Two units going today.  While Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok was overseeing the action over at the Ishida Research Facility, I was catching a glimpse of the future over on The Raza…


The Ishida Research Facility central lab.  Let’s go take a look inside…


The heart of the station.


Karl’s robot arm in action.


Test subjects for the first experimental round.


Director Bruce McDonald is out of control!


The janitorial staff works overtime at the Ishida Research Facility.


Galactic News Network anchor Ross Hull delivers the news of the day.


And, on the lighter side of the news, it’s all-out intergalactic corporate war!


I informed Ross that after he was done, I’d take a shot – and then decide later which version I preferred.


GNN projects General Zod will lose the general election.


Robbie, Ross, and yours truly.  A Student Bodies reunion!  Minus Robbie.


Anita gets to work on my new ties!!!


Concept artist Henry Fong offers up some early versions of that Ferrous Corp shipyard.


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Love the shipyard!


That shipyard looks fantastic!

And you look very professional behind that news desk. Perhaps you missed your calling!

Do you really need more ties? Rhetorical question. Of course you do!


Joe, I was in a NORMAL grocery store today and saw Split Pork Pigs Feet. It was sick!! I thought of you.

Margaret Clayton

Love the concept art. A factory of destruction, muwahahaha.


Whoa! Both pictures of the shipyard are fabulous. I am leaning towards version 2 though just because it looks so different and that the solar power panels would be practical.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Ponytail: Yuck! Put that on a fancy menu and I could see Mr. ordering it though. wink

I guess Ivon is one of those executive producers that actually produces. Can’t wait to see the episode!

That news anchor, Ross, he looks familiar. Ross also looks like what you’d think a news anchor should look like. Great job casting! Oh and you look good too. wink

You guys need to cut Bruce McDonald some slack! Love his hat. smile

No pup pictures? You’ve spoiled us….


That Ferrous shipyard needs a cool name. Star Trek had Utopia Planitia for its main fleet construction yards.

Somewhat offtopic, but what the hell HBO? They threatened to sue an autistic girl for using the phrase ‘Winter is coming’ on her art project? Ridiculous..

For anyone with a few minutes to spare.


@randomness That is a bit ridiculous. That reminds me of a Kitchen Nightmares episode here where this restaurant owner put a trademark on the word “hon” which was commonly used in the area and it made people dislike her because she was sending out letters that they would be sued if they used the word “hon”. “Winter is coming” is a phrase that people use all over the place. I’ve used it on Twitter and Facebook. To go after a young child like that is ridiculous.


Great bts photos 👍
Fantastic concept artwork again by Henry Fong – for me, my preference is the look of VO3


Really liking version V03. They are both “wow” concepts.
Yeah….what no puppy pix? Yes, we are spoiled.

You would be superb on the GNN news. YOu can be the “special” story guy to
Ross’ main anchoring. Voila…both of you on TV!

And, yes, WINTER IS NOT only coming, it is HERE in the chicagoland area.

ok..enuff, I am tired of it.

p.s. had some common not exotic Jim Beam Apple Whisk(e)y….warm not chilled. and it slides nicely while warming…ummmm.

Stay warm brrrrrr


Cool to see Ross Hull, i liked him in Student Bodies.

Can’t wait for the all-out war.


Ooow. Those Ishida sets are looking soooo smart! Finding it a tad frustrating that we’ll have to wait so long to see them all ‘in action’…
More wonderful artwork to view! (Thank you) Yep, I too like VO3. Think it looks more ‘realistic’. However, I do like the fantastical VO2 as well. So different!

Ross does look perfect as GNN newsreader but I’d certainly listen to any storyline news regarding Dark Matter S3 you’d care to tell us ….. mmm?


That Jim Beam apple sounds very, very interesting ….
Thanks for the best way to drink it advice too!
Must definitely keep an eye out …. Thank you 😊

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

Love the concept art! Strangely I’m liking VO2 – looks like it has the potential to become a super weapon if all the docked ships are able to fire simultaneously. Also liking the solar panels.

What is this Ishida Research Facility up to? What’s up with “the arm”? Great design as always.

Ross looks great behind that desk. Have you considered that he might need a co-anchor? Or an “in the field” reporter?

Go Brruuuuuce!


Ah, Ross Hull. I remember him from all the way back when he was telling spooky stories around a campfire…


Love the Student Bodies mini-reunion, have their been other Student Bodies cast members on DM?