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For the third time.

11:00 – 12:00 – Concept Meeting Episode 301

13:00 – 14:30 – Concept Meeting Episode 304

*To Follow – Studio Walk-Through

Before, after, and possibly during, I’ll be working on those rewrites.  I’m back on the treadmill!

October 30, 2016: Here We Go!  Again!

Of course, I’m not the only one.  Check out this second pass at “The Chair” that came my way c/o the Art Department from the talented Lee at North Front. Production Designer Ian Brock has a few adjustments he’d like to make, but I’d say this is coming along nicely.

October 30, 2016: Here We Go!  Again!

I picked these up at the local farmer’s market this weekend.  They’re apparently – appropriately – called Fatali Peppers.  Anyone know what I can do with them? Beside dip them in chocolate and hand them out for Halloween?

16 thoughts on “October 30, 2016: Here we go! Again!

  1. Well, Wikipedia has this:

    “The Fatalii is known for its extreme heat and citrus flavor. It can be made into a hot sauce with other citrus flavors including lime and lemon. The heat can be reduced (extended) with oil and nuts.[5] Variations of Fatalii hot sauces often include fruits including pineapple and mango.[6] It can be used fresh diced to add heat and spice to marinades, dressings, barbeque sauces, salsa, and chutney. The Fatalli can be combined with fruit to make jelly and jam. Being thin-walled it is an ideal pepper for drying. It is reported to add a fruity flavor and spice when brewing beer.[7]”

    Although, I like the Hallowe’en treat idea, myself.

  2. Whoa! Definitely creepy! The user still appears to be wearing some kind of brain machine interfacing in combo with a VR device but it no longer appears to be to control a ship, eh. Kinda reminds me of a modern slightly more menacing version of Captain pike from ST after the radiation accident.
    Its probably the old man that had been lying in the hospital bed we saw in season one. Can’t wait to see what he’s using that interface device to control!

    Okay here’s Clue #3: about what my gift to you is for your 10 year blog anniversary:

    It is something that can help sustain life when you choose it to.
    Other times, there may be those who will experience terrible disappointment. Albeit, occasionally some undeniably irresistibly gorgeous creature out there may (if youre lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time)
    experience the spontaneous urge to just run up to you
    and give you the biggest sweetest most shameless, wet kiss on the mouth,
    as a result of your utilizing this gift.

    And yes, there will be at least a few beautiful babes involved when you utilize this gift.

    Have I got your wheels wildly spinning in the mud desperately trying to work the sunken clue vehicle out yet?? 😀

    Remember. You have to examine all the details carefully and pay close attention to the metaphors to decipher the clues correctly.


    Clue #1

    Clue #2 :

  3. Fatali is a type of chili pepper. Folks usually use it to make hot sauce.
    Its usually a good idea to include something sweet in the recipe though to give it a bit of balance.

  4. I see they do come in chocolate… color that is, not flavor. Dip them in chocolate and hand them out for Halloween = get your pants sued off.

  5. Every dastardly villian has a kick-ass “ride”! Can’t wait to see this play out!

    You only gave yourself an hour for lunch. Brown bagging it? Have a fantastic day tomorrow.

    On a totally unrelated note: Go Cubs!!

  6. >>Species Capsicum chinense
    Cultivar ‘Fatalii’
    Origin Africa
    Heat Very hot
    Scoville scale 125,000–325,000 SHU<<

    Um… throw them in the trash?
    Grind them up and feed to your worst enemies?

    Video yourself eating them?

    You won't trick anyone into tasting with you… that trick has been done.

  7. Stuff em with bread crumbs, cheese and capers and cook in a lemony cream based source

  8. Great job by the Art Department on the chair. Can’t wait to see it in action!

    Good luck with that pepper. LOL

    @Drea…IDK. At all.

  9. They’re shaped exactly like the Ghost Chili. So I’m going with “they’re pretty f’ing hot”. You could make sauce, or pepper spray. Or you could dry and vape them. Then wish you were dead.

  10. The Fatali look ravishing simply lounging on that plate. Foodwise, I’m thinking something with pineapple. But you aren’t much of a fruit guy, are you?

    The chair looks wicked. Nice.

  11. The mobile chair is looking very technical now. The person in it looks more apart of it too, in a medically hooked up ‘comfortable'(?!) sorta way. Be interesting to hear what the sound effects guys come up with, for it ….
    Actually, you could get them to eat one of those chillies and see what they come up with ….. or is that cruel?

    Happy Halloween 🎃

  12. Try infusing olive oil with the fatali, or roasting chicken with them; but leaving them whole so you can take the fatali out before you eat; treat ’em like bay leaves. But the best would be to whip up your own Caribbean style hot pepper sauce. My mom would say store it in an empty whisky bottle, use glass container only to mix and always wear gloves when handling the peppers.

  13. Anything that has the word “fatal” in it would be “fatal” for me.

    Love this chair. It definitely looks like a person who is doing some automated flying.

    @Drea I have a guess but I don’t want to write it in case I’m correct about it.

    This is the first Halloween in a very long time where I didn’t have clients at night (or previous to my own business had to work for my employer). I’m going to enjoy handing things out. We have full-size M&M’s and Hershey bars, and for the gluten-free crowd some cute Halloween toys (glow sticks and finger puppets) and full-sized Skittles. We only had 20 last year. The weather is looking good for tonight — low to mid 70’s — and no rain — so I’m hopeful we have more.

    I hope your big day goes well, Joe.

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