to check out for quite a while: Train To Busan.  In a nutshell, it’s a South Korean zombies-on-a-train horror film – and it’s a frenetic filmic masterpiece.  Great characters, stunning visuals, and some of the scariest undead ever to grace the screen.  As Akemi put it: “These are more scary, active zombies – not like laid back zombies of Walking Dead.”

Illiterates and people too lazy to read subtitles rejoice!  I hear an English language remake is already in the works!

Check out the trailer:

24 thoughts on “January 3, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 22 of 91!

  1. That shipyard would also be good for the Honorverse. Just sayin’. Blame my brother’s visit yesterday.

  2. Great to see S3 back in production. We need you to get back to work so we can have some great TV! 🙂

    Well, after much deliberation and consideration (months, actually) I’m getting another parrot this coming weekend. It’s a Meyers, which are about 50% bigger than my lovebird, Bart, was. They’re supposed to be very mild-tempered. I took a trip to the breeder’s this past weekend to visit and see them. The bird jumped right to me and was quite content to sit with me for the entire time I was there, so that’s a good sign. Seems very laid back.

    Anyway, I’ll keep everyone posted!

  3. Cast member didn’t rehearse for performance related reasons…hmmmm…what could be happening? Eeek I can’t wait to find out!! They must know what happens, since they have seen the script, or are certain pages kept from them? Oh, the possibilities!

  4. The countdown to June/July begins…very excited! So is episode 303 going to be a taut, suspenseful ship-based outing, that is character driven? Gotta love a director in leather!! He sounds like a Rockstar!

    I was so excited when I saw Felicity Jones on the triptych. Such a tease! Maybe the Raza crew should turn the triptych into a viewing screen for vintage movie night. Three would be in charge of snacks.

    I’m guessing that the ice-covered forest in Hamilton will be snow covered come shooting time. Dress warm!

    On a movie side note: the original Star Wars trilogy (IV-VI) is classic. The originals, before George tinkered with them…and yes, Han shot first. The second trilogy just plain sucked though Return Of The Sith did have some redeeming points, the last 15-20 minutes. Episode VII was fun. I just finished watching it…again. The latest Rogue One brings a whole new level. You need to see it.

    I loved Train To Busan. Saw it this summer at our local art house, sitting on a couch, eating Cheetos. We gasped, we shrieked, we cheered and we cried. Okay, so I did all these things. I really am an embarrassment at the movies. I hope revamping it doesn’t ruin it. This movie is fantastic.

  5. The new movie needs to include the line “Get these mother^*%# zombies off this mother%#^*% train”, or I’m out.

  6. The cast member NOT taking part in ‘the reveal’ rehearsal does sound unusual but intriguing!
    Mmm….he/she wasn’t back on-set from the break..
    …..Steve DiMarco didn’t want ‘the reveal’ rehearsed but needs to shoot/record the initial reaction of the absent cast member to the news? 🤔

    Henry Fong’s work is excellent.

    Nice triptych – a possible future contest to design a backdrop for the The Raza mess?

  7. Nope. No zombies, no vampires, no werewolves, no horror, etc. for me, thank you.

    Yes please for cute puppy pics. Now following Suji on Instagram.
    So glad to see Lulu is moving with more ease and stability too.

  8. (My bad. Accidentally posted this under the wrong blog entry. Sawhies Joe. The duplicate is under Jan 2nd).

    @Kathy C Don’t sell yourself so short beautiful! (((YOU ROCK!!)))
    You did so much more than achieve daily participation in our blog family.

    A. You Managed to maintain discipline enough to get back into shape.
    (never an easy task – but you did it!)

    B. You did an absolutely AMAZING job of co-hosting and being the posting coordinator for our blog anniversary celebration and tribute to Joe.
    Sending thousands of thank you hugs n kisses your way for that! XO

    C. You were determined to find a new job in 2016 and you did!

    D. You were a wonderful supportive blog sis to all here.

    I’d say – those are some pretty awesome goals to achieve and serve as an inspiration and hope to all!


  9. The shipyard is visually stunning!
    Sad to say I have not made good on my proclamation to see Rogue 1 again…yet. Terrible how real life gets in the way.
    BUT I will.

    We are at 23 weeks to S3 and counting.

  10. @Tam (((Hugs))) so very sorry to hear about your brother and so sorry to hear Dr Jo hasn’t been doing so well in her battle either.
    I guess all we can do for her now is to stay strong and show her as much love and joy as possible for whatever time she has left. Please, do let her know I send my daily dose of warmest hugs n always so much much love.
    She is more courageous than she will ever really know.
    Sometime in next few weeks maybe we can ‘surprise her’ with a nice gift of something she truly enjoys?? Will email ya over the weekend. Money is pretty tight these days but am sure if we put our heads together we can think of something.

    1. @Drea & @TamDixon Count me in to help with that, too. Dr. Jo is never far from my thoughts and prayers.

  11. @Ponytail: How were the holidays? And how’s your dad doing? You’re such a good daughter for taking care of them. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy.

    @Gforce: Wow! That is BIG news. Don’t know anything about Meyers?. Will need to go look the breed up. Cant wait to see the new family addition!
    Is it male or female? and how old? Always a very good sign when they come right to ya and snuggle by your side. Hope your nephew doesn’t pose any objections to taking care of 3 birds all at once when you head out on weekends. Though I really cant imagine why he would.

  12. How is your knee doing? I see that ice in that Hamilton picture and I hope you’ll be extra careful.

    Steve Dimarco sounds like a VERY interesting guy. He sounds very creative. I look forward to seeing that moment that you are describing above.

    Our plan on Friday is to go see Rogue One. I can’t see zombie movies or shows. @gforce That’s funny.

    I’m relating to that vomit poster right now. I am not sure if I got a new virus or this is the next level of the old virus.

    Has anyone started watching Travelers? It’s been great seeing so many people from Stargate involved in it.

  13. Think I’ll back away slowly from the zombies, way too scary for me. I failed completely at playing Zombies in Spaceland. Whenever they zombies would pop up I’d freeze and end up getting killed in the game. The Jock, Valley Girl and Rapper got tired of rescuing me. Someday I’ll figure out how to use that X Box controller.

  14. Have five extra minutes before getting ready to head to yoga, so I popped on for a rare “go back and read the comments posted after mine” read.

    @drea ~blushes~ thank you. 😀

    @maggieL80 totally agree with your description of the Star Wars movies.

    @pbmom Travelers? Not familiar with that show. Must go find out more about it…

  15. @Tam: continued prayers ur way

    @pbmom: hope all is well, hope u feel better soon

    @sylvia: thanx for the countdown

    @gforce: better yet, get Samuel L Jackson on that train

    @Joe: how is the knee?

  16. Loving the BTS bits … brings back memories of a past life.

    That shipyard concept artwork is really stunning! It must be fantastic to be able to produce work like that…

    Ssh… Went to see Rebel One recently (My first Star Wars since the first three. Couldn’t stand bratty Annakin in second lot & haven’t bothered with next ones). Don’t tell the others here but … found first half of film rather mmm.
    Nice to see original characters/actors again though… and fight sequences, as always, action packed and thrilling.
    . Can’t say any more ….

  17. ““the reveal” that saw a certain cast member NOT take part in the rehearsal for a performance-related reason – a first!”

    Is it One?! 😆

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