July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

Whew!  Some great responses to Dark Matter’s second episode “Kill Them All”:

Loss Of Innocence – Aimee Hicks at SpoilerTV

“Dark Matter knows how to capture attention and enthrall its audience, which is precisely what they did with the season premiere. The show wasted no time gearing back up to full speed and that pace doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon.”

July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

There’s A New Kid In Town – Tom Gardiner at ThreeIfBySpace

” Now that we’ve established the basics of the situation, episode 202 was free to run wild. And it did. And it was fun.”

July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

Veronica Scott recaps season 2, episode 2 of both ‘Killjoys’ and ‘Dark Matter’ – at USAToday

“I wish my two favorite Syfy shows weren’t back to back, so much goodness packed into one evening!”

July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

New enemies, possible allies, and challenges for the Raza’s imprisoned crew – Cort Robinson at PureFandom

“Oh, boy. This season is shaping up to be one wild ride.”

July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

Shocker Times Two – Michael Knox-Smith at Mike’sFilmTalk

“Season two continues to be a rollicking roller coaster ride of reveals and close calls. ”

July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

The Dark Matter Raza Crew Try a Jail Break – Together – Justin Andress at Inverse

“After last season saw the team crumble under the weight of suspicion and paranoia, the team has finally gotten their collective head on straight, which is pretty satisfying. Especially when it leads to the kind of intricately plotted action scenes that make up the third act of the episode.”

July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

This show strikes the perfect balance of being kept guessing while not becoming frustrated by stories that don’t move forward. – Michael Ahr at DenOfGeek

July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

Dark Matter “Kill Them All” is where this season starts to kick off. – Jideobi Odunze at GeekedOutNation

July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

Last night’s episode was jam-packed with plenty of action and an opportunity for each of the main characters to shine… Ruben at TVEquals

July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

We’re only two episodes in and we’ve already been granted the death of a core character, an AI killing spree, a prison break and more. – Christopher Hart at TheNerdRecites

July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

Kill Them All was the kind of episode we’ve come to expect from this great series; action packed, full of mysteries, twists, and turns, and suspense. Craig Suide at SciFiMoviePage

July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

I’m continually fascinated by the lengths this show will go and how it overlaps its concurrent plots, peaking and dipping when the times are right. – Sahurai at BladeOfTheSashurai

July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

This episode gave each of the members of the crew a chance to shine… – Kathleen Wiedel at TVFanatic

July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

Only time will tell… – Elise Koszarek at Nerdophiles

July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

Anna and Josh at GeekSiders

Tonight, catch the Dark Matter after-show discussion with @yaeltygiel and @TauriJay LIVE on @afterbuzztv at 7 pm PDT/10 pm EST!

July 10, 2016: “kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, And Reviews

So, what’d you all think?

28 thoughts on “July 10, 2016: “Kill Them All” Recaps, Reactions, and Reviews

  1. All well deserved praise. DM just keeps getting better and better! You can tell when a whole production works so well together by results like this. Every week, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  2. Hmmm, keep reading about ‘the team’ shame one of them was killed off in a totally pointless way. I hope at least that One’s death isn’t just skated over by ‘the team’ have to wait and see tomorrow I guess but I don’t hold out much hope – disappointed One fan.

  3. Kill them All – Brilliantly done, written, and executed (no pun intended). WOW…literally on the edge of my seat. As things started to unfold, I got very excited…and you’ve heard of “Cry for Happy,” well…there was some of that. Very strong emotional feelings of course the Raza Crew are family so we know them very well. Still reeling a bit, have watched and rewatched and may do another watch later. Just don’t want to miss any detail…..WOW!

  4. I thought Truffault giving Boone the layout of Hyperion-8 was a remarkable gesture of goodwill(Though there was clearly a reason behind it..)

  5. Ditto to what @Gforce said!

    Really excellent job Joe!
    Am so proud of you!!
    I can genuinely ‘feel’
    all the blood sweat and tears
    that went into season two’s production! XO <3 XO

    @PBmom Hilda :Agree with you about starting one hour before.
    Unfortunately am going to be in the recording studio
    (helping some friends out) likely till late this next Friday
    so wont be able to lead the episode 203 fan charge call
    for the U.S audience.
    I will however be sure to take a quick break while am there
    to post the ad for the tweet up at 6 pm eastern time
    and will likely be back in time
    to join the tweet up at the 10 pm pdt/midnight eastern
    second airing @syfy.

    Hoping you won't get any last minute client calls
    so you can lead the charge
    for the 7 pm pdt / 9 pm central time showing. 🙂

  6. @Gforce Glad to hear your visit to Prince Edward Island was so relaxing.
    Capture any nice pics to share? 🙂

  7. Though saying that, Truffault must have watched Code Geass with that eye thing lol.

    Kudos on a different take on that though 🙂

  8. Gforce: Can’t wait for the pictures!

    Allison Nancholas: Don’t despair yet because the season is not over! All kinds of things can happen in Sci-fi.

    Five seemed so sweet, so I was shocked when she gave that order. Also, I wondered how you were going to keep Bubba on the show. Definitely, an episode to re-watch!

  9. Absolutely love Dark Matter and Killjoys

    Love the leading ladies and the mess they get into and how they get out of them.

  10. @Joe re: Big Udon At Raisu

    While I do find myself compelled to confess
    you did look fairly handsome in that bib
    Somehow am having difficulty wrapping me brain around
    any one/individual human
    eating so much food in one sitting!
    Am thinking you must have been so inspired by THREE’s
    eating performance in ep #15
    you decided to try matching it? 😀

    Hope it was delicious! xo

    I got to try Dalwhinnie 15.Yr last night for the first time.
    It was definitely different than anything I’ve had before.
    I wouldn’t go so far as to say its become a new fav
    but I did much enjoy it.

  11. Happy to see so many reviews and recaps. 🙂
    I personally loved 2×02. Even more than the first episode. I am still pretty bummed that One is dead. 🙁 I was not expecting that, not in a million years. The second episode was so great on so many levels. Can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

  12. Loved this episode, Five, Four and Three were in top form in particular and Six ends the episode in better graces with the crew then I expected.

    So far Masaki seems the most valuable new addition to the cast, but the preview looks like it’ll clear the room to give Devon and Nix their time to shine.

  13. Beware of guards bearing grapes, so much fun in ep 2 and loved Five making with the Big Gun. Don’t know what Truffault is up to but so glad the Raza is flying free. Also had many great life lessons, like Never Enter The Man-sized Easy Bake Oven and There’s Always Time For A Sword Fight. Great job by cast and crew!

  14. Because it’s science fiction, I’m wondering whether One/Derek Moss is *really* dead, or whether he will be resurrected in a later episode. If One is really gone, and Jace Corso is not likely to join the team, it will be a damn shame. I really liked him and I’m sorry that he (appears) to have been written out of the series. If it turns out that he really is off the show, will you tell us why he left?

  15. After re-watching DM 202 three times now, and probably more to come as I catch something I missed each time (I repeat myself…), I begin to understand why Six had to be frozen (besides to keep him alive) and possibly One also out of the picture (temporarily). You had to make room for dialogue/action for Doc, Arax and Nyx. Clever.

    I must say I wondered how you would accomplish that, adding more characters to an already kinda large ensemble. I very much look forward to how you continue moving the chess pieces around the board Joe. And 202 was your writing credit – right? Hm-m-m… a very layered and complex, action packed and surprising episode.
    Who’d have thought Five would say “Kill them all!”? And I’m so glad Six had a come to truth moment.

    Honestly, this eppy had me swinging from subtle nuance, to overt reaction and back… wow! Fabulous work Joe!

    With humble gratitude and is it Friday yet?

  16. Yeay, way to go FIVE and Android!! Those were some brilliant scenes.

    That was a great episode, Joe! So much happening. Loved Masaki – a worthy nemesis for FOUR.

    I too, am still sore about what happened to ONE but I have a sneaky suspicion that key FIVE stole may resolve ONE’s demise …. I’m right, aren’t I? …. Pretty please?

  17. One thought I had about this episode was the friendship between Six & Lt. Anders reminds me an awful lot of the friendship between Logan & Francis in “Logan’s Run”. Both a “Sandman” with a sworn duty to uphold the laws of their society however “whacked” they were. Logan blessedly begins to question the rules while Francis remained steadfast and that was ultimately his undoing. I only hope that Hyperion 8 has a good medical facility with a real doctor on call to save Lt. Anders. I’d love to see more of that dynamic. Anders telling Six to delete his report, that the fix is in, that One is dead, that the Raza crew was doomed from the start…so many beats.

    Loved the appearance of Four’s new nemesis. Can we say crazy, ex-girlfriend or psycho bitch monster from Hell? She’s not going to go away easily!

  18. Oops, hit post too soon. Would like to also give a shout out to the meting between Truffault & Three, quite the devious minx! Also loved the utterance of “Kill Them All” from Five and the Androids “call to arms”! I agree with @Tam Dixon, “mic drop” indeed!! I think the addition of Arax, Nyx & Devon will shake things up a bit. Our crew is still discovering “who” they are and now you add in 3 new strangers to the mix. I suspect someone does not last long, my guess Arax. Though I do love Mike D., all his scenes are deliciously done.

  19. Just on my way back through all the posts as I was out of town all last week and have been super busy at work since Monday. Finally got some time today to go though each blog entry.

    I think this is my favorite episode so far of this whole series. Full of action, intrigue, and sass. Unexpected lines, great acting, conspiracy theories, it’s got it all!

    One thing I can’t help but notice from the last couple episodes, and I’m sure others may have already pointed it out….. Is it just me or is Durand’s “H8” left arm patch upside down the whole time?

    Was this intentional?

    -Mike A.

  20. Your episodes always have a lot of action in them.

    @Drea It’s Thursday night as I write this and I do not have any clients tomorrow night. SHOCKING. Seriously SHOCKING. So I will definitely lead the charge, and encourage people to start tweeting exactly 1 hour before the show airs (refraining from using hashtag of #DarkMatter until that 1 hour before the show airs) and then bombarding the Twittersphere. This way it will actually trend during the airing of the show. The people from Fringe went out of their way to ask people not following this pattern to please refrain in the most kindest way, but I tried that last year and I didn’t like doing it.

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