Boy, I’m not one to get all emotional, but Facebook 2016’s Year in Review video really took me back –

To last month when I uploaded most of those photos.

Ah, I remember that cast dinner like it was November.  And that random photo of Roger Cross I uploaded to accompany his Q&A less than a week ago really stirs those distant memories.  And that shot I took seven days ago of actress Torri Higginson (Dark Matter’s Commander Truffault) giving the camera both barrels. Time flies like an arrow, shot into a target from two feet away…

Remembrances of things past drift by as elusive and fleeting as a child’s cigar smoke, instances from a time long ago… November 26th – Akemi and Jodelle sitting at the chocolate shop, November 28th – Director Bruce McDonald sitting in a prep meeting for the episode he’s presently shooting, November 15th (!) – Jodelle in my office!  It’s like seeing your entire life flash before your eyes, provided you’re a month old infant.

But I can’t get hung on the past.  After all, I’ve got a show to make!


Testing, testing, one, two, three!  Drew Williams and Rachelle Audet with the early morning sound check.


It’s the new-look airlock for the Ishida research station.


Right through these doors, adventure awaits!


At this point, do you even need to be told?


Script Supervisor Brad Wetherly follows up Friday’s suit and tie look with Monday’s Mickey Mouse Club look.


It is COLD in our second stage.  How cold?  So cold that street urchins come in off the streets to warm themselves by our tiny heaters.


Remember the mag-lev concept?


Well here it is in all of its beatdown glory.  Wait until you see it in action!


Thanks to everyone who inquired about Suji.  As we suspected, she was suffering from a bladder infection but is now on antibiotics and has improved considerably.


Bath time!  Whereas Bubba and Lulu do the tub, Suji is more of a kitchen sink bather.

img_4606 img_4604

Her after-bath outfit.  Toasty warm.


On Sunday, she and Bubba went out for a stroll – first to the park, then by the pet shop for some browsing.

Ironically, our sole purchase was for Lulu.  New boots!  Lookit her go!

Graceful, no?


When Suji’s tired, she’ll simply burrow under a blanket and go to sleep.  Lights out!


Poor Bubba.  Now there’s one more girl in the house to boss him around.

This is your last chance to get your questions in for Dark Matter director Ron Murphy!  Any questions submitted after midnight tonight will be subject to heavy fines and penalties.

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Aww poor Lulu!!

Margaret Clayton

D’awww, puppy boots. Darling. I swear, Suji gets cuter and cuter.

My Facebook 2016 year in review was primarily old photos I’d uploaded at random, only three were this year. I did look like a cutie in 1967, and a hottie at age 30. I had to do a bit of editing.


Oops, hit post comment too quickly. I wasn’t done talking! grin

Glad it’s nothing major for Suji and easily treatable.

My FB year in review was a bit better than yours; at least my oldest picture was from April. I did change out three of the pictures before I let it post; one was of my son’s high school graduation, but not of him, but another kid we knew. Another was a picture of a dinner that didn’t come out as I would’ve liked. Can’t remember the third, but I was happy I could make some changes before posting. If I couldn’t…well then it wouldn’t have been shared, haha.

Can’t wait to see the maglev in action!


OMG, poor Lulu!! It’s like she’s wearing clown shoes. I’m sure she’s pleased about the whole thing! smile I’m glad it was nothing serious with Suji and that she’s on the mend. She’s getting cuter by the day. Bubba needs a hug, clearly.

My FB year in review was pretty boring. This year, there was a whole lot of standard animation and hardly anything of my photos. Meh.


Wonder what’s in Bubba’s and Suji’s mind when they see Lulu .. drunk … well, kind of …


Socks are to Lulu as socks are to Edward from Cowboy Bebop.


I keep forgetting to ask when will the android get a clue and start wearing a electrically insulated top that protects her from the recurring shutdown by shock stick. Zoie, as a character, has to be getting tired of being unexpectedly shut down that way.


More parkour! I heard in the SG-1 DVD’s that doing things on-foot is easier than car scenes. And I’ve been hearing for YEARS, from my young relatives about how much they like parkour. They, their friends, my kids, my kids’ friends watch parkour on Youtube, but I never hear how there’s this awesome show with lots of parkour. My nine-year old daughter just made a parkour course for a Roblox game and is wanting to learn scripting to add scoring to the game. Parkour is awesome.

Hawaii 5-0 will have some serious free-running in its season opening. An old taekwondo friend is doing the chasing part of the stunt work and he’s killing it. Parkour and free-running are awesome!

Free-running was in Men in Black and it was an awesome scene.


I actually don’t like the end of year FB thing and deleted it promptly. Rather intrusive I find. Apparently FB thinks one’s entire life is spent on their site, presumptuous.

I made the mistake of going to a large local dept. store last Sunday and saw teen after teen, standing around, sometimes in the middle of an aisle, phone in hand, earbud in ears, absorbed in the goings-on within that little screen. It made me consider what our world will be like in a few years with disengaged, uninterested, self-absorbed young’uns grown up. Kinda scary.
And the lines at checkout were so long, that I ditched my few things and left, purchase-free.

Feeling kin of, meh… need more pup photos! And glad that Suji’s issue was treatable.

Star_Climber (@Star_Climber)

😂😂😂 You are too emotional, stop!
Glad to hear that Suji is feeling better. smile


Amen, @Skywatcher!

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

DP: Cool about 5-0! Yes, love watching parkour too.

I didn’t even look at my year thingy on FB. There are things I don’t need reminded about.

Thanks for all the pictures from the show and the cool dog pics!. Also, a big thanks for filling us in on Suji. I hope she doesn’t have a chronic problem with it.


Mag-lev is looking wicked!

Ishida research station – adventure awaits? 🤔


Really enjoying the BTS pickies. All that’s missing are the sounds and aroma’s coming from the sets…

Aw lil’ Lulu. Nothing knocks her down does it? And poor Bubba … he needs an ally don’t ya think?!! 😂


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So glad you took Suji in to get checked. Hope she feels better soon. I think Lulu will get comfortable in those booties pretty quickly. Dogs adapt quicker than humans do.

I can’t imagine the hours of work that goes into creating the sets, like that Ishida research station. I sure do appreciate all that hard work.

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

Mysterious corridors, air locks, mag-levs, & street urchins – it’s beginning to look a lot like a Dark Matter version of The Christmas Carol. OMG, just had an ephiany – Dark Matter meets It’s a Wonderful Life … Five is George Bailey. The alternate reality in which we see the positive impact that a person has on other’s lives, etc… Oh wait, haven’t you already done that?

Love the pics as always. Poor Lulu in her boots! Suji & Bubba so cute in the stroller!