Following the season 2 finale that saw the crew of The Raza scattered and presumed dead, Dark Matter’s third season opens a compelling new chapter of the spellbinding series. Joining the cast this season are Ayisha Issa (12 Monkeys) as Solara Shockley, Mishka Thébaud (Bitten) as Adrian Maro and Andrew Moodie (Trust No One) as Teku Feonsei.


Ayisha Issa as Solara Shockley.  Follow her on twitter here


Mishka Thebaud as Adrian Maro.  Follow him on twitter here


Andrew Moodie as Teku Fonsei.  Follow him on twitter here

Today, we were shooting in The Raza training room.  A little bo staff.  A little sword play.  Some weird multi point sunbursty thing…


Yeah, that’s it.


Little somethings meticulously constructed by On Set Key Props Lisa Amaral Wright for…a future episode.


Concept art from the desk Henry Fong.


His work is pretty damn spectacular.

Hey, speaking of spectacular, check out today’s ensemble.

img_3225 img_3239 img_3238 img_3241 img_3251

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Woo-hoo!! New players… hm–m-m
Love those cool cat socks, I want a pair!
Are you at all concerned about being seen cuddling that donkey (doggie) toy?

Is that Ivon with the scary sunburst weapons? Quick duck!
😃 😀


Cool concept art; those would make great posters…


love your today ensemble. that tie looks soooo coooool

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

Welcome to Ayisha, Mishka & Andrew! More cannon fodder?

The “little somethings” look interesting. Love the ensemble especially the tie and cuff links. Makes me think of warmer weather. The socks are too cool!

Love the concept art. Agree would make great posters. I’d put it up on my study wall. I see you went with “design A”. I like. Reminds me of a Jawa’s transport ship from Ep IV combined with a tower on a flight deck.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Safe travels! Eat lots of turkey and take a nap. I’m working, going in early (hope to be in by 6:30), so I can leave in time to make Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house. Leaving early Friday to spend a long weekend with my Aunt and cousins in Nashville.


Joe, if the producing gig peters out, you could go into fashion modeling. 😉



The props incorporate a number of components I recognize; resistors, ceramic capacitors, and some TO-247 package components. Now I’ll have to watch for them in season three.


I picked up another bottle of the Nikka Coffey Malt at the Binny’s in Schaumburg (just in case you want to go get some). It’s as good as I remember it! grin


So what did they say when you showed up at work carrying that stuff animal? smile

I like the idea of new people coming, some going, every season. Just don’t like that One was one of them. sad


Happy 3,650th consecutive day of blogging Joe! And Happy Turkey day to all in U.S!

Next Grand Finale anniversary mystery gift clue coming your way later tonight!


Oh dear!. Would ya looks at that eh. There goes me middle aged bwain forgettin’ again that your blog is set on West coast time even when youre hangin wit us snarkychipped, briliant, stunningly sexy, but o so terribly humble, geeks in the east! . Oh well. At least the west has finally caught up to us here now -so allow me to be the first to “officially” wish you a Very Happy 3,650th day of Blogging Joe!!

Sending oodles n strudels of 100 percent pure love n sweetness your way!

<3 XO <3


Good to see the Raza crew all together again! And hello to the newbies 😊

Intrigued by the ‘little somethings’ although I’m wondering if my curious pup, Puddle, hasn’t already seen these …. when they were all attached to one thing! He loves to find things and then place them somewhere else. I wake up in the morning and find I’m surrounded with all sorts of items on my pillow. This morning it was shoes!
….. and by the way, NICE shoes today, Sir! I think Puddle would also approve of your moomin creature.

Henry Fong’s concept art visuals are exactly what I’m working in at the mo’ – are you coming to England for a location shoot?

Margaret Clayton

Cool cat socks are cool!

Nifty sunbursty thing. I can picture it on my wall with all my other swords and pointy things.

Happy Turkey Day. When I grabbed a can of food for the cats, I noticed it was turkey and giblets. At least someone in the house is getting turkey today.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Welcome to all the newbies, can’t wait for Joe to share your characters’ bios 👍

If Four isn’t on the Raza, then who’s using the training room for bo-staff and sword training? And who’s ‘hiding’ behind the multi point sunbursty thing? 😉

Cool key props.
Henry Fong’s concept art is stunning – wish I was able to do that! Could I sign up for lessons…..? 😊

@Drea look forward to tonight’s clue. Where’s the month gone, is now at T-minus 6 days and counting!

Star_Climber (@Star_Climber)

Looking forward to see the new cast’s characters. So exciting.
The concept art is so good. Spectacular indeed. smile


(ditto 😢 @Ponytail)


Love that tie and man those sock’s….)
HAPPY Thanksgiving to the cast and crew of #DARKMATTER and Joe and Akemi…….


ALL of the artwork for this show has been spectacular! Hugs and high fives to the entire art department. smile


Wow, that’s crazy with the two-colored tie with the one color in the knot. That’s like a Rubik’s cube for me.

Welcome, welcome to all the new actors joining the show.

Henry Fong’s conceptual artwork reminds me of Mass Effect video game looking stuff.

Ivon–always in the center of the starburst.

Beautiful cufflinks. But….:-( no Bubba!!