Yesterday, we were introduced to a potential house-sitter via our friend Nicole.  She was lovely – a pleasant, intelligent, young professional who is looking for a place in Vancouver come October.  The timing should be perfect – provided we get that third season pick-up.  Akemi and I will have someone to watch the house and send us weekly mail updates, while our guest will have a nice comfortable home for eight months.  As an added bonus, she offers dog-sitting services as well.

After she left, I asked Akemi what she thought.  Her response: “I like her.  I think she will be great for the house.  The dogs…we’ll see.”

In other words: Sure, she seems honest and sensible enough to entrust with all of or worldly possessions.  But a little more due diligence before we trust her with the dogs.

My thoughts exactly.

Hey, here are two more entries to add to our every-growing glossary of Akemi-isms:

crank up: grow cranky, usually as a result of hunger.  See: hangry

be regret: to regret something (ie. “If you eat that cookie, you will be regret.”).

These words join our expanding lexicon of such notable terms as: brinkle, mushy-mushy, inch, and “Tastes like Santa’s socks”.

Speaking of Akemi – she felt an allergic reaction coming on and took some Benadryl (because we were out of Claratin).  As a result, she’s been a little dopey all morning…

Akemi: I feel so out of it.

Me: You’re high on Benadryl.

Akemi: Actually, I’m low.

A few more recaps, reactions, and reviews to the last episode of Dark Matter, “Going Out Fighting”:

August 28, 2016: October! Akemi-isms! Dark Matter! L.a.!

“After the excellent, parallel-universe hopping episode last week, this week’s turn was a more grounded affair, with a heavy focus on answering the question of what is wrong with Two and her nanites, and more importantly: how to solve this…” by Christopher Hart at The Nerd Recites

August 28, 2016: October! Akemi-isms! Dark Matter! L.a.!

“Pivoting to the Raza for a moment, Five and Android have a heart-to-heart over a cup of hot chocolate, which Android adroitly steals from Five, basically inviting herself to have a sip, with her “20 million taste receptors” and then never returning the mug…” by Veronica Scott at Happy Ever After

August 28, 2016: October! Akemi-isms! Dark Matter! L.a.!

“Dark Matter continues to flow smoothly into new territory, with the odd jolt of characters dying or changing dramatically. While Six seems more like his “old self,” The Android is entering a new phase. This evolution of the quirky character should be more than a little interesting…” by Michael Knox-Smith at Mike’s Film Talk

Alright.  Scripts downloaded?  Check.  iBooks library updated?  Check.  Pocket handkerchiefs and quirky socks packed?  Check!  I’m off to L.A.!  While Akemi (and Bubba and Lulu) hold the fort, I’ll be in Los Angeles doing meetings, making new connections, and dining out with some old (and somewhat recent) friends.  Full reports to follow in the coming days!

23 thoughts on “August 28, 2016: October! Akemi-isms! Dark Matter! L.A.!

  1. “Crank up” would be a good one at my house, as Husband is often cranky when he wakes during the night. 😉

    At risk of being Captain Obvious, Akemi has it right; Benadryl has a depressant effect. Knocks me completely out within four hours. I alternate between loratidine (Claritin) and fexofenadine (Allegra) instead.

  2. Just dipping in, as DMUK tomorrow 😃

    Safe trip.
    Good luck with the scripts!
    Have fun in the meetings.
    Enjoy the meals.
    Say hi to MB and let him know how much we really miss him!

    Hope Akemi will feel high soon (that really should say ‘better’!) Always enjoy her honestly correct Akemi-isms.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful trip! Fingers crossed for good meetings and food and anything else you get yourself into. Hope Akemi is better soon. Loved Bubbas pj’s.

  4. I can see Android taking a knock to the head in Season 3 then having a monologue of Akemi-isms and Three standing there scratching himself with one of those what the looks and five explaining it away

  5. Good luck in LA! And safe travels! I’m hoping to hear good things from your LA adventures…

    I’ll commisurate with you on the travel as I’ll be off to Calgary next week, Portland the week after, and then Livonia, MI and Flint at the end of September.

  6. Have fun in LA. Hopefully, the dogs don’t rebel too much while you’re gone.

  7. Good luck! Safe travels! Have fun!

    Forgot to mention: Ivon & Peter knocked that episode out of the park! Great cast & crew too. VFX was outstanding!

  8. Hope you didn’t have to run for your life after you landed. And try not to breathe too deeply. We’re still getting pummeled with smokey air.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your projects, and great fun with all of your friends! And wishing Akemi a quick recovery.

    But I obviously missed something – you’re leaving home for eight months? Japan, I hope.

  9. Amazing, truly amazing by the Nielsen viewers following the show.

    Dark Matter just got its season high 18-49 rating! 🙂

    762k viewers, 0.22 18-49!! That beats the 0.20 rating for the premiere. I had a feeling the show would grow from its premiere at some point, and ending the month on a high is always a good thing.

    Killjoys was at 677k, and a 0.20 rating.

    With four episodes left this season, I hope there’s more surprises in store with regards to the ratings, maybe beating that 0.22?

  10. @Maggie L80

    Bartoks episode got a season high 18-49 rating too. Well deserved for him!

  11. I understand the dilemma about the house sitter and potential pet sitter. It isn’t a matter of the pets I think, if you were only going away for a week or weekend. I think its more about especially Bubba’s health more but also Lulu that if you have the ability to have them close, you want them close. I think you would want them close even if they were young.

    Akemi makes me smile. Benadryl makes me feel “low” too. As in low on the mattress.

    Have a productive and fun trip to L.A.

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