July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “kill Them All” After Blog Entry!

“Episode 15: Kill Them All”.

Last night’s episode answered a few questions, one of the chiefest being “Which dog picture matched up with episode 2”. Well, now you have your answer.

A few behind-the-scenes tidbits on the episode…

July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “kill Them All” After Blog Entry!

The part of Alicia Reynaud (the corporate wheeler-dealer who, off the top of the episode, takes an unusual interest in our FIVE, aka Das, aka Emily Kolburn) is played by Lost Girl alumna Inga Cadranel – and there’s a great story about her casting.  When we started auditions for the role, we received a link to the first round talent, a few self-tapes (from those who weren’t able to come in), and, as always, a couple of “offer only” demos off the top.  The latter is pretty much what you’d guess – more seasoned actors submitting for the role who feel they’re at a place in their respective careers where they’ll only consider certain roles if they’re offered sans the need to audition.  Before this particular part, I can’t ever remember casting someone off a demo, always preferring instead to go with someone who has taken the time to learn the lines and give it a go.  In this case, however, the individuals who came in for this role weren’t quite right and so we took the rare step of watching the demos.  One actress’s demo reel wasn’t all that impressive EXCEPT for a terrific performance in one scene.  “She’s great!”I said.  “Really?”asked Vanessa.  “No, not her,”I said, dismissing the woman who’s demo we were watching.  “Her!” indicating the woman she happened to be acting opposite of…Inga Cadranel who got the part off of SOMEBODY ELSE’S demo reel!

P.S. Note her bearded right-hand man, Hughes.  Why do I mention the fact that he’s bearded.  Oh, I don’t know…

July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “kill Them All” After Blog Entry!

When it came time for the fans to choose the title for this episode, they were given three choices – all lines of dialogue from the script.  There was “Hello, Pumpkin.”, which Alicia Reynaud uses to refer to FIVE at the end of our tease, “Your Extra Pillows And A Hug Goodbye,” which was Nyx’s line when she’s trying to pitch our crew on why they should allow her to throw in with them, and the eventual winner “Kill Them All” which, as it turns out, is one of the most surprising lines of dialogue in the episode given who utters the phrase.
July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “kill Them All” After Blog Entry!

This episode was directed by cast and crew (and producer) favorite Bruce McDonald who directed season one’s Episode 7 guest-starring Ruby Rose as Wendy the android.  Bruce’s low-key, easygoing nature always translates to a fun, relatively stress-free onset experience.

July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “kill Them All” After Blog Entry!

Bruce takes over Warden Treihan’s office to study his shot list over lunch.

July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “kill Them All” After Blog Entry!

Bruce in action.

July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “kill Them All” After Blog Entry!

Directing the pivotal FIVE/SIX scene.

July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “kill Them All” After Blog Entry!

Setting up the FOUR-gets-clocked shot.

July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “kill Them All” After Blog Entry!

Framing the Android.

July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “kill Them All” After Blog Entry!

Eavesdropping on the conspiring inmates.

July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “kill Them All” After Blog Entry!

Taking out the trash.

July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “kill Them All” After Blog Entry!

Also making an appearance in this episode is one of my favorite recurring characters (and recurring actresses), Commander Truffault played by Torri Higginson.  And, as usual, Torri tears it up.  She and Anthony were having so much fun in the visitation scene that, if you’d watched the director’s cut, you’d probably be shipping them.  Don’t know if THREEfault will ever be a thing, but there’s no denying the terrific onscreen chemistry between the two.
July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “kill Them All” After Blog Entry!What’s all the more amazing is that the Truffault character was originally written to appear in three episodes in season 1 – introduced in Episode 2 as an unlikely ally, returning to engage the crew in an op in Episode 10, and then dying on Iriden-3 after accepting delivery of the white hole bomb in Episode 11.  Unfortunately – or, should I say FORTUNATELY for all involved – Torri had a scheduling conflict for that final episode.  After being wowed by her performance in that first episode, I suggested to Torri that we NOT make it work and, instead, look ahead to potentially revisiting the character in season 2.  Which we do – here in this episode and…a couple of more times before season’s end

July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “kill Them All” After Blog Entry!

A reminder that you have one more day to post your questions for The Raza’s newest crew member, Nyx Haper – Melanie Liburd!

July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “kill Them All” After Blog Entry!

17 thoughts on “July 9, 2016: The Dark Matter “Kill Them All” After Blog Entry!

  1. Cheers!
    Best episode since your tantamount SG-1 run. Great directing by BMcD as well! Thank you!

    jeers imho…13 ep runs should be outlawed. The ‘trend’ of having the $hit curse words in all the new shows is very disappointing. And…it’s just wrong pegging an adult to play a 16 yo.

  2. I’m kinda surprised Andria asked who the the asset was. It seemed pretty obvious to me. I’ve got some new theories brewing in my head about the Alicia- FIVE relationship. I do hope Anders is going to be ok. There’s definitely more to that guy’s story!
    Excellent episode! xo

    Congrats to the entire cast and crew and Welcome to Inga!

  3. On a finalement eu le temps d’écouter le premier épisode de la saison 2.

  4. By the way Joe:
    I decided to take your advice
    and re-title my original biotech story/tv show idea.
    That I’ve about 100 or so authors
    who are active members of our NS101 ed community
    I decided to run the story by a couple of them.
    They absolutely loved the story
    and agreed it was a truly brilliant idea
    but, like you, they definitely ‘hated’ the title.
    (Apparently, although they understood the humor of it
    – they felt the story was too serious & sophisticated
    to label it with a giggle worthy “spoof” tittle).

    One of the writers asked me how I came up with
    the first name “Pascal” for the main character?
    I told them I took it from “Pascals wager”
    which scientists often use to bet against
    a science theory proving true.
    They suggested it was likely the perfect title.?
    That I should just keep it simple like that – and not over think it.

    Albeit – That I’ve no desire to break into tv writing
    I may just decide to develop and release the story
    in short chapters
    on a wp blog or maybe? Watt?
    sometime in the fall when I am not so busy with other projects
    and can explore the possibilities a bit more
    and allow the story to unfold in its own time and way.

  5. Also:
    If you pitched to your writers room the idea of doing a time travel episode in season 3
    but no one could come up with a means to keep it confined to a single episode?
    ( and not open a can of worms
    with everyone demanding more answers, story expansion, etc). …
    I have come up with something that could not only fit in to the budget
    but would allow ‘Android’s’ full evolution to be explored
    – then return her to whatever level of
    evolution she was at prior to the time travel adventure.

    It would be a truly thought provoking, emotionally captivating,
    fun adventure with a few unpredictable twists to it
    that would end on a subtle humor note.

    Zip me a quick email or message on twitter
    if you want me to run the idea by ya.
    It would definitely be FUN and likely a fan favorite
    easy enough to write and its definitely 100% do-able.
    (and best yet – Am pretty sure Zoe could easily pull it off and make it believable!).

  6. Loved that episode, and not just for the individual moments such as Torri’s brilliant scene with Anthony and Jodelle’s chilling delivery of “the line”.

    What was great was that in an episode where so much is going on at once and in different locations, it was always easy to follow who was doing what, and when. That’s some good writing there!

    And again, I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

    Back from PEI and a wonderful visit with my friends there. Very relaxing time and so peaceful.

  7. Ugh that was one of the pictures that I could’ve gone either way. I should’ve chose the other one! LOL Oh well…1 for 2.

  8. Loved the Episode and the Season so far! Can’t wait to watch more!
    Question for Nyx/Melanie:
    What inspiration did you take for playing Nyx? Also, how fun is it to play a kick-ass woman in SciFi?

    Still loved the Puns during the Trash scene!

  9. With all due respect to Inga, have to say she is playing her part perfectly. She is “the creepy woman” asking about 5. Shudder.

  10. As with the other liked the episode 15 but I think that the hook is set a bit deep about One. I the running plot twists though my mind and wonders if you are upgrading bens character to evil Jase Corso or if you are keeping him off scene to allow the mood to develop before reintroducing him as One trying to safeguard himself from corporate usurper with one planning his own attack to reclaim the corporation and avenge his wife.
    How do we reunite him with the crew

    I loved the scene where Android Pauses at the end of the killing sequence. What is she thinking in that pause just before taking that final killing shot. is she truly developing the ability to hate. and love. we know she has jealousy down pat.

    As is, I’m frustrated waiting to see how you progressed the story. LOL

  11. Things I especially loved about this episode: seeing Torri (so glad to know it worked out that she wasn’t killed off! Please never kill a Torri character again, my heart can’t take that kind of pain), Five saying the title line (she grew up real fast in this ep didn’t she? love it), and Misaki Han who is amazing and I hope we get a LOT more of her. The end also tugged my heart strings. I definitely need some vengeance for One.

    I also wanted to say, I am really digging this season’s opening title card. I feel like it fits the show a little more. Plus, it’s shiny. 🙂

  12. So I’ve read the links, the reviews, the interviews and one resounding tone seems true – One/Derrick Moss is dead! I’d have hoped that it was all a ruse, that One had pulled a con and tricked the tricksters, the conspirators. But alas it looks like One is gone. I am deeply disturbed by the loss but excited to where this takes the crew.

  13. PS….Hughes – the bearded right-hand man…..the ‘mark’ that Five and TJ talk about in Ep 6, the guy she stole the keycard from….now there’s a connection to Emily Kolburn and Alicia Reynaud ‘Hello, Pumpkin’ 😉

  14. This episode was a favorite for me. I guess we are past the point of spoilers but I guessed right about who the character was and I’m glad she wasn’t killed because that leaves a nice storyline for Four.

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