Feast your eyes on these gorgeous security drone designs by artist Henry Fong.

October 28, 2016: Dark Matter Eye Candy!October 28, 2016: Dark Matter Eye Candy!

Pretty damn cool, no?

Upon lengthy consideration, I’m partial to version 1.  Thoughts?

Henry’s resume includes work on Suicide Squad, X-Men: Apocalypse, and The Amazing Spiderman 2.  Check out more of his art here:



Prep on Dark Matter’s third season officially begins on Monday with double concept meetings as we kick things off with an Episode 301/304 block shooting extravaganza!

Last night, Akemi and I had dinner at Canada’s best sushi restaurant, Yasu.  Yes, sushi is generally better in Vancouver, but there’s no place in Van that tops Yasu. Oh, and please completely discount EVERY Toronto’s Best Sushi list you find online.  Yasu is in a class all its own.

October 28, 2016: Dark Matter Eye Candy!

October 28, 2016: Dark Matter Eye Candy!

October 28, 2016: Dark Matter Eye Candy!

21 thoughts on “October 28, 2016: Dark Matter eye candy!

  1. Red Alert! Red Alert! This is an an official vent update of the emergency blogcast sytem.


    We are now less than one week away from the coolest, most wonder, celebration event of the century!

    Those of you who RSVP’d for Joe’s 10 year blog anniversary celebration and tribute who havent yet turned in your
    gifts and tribute for the committee to coordinate need to do so by Wednesday November 2nd.

    And those of you who intended to rsvp for it but missed the deadline – need to email me no later than Sunday
    October 30th for details.

    email: Newscience101@gmail.com

    By the way Joe: If youre thinking of trying to scare the piss out of us when we jump out of the closet to surprise you
    best you be advised some of the attendees have pace makers. 😀

    This now concludes the official update of emergency blogcast system. You may now return to your normal
    blog hooting n hollering just for laughs.


    XO – Drea

  2. #1. Absolutely. It just looks way more menacing, and just… cooler.

    That sushi looks great, but the first shot makes it looks like it’s on asphalt, like you found it in the middle of the street! Yum! 🙂

    Meanwhile, I found this reported on the CBC site and feel you must order this device, try it and report back. Preferably in video form.


    The Youtube video!

  3. @gforce OMG! 😀 😀 😀 Definitely traumatizing! I may never eat another banana ever again! (or at least as long as I retain my memory of this video ad. Which, the older i get by the day, may not actually be that long.
    So try to feel too terribly regretful about depriving me of my much needed, nutritious, life-sustaining potassium).

  4. I, too, prefer V01. It looks very menacing in its activated state. What are the blisters on the V02? It looks like someone has been shooting at it.

    Joe, what are your thoughts about Brian Fuller standing down as show runner for Star Trek? I thought it was crazy when I heard he was working on three productions at once. How could that be a good idea? Do you have any industry gossip?

    It was my last day at work today. Just got back from the pub where everyone gave me a nice send-off. This time next week I’ll be on a plane to Singapore. My furniture passed through the Straights of Gibraltar today.

  5. @Gforce oops. So Sorry – my aging brain meant to type – Try “not” to feel too terribly regretful.

    @Joe: re security drones: I like the shape of top half/shell of #2 but everything else in concept #1

  6. We can’t have both designs?

    That first picture looks like there’s a little mouse peeping out from under the sushi.

  7. #1 for sure. Love the red “eye” which happens to be the name of one of the cylons from the original series. Like the separation of the guns. Nice attention to detail.

    The sushi looks delicious. I had pizza and wings tonight.

  8. Gforce: 😆

    There are no losers between the two but I’m leaning toward one.

  9. I’m with 1 as well, but I think the fold out wings should be sharper to make it even more menacing looking.

  10. Yes, version 1. It’s cleaner, more streamlined, more dangerous looking. More “active sci-fi universe” and less “post a apocalyptic battle scarred can’t afford repairs.” Unless, that’s what you’re going for? 😊

  11. I do like security drone V01
    I do admire Henry Fong’s artwork!
    I absolutely do love the sushi (except the mouse one, perhaps! 😂)

    Gforce, I’m afraid that banana surprise is just weird

    And farewell from England, to Line Noise. Have a safe journey home 😎

  12. I have to agree that security drone version #1 is better. The V#2 is reminiscent of Star Wars somehow.
    The Banana Surprise commercial is just wrong. No way to treat a wonderful banana.
    The Dr. Strange promo was adorable. Not sure I will see the film though.

    @Line Noise — safe journeys!

    Sorry, but I’m not a raw fish eater, but since you and Akemi enjoyed that restaurant, I wish you more enjoyment!

    =^-^= =^-^=

  13. Hi Joe
    Yes, V1 is nicer, but I’ve always had a problem with guns spaced out wide. Just stand between them! I like the close guns on V2.


  14. Love version 1 as well. It looks like a cockroach and a lady bug all rolled into one.

    Glad you found a good sushi place.

    @KathyC OMG. I don’t watch that, but I love the promo.

    @Gforce I might need to try that. I got myself a contraption called Yonanas. You take frozen bananas and mix it with other frozen fruit and whatever else you want to produce something that really helps when you are having an ice cream craving but don’t want all the calories. It’s odd how the banana flavor doesn’t necessarily come through but the fruit does and the banana just allows it to be creamy. Some of my favorite combos are Frozen Tart Cherries and Frozen Strawberries. I’ve done pineapple, too. I have this one:


    Watch the end picture which is the video. It doesn’t come out that easily though. I feel like I’m cheating on my diet when I have one for breakfast.

    @LineNoise Sounds like you are about to have a wonderful adventure. Much more brave than I could ever be. But I bet it was tough to say goodbye to people.

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