I’m much more likely to pull over to greet an elderly pug than to help a stranded motorist.

I mention this because I came across this study the other day:

August 27, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 22: Going Out Fighting” Recaps, Reviews, Reactions!

(source: Vox)

To be fair, my dogs are much lighter and easier to carry than the average tourist or grandparent.

Hey, in belated celebration of National Dog Day, check out Bubba sporting the pyjamas Akemi got him.  “He loves it!”she insists.August 27, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 22: Going Out Fighting” Recaps, Reviews, Reactions! August 27, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 22: Going Out Fighting” Recaps, Reviews, Reactions!

August 27, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 22: Going Out Fighting” Recaps, Reviews, Reactions!
Hey, what did you all think of last night’s episode of Dark Matter “Going Out Fighting”?

Check out some reactions, recaps, and reviews:

“The show is on track to finish out the season with a skillful progression of episodes, capping off a mostly stellar season…” by Michael Ahr at Den of Geek

“An episode rife with “Wait, what?!?!” moments. Possibly my favorite of the season so far…” by Cort Robinson at Pure Fandom

“One of the reasons I love the sci-fi genre is because I’m fascinated by the technologies it’s creators manage to think up. Nanites, space elevators that put the Space Needle to shame, transfer transits, and blink drives are all really cool bits of technology in the world of Dark Matter…” by Jen Stayrook at The Workprint

“The Android has been pretty much the breakout character from the very beginning of the series, and it is scenes like this that showcase the character’s natural charm and humor…” by Kathleen Wiedel at TV Fanatic

“In a way, I liked “Going Out Fighting” better than last week’s near-perfect “Stuff to Steal, People to Kill”. I say this kind of stuff a lot. It’s mainly because every episode expands upon the overall grand story, making each a little more exciting…” by Tom Gardiner at Three If By Space

“This episode’s pacing was excellent. You didn’t know what was going to happen next and it gave you the chills…” by Jideobi Odunze at Geeked Out Nation

Dark Matter delivered what may very well be its highest-stakes episode yet…” by Aimee Hicks at Spoiler TV

“Not to sound like a broken record but we’re going to risk it anyway. The second season of Syfy’s Dark Matter is stellar. One of the best series of this summer season…” by TV Goodness

Anna and Josh at Geeksiders:

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11 thoughts on “August 27, 2016: Dark Matter “Episode 22: Going Out Fighting” Recaps, Reviews, Reactions!

  1. I loved this episode I as much as I have each and every episode before it. They only get better because we have gotten to know the characters more with each new episode.

  2. how do you dell the difference between foreign tourist & hometown stranger? i’m sure they’d probably be dressed similarly. unless the foreign tourist is wearing lederhosen or something. but then the lederhosen-wearing person might turn out to be an actor on his way home from the community theater.

    (once again i’m not seeing my usual monster avatar-thing. but on my last comment it was there when it posted.)

  3. I think that the second pic you posted is proof positive that Bubba loves his jammies! That and the fact you didn’t post a pic of him trying to take them off. So cute! Does Akemi have a matching pair? How’s her eyes by the way?

    Loved this episode from beginning to end!

    Have a great Sunday! Hope the weather there is cooling off. Based on one of your Twitter comments earlier, plan on going to see “Train To Busan” tomorrow night. Chattanooga apparently has an “Arthouse” Cinerama that runs alternatives to the standard fare each weekend. Who knew? I only just discovered it. This weekend it’s “Level Up” & “TrainTo Busan”.

    @sylvia: it sounds like you are going to DragonCon. Me too! My hotel better have SyFy too!

  4. Hi, Joe. After a few years off, for reasons I’ll post directly to you (via Twitter) if you’d like, I’m back! And I must say, I missed out on some good stuff while I was away! Meanwhile, I just turned 40! Looking forward to resuming reading about the daily happenings of Dark Matter production, the dogs, and all that life has to offer! My stuffed dogs say hello. My best to your dogs.

  5. @Maggie L80 – I’m at the Westin. Let’s see if we can tag up – maybe lunch before the other 79,990 people show up to make meet-ups crazy.
    One of my favorite haunts is the CVS – Peachtree Metro – so I can get stuff I forgot to pack plus snacks.
    Decent sushi at the food court – asian buffet. The food court is convenient for meet ups – until the crowd shows up.
    Also at Benihana. And Rays which is on the america mart side of the street.
    NOT JOE quality, but works for me.
    Never found macarons in the vicinity.

  6. Ah…. Seeing your Vox poll here, p’raps I won’t be booking a bnb Vancouver visit any time soon… No hard feelings, eh?

    Bubba is smokin’ in his jimmies. He looks so pleased with himself! Bless him.

    Now to catch up on all these comments and reviews of Episode 8 “Going out Fighting”.

    Little, quiet footnote:
    I was one of those who chose this title. At the time it was resonant and relevant to me. I feel this episode will be a fitting tribute for my Starsk’. He had so many friends fighting to help him. Hope you don’t mind, Joe.

  7. @sylvia: I’d love to meet up. I’m staying at the CNN Omni. Plan on coming in Thursaday afternoon, leaving work early. Let’s make a plan. I know where Ray’s is. Gonna have to find out if I can take a shuttle, taxi or just drive over. I’m planning on picking up my Dragon Con badge Thursday night at the Sheraton (this is all new for me). My first Dragon Con.

  8. That is an unfair poll. I would never have to save my dog because my dog would only be with me on leash so if a bus was coming toward Boomer, we would both get out of danger. And in the process of doing that whoever else might be in the way would get hit and it would haunt me forever.

    I think Bubba loves it too. Look at his happy face in that second picture!

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