December 15, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 20 Of 91!

“Motorists should consider postponing non-essential travel…”  Is going home considered non-essential?

Should be interesting.  We have a little over an hour before wrap and waze is already telling me it’s going to take me a while to get home.  A while that’s going to get even whilier as the snowstorm continues to rage.  Melissa is already suggesting we all camp out in the cafeteria for the night.  Why chance it?

December 15, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 20 Of 91!

A little something for Episode 303 from the Art Department.

December 15, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 20 Of 91!

Craig, our Head Carpenter, keeping busy.  Although, granted, he doesn’t look that busy right at this moment.

December 15, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 20 Of 91!

Hey, look, it’s The General (played by Andrew Jackson).  Haven’t seen him since season 1.  Wonder what he’s up to?

December 15, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 20 Of 91!

Head Cutter Anita O’Tooler made me this awesome tie.  I’m wearing it tomorrow!  Prepare to be amazed.

December 15, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 20 Of 91!

My mom asks: “What does Akemi do all day?”.  Well, in Toronto in the winter, she spends most of it trying to get the dogs dressed up for their walks.  That’s socks, boots, rubbers, jackets, hats, collars, and leashes X 3!  It’s a full-time job.

December 15, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 20 Of 91!

Suji (Sister Ursula) four layers deep.

December 15, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 20 Of 91!

Bubba and Lulu feeling the Christmas spirit.

22 thoughts on “December 15, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 20 of 91!

  1. We’re having very very cold temps here in NJ right now. I spent the whole day turning off the alert in my car that tells me when my tire pressure gets low. They are supposed to be a 36…and they were 29-32 all day. I gotta admit I was a bit nervous driving around. High temps were in the 20s (F) today. Too cold to walk puppies!!

  2. Brrrr. Stay safe. The cafeteria sounds perfectly reasonable.

    Anita does nice work. Very nice.

    If I were a pupper, I’m not convinced I’d want to go for walkies in this cold. Brrr.

  3. I hope everyone gets home safely! Does everyone have tire chains there? I don’t even have snow tires. We’d only use it once a year, if that. Ice is the main problem here in the winter. Ice sucks! Except in drinks. Then ice is good.

    Cool tie!

    Those dog pictures are too cute! Akemi’s a great mom. 🙂

    I promise, no more exclamation points.

  4. Hey Joe
    It only took me two hours to go from Ajax to Oshawa tonight. We’ll see how long it takes to the other way tomorrow morning.


  5. Hope you are home safe Joe…. here in Ottawa we are in the deep freeze but no snow falling – for now!

  6. Awwww, Suji looks sooooo cute and that color really looks good on her. What an adorable girl she is.

    Love the furbaby updates.

  7. Sounds like Winter is earlier than normal there, too. Here, after a week of on and off snow (though not too much in total), we’re just starting a huge cold wave, with an extreme wind chill warning for tonight and tomorrow. Even as I type this I can hear the wind blasting the outside of the house. Good night to be inside! It’s supposed to warm dramatically for Sunday though – +11C and rain! Crazy.

    Suji looks like she’s wrapped in swaddling clothes in that picture! I hope she doesn’t actually get over heated!

  8. 70 and 72. That is the expected high here on Friday and Saturday. Never mind Sunday’s high will be 31. The point is…why do you live there?? That is miserable.

    Got a Christmas gift for your mom yet? My Dad loves his electric recliner…

  9. I wouldn’t chance it. Stay at work in the cafeteria. Do you have the beds up from what you made for the crew? You do NOT want to get caught in your car on the road somewhere. You know the puppies are in good hands with Akemi.

    The puppies look very warm indeed. Tell Akemi to be careful (and you, too, if you decide you are crazy enough to try to get home).

  10. Stay safe and warm…now the question:
    where ever you stay, like the cafeteria, will there be enough food?

  11. So. -21C here this morning, with a wind chill of -37C. The walk from the car to the office was BRUTAL. I hope you made it home safely, Joe!

  12. Gosh. I feel positively toastie here, reading everyone’s weather reports (It’s 10C in London, UK)
    Stay warm, well fed and safe everyone!

  13. We’re supposed to get a bit of that ourselves this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

    It’s 16* here right now, with snow forecast tomorrow. And in true New Jersey fashion, a high of 60* on Sunday. Stay warm, kids.

  14. Could you please keep your snow to yourself and stop throwing it across the lake? We here on the other side of Lake Ontario have plenty of our own, thank you.

  15. Glad to see Suji is bundled up for her walk. This am it was 7 Fahrenheit but no wind thankfully. Can’t wait to see that cool tie in action. I hope traffic wasn’t too bad, having a late start to winter spoiled us.

  16. Ya, Winter Snow Warning for Minnesota for today and tonight. Like the dog, I am staying in side. He seems to be the smart one.

  17. From one Italian Joe, to another, BRAVO on all of your wonderful work! 🙂
    Dark Matters is GREAT, but I especially would like to thank you for the incredible work you’ve done on Stargate.
    To many of us Science Fiction fans, Stargate is only in stasis, and certainly is not forgotten.
    I’m the founder of a Facebook page called “Save Future Stargate Travel”.
    We are 20,000 strong, and now that Roland Emmerich, and Dean Devlin have announced that they are NOT doing any Stargate movies, most of the SG fans of the world are once again sad. … I’m attaching a link to something I pitched to them when they said they were looking for writers. As you probably know, the majority of Stagate fans did NOT want a reboot.
    We want a continuation of the TV series. Therefore, I’ve begun work on a screenplay where we can have the best of all three SG TV series, put forth in a trilogy of Stargate movies, and if you would be so kind, I’d like your opinion on this idea sir.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, and thanks again for many years of top-notch science fiction! You, & SG are truly missed!
    Joe Sardone

  18. Do the pups ever take an unflattering pic? Keep yourselves and the pups bundled up and toasty warm!

    Awesome that you now have your own tie-maker on set!

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