Alright Fandroids, 2Crew, 5Hive, 4Clan, 6Pack, 3’sCompany – prep on Dark Matter’s 3rd season officially gets underway tomorrow!

October 12, 2016: And So It Begins!  Dark Matter Season 3!

We kick things off with a 10 a.m. Season 3 Overview meeting which will, I suspect, consist of our line producer sounding the alarm on how overbudget we are on our first three episodes.  Fortunately, the back half of the season will basically be a massive 5-parter in which our crew sit around the ship and discuss their feelings.

At noon, I have a lunch meeting with Jay to discuss the season 3 creative. Whereas season 1 was all about uncovering backstories and the mystery of who wiped their memories (among many other things), and season 2 was all about the Blink Drive and our crew taking a more active role (among many other things), season 3 will be all about the Corporate War, the conflict with their former crew mate Ryo Ishida, and a certain little conspiracy we’ve been quietly building for two year now (among many other things).

Then, at 3:00 p.m. (That’s gonna be some lunch!), we sit down for a locations meeting to discuss the season as a whole (the Ishida palace, the cruiser, the lab, the munitions factory) and Episodes 303 and 305 in particular.

Okay, I’ve got my bottle of sake on standby as I attempt to get some work done on this script tonight.  Wish me luck!

October 12, 2016: And So It Begins!  Dark Matter Season 3!Bubba’s on vacation!

13 thoughts on “October 12, 2016: And so it begins! Dark Matter Season 3!

  1. “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…”

    How exciting! You’ve got me already anxiously looking forward to next June. (July?) A 3 hour lunch? Pfft. I could blow that much time away just on a coffee break. Note – “could”, not “do”. 😉

    Bubba looks none the worse for wear after the trip and you’re looking good! Well, maybe a little tired… 😉

  2. Yay, lunch!

    Hi Bubba, lookin’ good! Say howdy to Lulu for me.

    And good luck with the writing and the sake, or the sake and the writing.

  3. Great picture! That shirt looks great on Bubba. Oh and your shirt looks good too. 😉

    How is Lulu?

    Thanks for helping Scrappy! It feels like a never ending job (animal rescue). I’m taking a break now and I’m just helping by giving donations. If I ever win the lottery, I’m funding free spay/neuter programs in the region. I guess I should try buying a ticket before I start spending the money. 😉

    Season Three-Woot! I’m not sure where you can go from the S2 finale….

  4. … or Periscope lunch! Yum!

    I hate to tell you but your dogs are always on vacation. 🙂
    (when they’re not at he Vet)

  5. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. Looks like the gangs all there! Hope all your meetings go well. It’s a working lunch so 3 hours isn’t really that long…

    Stock up on lots of sake…get those creative juices flowing!!

  6. “And so it begins! Dark Matter Season 3′
    Ooooo, that sounds soooooo bril’ 😊

  7. Awww Bubba. Look at him taunting us that he’s on vacation and we’re not. LOL.

    Sounds like a busy day. I wish you great success and low stress. I hope the sake helped you with your writing.

    Last night I didn’t have any pet sitting and Patrick had something at the church he is going to, so Jeff and I dropped him off and went to a nearby restaurant and had dinner together. I turned to him and said, “How long has it been since we went out together on a weekday night?” We both couldn’t remember.

  8. Teasers – love them….
    …..a certain little conspiracy we’ve been quietly building for two year now….
    eh – ‘a little conspiracy – that’s going to become a lot bigger?

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