I was awakened at 5 a.m. this morning by what sounded like Akemi vacuuming downstairs.

That’s because Akemi WAS vacuuming downstairs.  At 5 a.m. this morning!

I’m not sure how they do things in Japan, but here in Canada…

December 14, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 19 Of 91!

Toronto’s in the deep freeze – and it’s just going to get colder.  Today, our tech survey took us to Hamilton where, incredibly, it’s actually colder INSIDE our prospective location than it is outside.  At one point, I honestly wondered if someone had accidentally left the air conditioner on full blast.

December 14, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 19 Of 91!

The archway into the Traugott garrison.

December 14, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 19 Of 91! December 14, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 19 Of 91!

Building the metal doors.

December 14, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 19 Of 91!

The secret ingredient is…styrofoam?

Meanwhile, on set…

December 14, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 19 Of 91!

This does NOT bode well for our guest star.

“I get so excited for blood.” – Lynda McCormack, Key Makeup (December 14, 2016)

December 14, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 19 Of 91!

The mile deep core shaft.  Just toss your coins in and make a wish.

December 14, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 19 Of 91!

Playback – generic and hero!

December 14, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 19 Of 91!

Official Ishida issue warning stickers.

December 14, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 19 Of 91!

Kudos to Production Designer Ian Brock and the art department for building what is probably our most SF set to date.

December 14, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 19 Of 91!

Corridor column.  As always, it’s all in the details.

December 14, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 19 Of 91!

That new 3D printer sure has come in handy.

December 14, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 19 Of 91!

Check out the new shirt Akemi picked up for Suji.  Our new (old) gal has turned into quite the bossy boots, barking up a storm whenever a stranger comes through the door, and bullying poor Bubba.  She’ll waddle over to where he’s sleeping and bark until he wakes up and changes his sleeping spot, then waddle over and repeat the process, forcing him to play musical dog beds.  She also does NOT like it when Akemi has Bubba on her lap, barking in outrage while our deaf old boy snoozes on, unaware.

December 14, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 19 Of 91!

19 thoughts on “December 14, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 19 of 91!

  1. “This does not bode well for our guest star”

    I really hope it’s not Marc Bendavid yet again!

  2. I love these glimpses into the sets and props.

    Poor Bubba. Suji is a bossy boots! My cat Oide used to bother our Great Dane until she moved off her bed, and then the mean kitty would take the warm spot. The rather large warm spot. I loved that dog, given to us as a rescue from a puppy mill, but when I was diagnosed with cancer, we let her go to a family in Idaho who had recently lost their Dane. She ended up working as a therapy dog, loved and happy.

  3. Seems Suji’s “delicate” bark is better suited to her rampages than some real heavy duty barking. The audio you shared, was kinda cute. But then we only hear it once or twice.

    Your deep freeze spread into chicagoland.
    Need some more Jim Beam Apple. This time I think I will warm it more than room temperature. Kinda a warm toddy.
    I am tooooooo old for this cold.

  4. Funny you should mention air-conditioning. My wife came home yesterday from work and said that they finally figured out the great cold office mystery. Seems they’re doing construction on the other side of the wall from her bank of offices the thermostat that controls her rolw of offices is on THAT side. The construction workers had turned the thermostat waydown to since they didn’t want to sweat while working.

  5. Wait… Bubba is deaf? Did we already know this? Poor baby.

    I’d bet Suji is just testing boundaries in her newest environment, testing relationships, etc. and may be jealous of anyone else sitting with Akemi.

    If I had been living in a barn for a few years, then found myself in doggie bliss, I’m sure I’d guard any advantageous change of events, so better to keep them! She’s still settling in Joe. Help Bubba to stand his ground. It’ll work out in time.

    I commiserate with you about the “cold” working conditions Joe. The stairwells in our building seem to hog all the warmth while offices and hallways are stark cold. It’s difficult to type on keyboards when your fingers are blue. No amount of complaining seems to prod maintenance to fix it either. Some have brought in free standing heaters for their cubicles. So of course, yesterday one of these heaters blew the electric in my cubicle killing my desk phone, both wide screen monitors and laptop. Either we have crappy wiring or the added strain on the circuits was too much.

    Tonight is our company’s holiday party. They can call it that, to me it’s a Christmas Party. It’s off site so around 4:00 – 4:30, folks will be drifting away, to change into their party duds or, like me, popping back home to change (I live 15 min. from work), then on to the festivities. Open bar, lots of food in varying degrees of yumminess, desserts, DJ music, dancing, photo booths and I’m sure, some very intoxicated people after an hour or so. It’s the same location as last year, so we all know it will be grand.

    It’s currently 23′ F but feels like 17’F. Wind gusts to 50 mph here at the Jersey Shore. Tonight it’s supposed to drop to 12’F but feel like 5’F. But, no snow except for flurries and they don’t count because there’s no shoveling. I’m hoping my bathroom pipes don’t freeze and split open.

    I do wish everyone here and afar a lovely day! Hugs to everyone’s furry or feathered or scaled little ones.


  6. @Maggiemayday I’m sorry you had to find a new home for your dog, but it sounds like you picked a wonderful home for her.

    The deep freeze is here in Texas. Our temperatures are going to hover near 32 as a low for us which is very cold for us. But then we go up a bit and on Saturday we will have a high of 76 and then a low of 30. That is QUITE a temperature drop. Go out in shorts; come back with a winter coat and pants (and me gloves and scarf). On Sunday, our high will only be 44 with the sun fully out and again our low near 30.

    Chores at 5 a.m.? No thanks.

    Suji is trying out for the alpha dog position. So far it likely is working. She made Lulu make room for her to share her bed. Now she is barking at Bubba and Bubba can’t put her in her place in the pack because he doesn’t hear her. I love her new shirt. Bubba looks so warm, cuddly and peaceful.

    Love the set. Looking forward to seeing who gets to wear that lab coat.

    Be careful….You might wind up getting a cease and desist letter from HBO for violating a copyright on a simple poster (sarcasm; rolling my eyes). Winter is indeed here. I can’t figure out who JB is (for the love of JB…)

  7. Funny you were wakened by the sound of the vacuum since the sun even up at that time. I have been in Toronto so I am aware of the sun. I too am in withdrawal of Thailand and a girl of mind. Was it do to I prize a dog left behind? I was awoken a today of to the smell from the oven as my Mom was making a cake. So, the smell rose up to my room as she was preparing my Birthday cake. Actually my Birthday was yesterday but on the actual astrological time scale who knows. If you were looking forward, the news says the temperature is to raise but with snow. Now they are reporting 6 to 10 inches for tomorrow. I could use the exercise because I am still in rehab, but my coordination is off so it takes longer.

  8. Hello,
    please, give me a hug.I need a good one!
    We are 1100 lawyers for the government and will begin our 9th week on strike next Monday

  9. Ok, that wins “Best Quote of the Day” or maybe the year: “I get so excited for blood.” – Lynda McCormack, Key Makeup (December 14, 2016). 🙂

    Maggiemayday: I’m sorry you had to give that dane away but delighted you found such a wonderful home for her.

    PBmom: Yes, our temp mirrors here in Memphis. I hope that warm weather doesn’t spurn any tornadoes. How are you and Patrick feeling?

    Peeter: 😆

    It’s great your learning Suji’s ways. Does she bully Lulu too? Seems like she’d realize Bubba would be a great heating pad and leave him be. Each of these gentle souls are so different.

  10. I’m so OCD, sorry but it’s spur any tornadoes. Last post, promise!

    Have a great day!!!

  11. Wow. You were up early. I learned that sun raise was at 7:44 a.m. It is still dark out. Even the adage: Early to bed and early to raise doesn’t cut it. If I were to use yesterday’s date, it still doesn’t make it better.

  12. Awwww Bubba & Lulu are being so nice to the newest member of the pack. You’ve raised very kind kids there, Joe & Akemi.

    Love the sneak peek treats!!

  13. Bubba is such a gentleman, giving up his bed to a lady in distress. Suji seems very Cersei-like in her quest to displace poor Bubba.

  14. Love the sets/designs and love the jacket though the dry cleaner is gonna be pissed.

    Poor Bubba, it’s not fair, the girls are ganging up on him. Tell me, does Suji’s shirt say ” I ❤️ Darcy”? Is she a Pride & Prejudice fan too? We won’t even mention the pond scene….

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