There was a point last night when I assumed the most annoying part of this trip would be the gentleman across the aisle from me who removed his shoes AND socks five minutes into our flight.  The two and half hours in the air were otherwise uneventful and I was pleased to note that we were making good time.  We landed a good twenty minutes prior to our scheduled arrival time.  The only problem was we hadn’t landed at L.A.X.  We were at Ontario airport, about an hour’s drive from Los Angeles.

Our pilot informed us that a security breech at L.A.X. had required us to make a little detour, but once we received the all clear, we would be on our way.

Security breech?  I got online and learned that a mass panic had been set off by an active shooter.

And then, not an active shooter but some LOUD NOISES.

And then a guy in a Zorro outfit.

The pilot eventually came back with another update.  We would need to refuel and then be on our way.  Refuel?  We were less than twenty minutes out?  How close do these flights cut it?  Anyway, he estimated we’d be back in the air in an hour.

Three hours later we were on our way.  And it took us a mere twenty minutes to get to L.A.X.

Double that for the time we spent on the tarmac, waiting for an available gate.

And then add another 40 minutes if you’re stupid enough to attempt to catch a cab.  I mean, seriously.  For an international airport, L.A.X. is shockingly disorganized in its taxi service.  You can line up and wait at the taxi stand.  Or, like most people, you can not bother to line up and stand in front of the people waiting in front of the taxi stand.  OR, you can just walk down and flag a cab before it gets anywhere near the taxi stand.  It’s as if the taxi companies in L.A. want you to use Uber.

Which I eventually did and finally arrived at my hotel – four hours late.  Thankfully, I was in bed by 3:30 a.m.

After a refreshing three and a half hours sleep, I was ready to start the day!

August 29, 2016: L.a. Day #1!

Lunch with the AfterBuzz crew: Tauri Jay Miller, Andrew Mena, and Yael Tygiel.

August 29, 2016: L.a. Day #1!

Followed by a mini Stargate reunion for dinner with Carl Binder and Martin Gero.

Tomorrow = I get down to business!

13 thoughts on “August 29, 2016: L.A. Day #1!

  1. I would have picked you up from the airport! I live 15 mins from LAX. Next time if you’re in a jam -I’m there👍

    1. “I would have picked you up from the airport! I live 15 mins from LAX. Next time if you’re in a jam -I’m there.”

      Or you could just send Hughes.

      Thanks! You’re the best!


  2. Thankfully you made it safe and sound, got to see some old friends & are refreshed to tackle the upcoming days! Have fun…and eat lots of good food!

  3. Ugh sorry about that travel snafu…I was wondering if you’d be waylaid because of it. Americans tend to panic, can ya tell? Similar thing happened here on the east coast a bit ago…loud Olympic cheering caused panic at JFK. Two hours the terminal was closed? Something like that. Oy.

    At least the pups weren’t traveling with you this time. Good luck today!!

  4. Anytime I’ve ever been through LAX, it’s always seemed like barely controlled chaos to me, so that experience is not surprising.

    I do believe they only fuel load the aircraft for the specific distance plus a reserve. I think it’s to save unnecessary weight. Also, I’m sure that take-off uses a LOT more fuel so, having landed, they would pretty much want to refuel to be safe.

    I’m back home from my trip to NH. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a mishap on the way down the trail, almost at the end actually. After JUST having a discussion with some other hikers about how important it is to be careful in places that it looks safe because it’s easy to get careless, I trip on a rock and down I go. Banged up both knees, and in trying to catch myself going down wound up with one arm giving out and then rolling over onto my back and whacking my head on a rock. Ouch. I took a couple of minutes to take inventory of the damage (everything still seemed to work!) and then of course, the people who I had *just* talked to about being careful caught up to me. Thankfully, they were very nice and helpful and did not mock me at all. No symptoms of concussion luckily, but I did get a bump on my head and my left shoulder still feels pretty messed up. Feels like a rotator cuff problem. Off to the doctor tomorrow!

  5. Akemi’s right. It IS a Benadryl low.

    Sorry for the terrible flight. I’ve been to Ontario airport. Not bad, for a small airport.

    Hey Carl! Hey Martin! Nice beard.

  6. @Maggie L80 – don’t try to drive to anywhere along Peachtree after Thursday night. It will be a nightmare. Not only cars, but a bazziiiiillllion people wandering the streeets.

    Best for cab or shuttle. Since the Omni is on of the “satellite” overflows, they should have at least a shuttle service.

    Please send me direct email to:
    this is not my regular email….mostly for this kind of “public” coordination.

    Give me a phone number and I will call you back.

    THursday night, our little group has reservations at Rays – @7:30.

    If this is your first DragonCon…it will be overwhelming 70-80,000 people.
    Welcome to the craziness.
    BUT…we do what we have to to for DARK MATTER…wheeeee.

    No….will not be in any kind of costume.

    Thanks Joe for letting us use your blog for coordination.

    Glad you had a safe but long trip to LA….now we look forward to great news and opportunities.

  7. Aw!! Love the pic of Martin and Carl B.! It assuages the pain I still feel at the loss of Cedar Cove. Props to the After Buzz team for rocking the cat shirt, but that kitty needs to be jazzed up, maybe with a top hat or astride a unicorn.

  8. The “Stargate Guy” meets someone named Tauri? That is some Inception-level shizz right there…

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