Hey, what are you doing today at 4 p.m. PDT, 7 p.m. EST?  Well, if you’re free, I’ll be chatting with Geeksiders Josh and Anna over on google hangout…

And here’s the link to tune in:

Want to build your own 3D Raza?  Well, Syfy can help you with that:

June 24, 2016: One Week To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

Build your own Raza!

June 24, 2016: One Week To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

Today’s Dark Matter season 2 sneak peak screen shot!  What do you think is going on here?

June 24, 2016: One Week To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

A reminder that I’ll be doing a reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) tomorrow at noon PDT, 3 pm EST.  At the appointed time, head on over to https://www.reddit.com/r/television/ (and make sure to register so you can quiz me).  I’ll be fielding questions on anything and everything – Dark Matter, Stargate, pugs, the secret to my delicious corn bread.

A few more little somethings from the Stargate archives (specifically, Stargate: SG-1’s “Frozen”) c/o James Robbins:

June 24, 2016: One Week To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

June 24, 2016: One Week To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

23 thoughts on “June 24, 2016: One week to the Dark Matter season 2 premiere!

  1. Wow you’re early today! Gotta check out the “build your own Raza” – looks like a 3D printer thing?

    As for the picture…hmmm. Looks like someone )I think it’s Two, but I’m using my phone so the pic is really small) is waking up, and someone is there to tel her where she is, and offer some food. May be right after the crew arrives?

  2. Wow you are early today!!! Looking forward to your AMA tomorrow,cool, I have been bored outta my skull since yesterday, I broke a metacarpal in my right hand and I can do pretty much nothing!! I just keep remembering a quote from Bethany Hamilton “I don’t need easy I just need possible.” It’s like 100 degrees outside so going for walk with this cast/splint…just too freaking hot! I guess I could watch DM again already binged on that a while back 🙂
    Sad thing is I don’t even have a cool story to tell how I broke it, it’s rather lame.

  3. Screen shot – Someone from Dwarf Star Technologies in close proximity to Two? That doesn’t bode well for her, look what happened last time!
    Or, maybe…….that was the plan, for Two to be captured by Dwarf again, so she was inside the facility to facilitate getting the rest of the crew inside to steal something ‘Stuff To Steal, People To Kill’ 🤔

    So much happening, interviews, Reddit 👍

  4. That’s Two in a Dwarf Star Technologies building, based on the guy’s uniform. He seems like he’s being nice. Maybe giving her space corn and a space biscuit.

    I would dig painting a Raza, I haven’t painted in ages!

  5. Kabra: ow!! Hope it gets to feeling better soon!

    I missed the Geeksiders chat because I was stuck in the car for 3 hours (ow) but on the upshot, I managed to do a lot of harassing people on Twitter and Tumblr. Hahahah.

    There’s so much happening I can hardly keep up!

  6. Dang, I missed the live interview (thought I see it’s now there for watching the recording) and I won’t be around for the AMA tomorrow. 🙁

    Anyway, it’s hard to believe it’s just one week until the season premiere. A year goes by too fast!

  7. Believe the sneak peek shot is of Two in H-8 prison brown outfit. So probably still incarcerated with an inmate who works in the infirmary/experimental section of the prison. I remember the set from a previous posting. Ramping up the intrigue! Countdown continues – 7 days!

    @The OtherOne: Love Tsunamis!

    @TamDixon: Will add Leonard’s & The Comminsary to my list of places to eat when in Memphis. Have not been to either.

    Sadly I will miss the AMA tomorrow – will be traveling to a little place off the coast of SC. Fripp Island. 3 miles long, 1 mile wide. Only one way on and off. Feeling a little like a John Carpenter movie (Escape From New York-ish). If you don’t hear from me for a wk it’s because the reception on the island is horrible.

    I have my DVR set on the offside chance that I can’t watch DM Friday night ☹️

  8. @MaggieL80 Have fun! Hope ya take lots of pics to share! But if we don’t hear from you after a week We’re sending out a search party (and the coast guard- ‘just in case’, eh! LOL) 😀 xo

  9. Earlier tonight I had a brief moment of panic when I suddenly thought, “Is Dark Matter on tonight?!!!” Then a quick sigh of relief when I realized, “ok, it’s next week”. My brain is getting old. Fast.

  10. 6 days until the big premiere!

    And yeah, 3d Printers are really cool. I can imagine once people go out into space, they’d be an invaluable resource. Especially when you could just feed any kind of material into them to produce parts or whatever. I think we all know that sending stuff to space is super expensive, and resources are everywhere in space ready for humanity to use.

    The 3D printed Stargate is probably the coolest thing I’ve seen. I think people could even do Replicators. And unlike the Stargate ones, because they’re plastic, if they come alive, they’re not dangerous 😉

  11. Maggie L80: Hope you have a fun/safe trip! Fripp Island sounds wonderful!

    Kabra: Get well soon!

    We are still Netflixing DM and will be ready at DM2’s premiere. Love Zobot!

  12. Ugh. Still almost a week before the show starts? Is it too early to start the TV to get it “warmed up” in time? This is like the week before Christmas when you’re a kid! COME ON, JULY 1st!

  13. I just watched the interview recording with Anna & Josh (they are cuties!) and it went very well! I hadn’t realized the Android part was initially a support character, then Zoe brought so much to the role, so you expanded the character. Very interesting. So two character revelations will surprise us and two others will SHOCK us? Woo-hoo!

    I am prepared to be blown away with the S2 premiere next Friday. I’ll be on vacation, so no excuses to miss it!

    You have a very nice kitchen too. Someday I’ll move or remodel and get cabinets like that.

    Take care all…

  14. Hey Joe,

    How do you feel about Dark Matter season 1 finally being added to Netflix Canada?

  15. Great exchange on the Reddit….I am tech challenged, have no idea how to add comments/ask questions etc. BUT…enjoying the rolling discussion.

  16. Thanks Drea,Drummer Girl, and Tam Dixon for your get well wishes! And I can’t believe I missed the AMA!!!!! I confused the time I thought it was at 7 🙁

  17. Really enjoyed your interview above Joe. Some thoughts while listening:

    * What was Bubba doing? He sounded like an old man clearing his throat.
    * I have always loved Three. From the beginning.
    * Joe please take a vacation. You’ve earned it, and need it.
    * That’s a great trivia question! “Who is the most seasoned actor on Dark Matter?” Surprisingly it’s also the youngest.

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