Things are ramping up big time as we approach production start on Dark Matter’s third season.  Although we don’t go to camera until November 18th, we’ll be kicking things off with a double-episode block shoot, so prep will start earlier – this Monday, October 31st to be precise.  Veteran director Ron Murphy (who helmed Episode 106 [FIVE’s trip down memory lane], Episode 109 [FOUR’s bittersweet reunion with his former mentor, Akita], Episode 205 [undercover Android], and the explosive season 2 finale [“But First We Save The  Galaxy”]) will be doing the honors on this opening block.  Then, cowboy Bruce McDonald (Episode 107 [Wendy the robot], Episode 202 [“Kill Them All”], and Episode 206 [“We Should Have Seen This Coming]) takes the reins and closes out 2016 in his inimitable fine style.

I’m going to have my hands full writing, rewriting, prepping, casting, editing, etc. so I’m going to have to count on you all, again, to help out with the episode titles. Like last year, I’ll select three appropriate lines of dialogue from the episode, then have you, the fans, vote on which one become the official episode title.

In two instances, the fan-chosen episode title did not appear as a line of dialogue in the episode.  In the season 2 premiere, “Welcome to Your New Home”, this scripted line is delivered by the head guard, Durand, as TWO, THREE, and FOUR step into Hyperion-8 Gen Pop in the opening tease.  The dialogue was lost for time. In Episode 212, “Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get To Choose”, the line is delivered by TWO as part of an exchange with Nyx.  It’s a great line in a terrific TWO/Nyx training room scene.

In the script, this scene falls between Hiro’s onscreen communication with FOUR in which the two hatch the plan for a peaceful transfer of power, and the later mess hall scene in which FOUR and SIX disagree on the future use of the Blink Drive.


Nyx is alone in the training room, running through a routine. TWO steps into the doorway.

TWO: Need a sparring partner?

NYX: Need? Never.

TWO walks over to one of the bo staffs.

TWO: Would you like one?

Off Nyx – TWO grabs the bo staff.

TWO: Sometimes in life, you don’t get to choose.

And she launches a furious attack. Nyx defends, then counters. They spar, equally adept, then take a breather –

TWO: He should’ve said something first. He should’ve been honest. With all of us.

NYX: He was afraid we’d try to stop him. I, more than anyone, can understand that.

TWO: Understanding it doesn’t make it any easier to accept.

NYX: You know what I have a hard time accepting? The fact that I’ve opened myself up to a complete stranger.

TWO: He may be more complicated, but the Four we know is still there.

NYX: Is he?

Nyx holds up.

NYX: I’ve been a loner most of my life. I don’t like to make attachments because, whenever I do, I end up being betrayed. (beat) You’d think I would have learned by now.

She casts her weapon aside and walks out.  

What made the scene so memorable for me was the fact that second unit director and stunt coordinator John Stead had Melissa and Melanie actually spar through their dialogue.  As I said – a terrific scene, but one we, unfortunately, had to lose because the episode was running long.

This season = shorter scripts!

14 thoughts on “October 29, 2016: Dark Matter Episode 12, “Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get To Choose” deleted scene!

  1. Woohoo! I’m actively looking forward to picking favourite lines! Of course, they often weren’t the popular choice, but it’s still fun. And, a great way for us fans to have a direct role in the show. So cool.

    As with most deleted scenes, it’s a shame that one had to go. But, I can see where it didn’t necessarily add a lot to the plot of the episode. Still – dang, TWO and Nyx fighting.

  2. @LineNoise:

    Have a great trip!

    “My furniture passed through the Straights of Gibraltar today.” There’s a line you don’t hear every day.

  3. No shorter scripts means shorter shows…more script more show, less commercials. How about product placement??!!

  4. Are you saying Ron Murphy is directing your first 2 episodes in 2017, then director Bruce McDonald takes the rest of season three?? Wow! Sweet! How did you swing that?

  5. Can’t believe it’s nearly THAT time when we choose titles and prep work is starting already! Yay and (excited) eek!

    Always love to know about the scenes we never saw. Sometimes they add perspective to a storyline, sometimes just great to know …

    I’m with @kabra
    Please, no shorter scripts. I’d rather read of scenes cut out than the alternative… but then, that’s just me 😊

    Thanks again for the privilege of naming each episode. What a unique experience and ONLY with Dark Matter!

  6. @Debra we did get to see some of them while last season was airing. If you search through the old posts you will find them. I love that Joe shares so much with us!

    Can’t wait to start picking titles!!

  7. Ron Murphy directing Eps 301 & 302, then Bruce McDonald for Ep 303 – another great start to the new Season. Will David Hewlett get the opportunity to direct an episode this time around?

    I loved choosing episode titles, last Season and look forward to it again, it’s a great way for fan involvement 👍

    Hopeful that deleted scenes can be viewed in some format!

  8. It’s a shame that scene had to be cut out. Not only did it have the episode’s title but as we all know, Four/Ryo did change, for the worse.

    I’m still laughing from several posts ago – Baby Joe is hilarious!

    I agree with several comments, looking forward to “the naming of the episodes” ritual. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the process and for giving us a glimpse into all the work that goes into making this show!

  9. Forgot to welcome back Ron Murphy & Bruce McDonald! The excitement is building!! Hopefully some other Season 3 directors include Amanda Tapping, Peter Deluise, Paul Day & Mairzee Almas.

  10. Woo hoo, glad to see Amanda and Peter D coming back to direct along with Paul Day and Mairzee A, I’m so ready for S3.

    And speaking of SG alum I saw our briefcase-camping buddy Bill Y.W. Butt on a show but I can’t remember which one; Mindy Project or Scream Queens?

  11. Fabulous. It was such a wonderful thing being able to vote on the ones I could (and I’m trying really hard to keep up with the blog — my excuse for Thursday-Sunday absence was Patrick’s seizure, ER visit, recovery, etc.) But I enjoyed listening for whatever title was chosen.

    Those episodes were some of my favorites (okay I lie a little bit — they are all my favorites. LOL).

    Nyx better make it.

    I’m for product placement if it gives us more show. Can you imagine Twizzlers on the Raza? Or insuring the Raza with Allstate. Or Charmin. Best toilet paper ever (the extra soft one). They are really interactive with the Twitter fans. Actually with the show Enlisted on Fox (that was cancelled before its time), the person who ran the Twitter for Charmin gave away a year’s worth of TP to fans who were live-tweeting the show. I was one of them. It didn’t last a year because it was a year’s worth for like1 person, not 3. But it was fun. They were interested because on every episode of Enlisted, they made a poop joke. Like in “Parade Duty” it was picking up the horse poop. They called it doo-doo duty. It was fun that a brand was so interactive with fans even though they didn’t really sponsor anything by the way of a commercial on the show.

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