Got some burning Dark Matter or Stargate-related questions you were just too shy to ask me on the blog?  Well, you’re in luck because…

June 23, 2016: 8 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

Yes, it’s true.  This Saturday at noon PDT, I’ll be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) over on Reddit.  Head on over to at the appointed time for all the action.

June 23, 2016: 8 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

Today’s Dark Matter season 2 sneak peek screen shot of the day.  That planet looks…familiar.

Hey, my guest stint on Geek Soul Brother’s podcast is up:

Give it a listen.  It was a ton of fun.  So much so that I ended up sticking around even after the interview ended and they had to pretend they were all going home to get me to hang up.  Great stuff!

June 23, 2016: 8 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

Finished off a first draft of my new military SF pilot.  Before I do a pass on the script, I decided to pick up some research materials (pictured above) that will, hopefully, allow me to seem marginally competent in naval space jargon.  Or not.

June 23, 2016: 8 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

12 thoughts on “June 23, 2016: 8 days to the Dark Matter season 2 premiere!

  1. I’m re-reading David Weber’s ON BASILISK STATION in bits & pieces. Unfortunately, I’m alternating that with Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” novels. In terms of language sophistication and research depth, that’s like alternating between plain broth and beef stew. Both are tasty, but the latter has more substance. 😋

  2. (Continued from above)
    So, Joe, if you need quick feedback on a chapter of BASILISK, drop me a line. If you need the wisdom of a long-time fan, well, you’re already in touch with the family expert (who shall not be named on social media). 😉

  3. DM premiere was listed in tv guide magazine among shows to watch this summer. Way to go!

  4. I enjoyed listening to the podcast 👍
    Another fab screen shot, which does have a familiar planet.

    I’ve not been on Reddit for ages. The last time was when David Hewlett did an AMA! Will have to familiarise myself with the format.

    Naval space jargon, eh? Nearest I got to any Navy experience was being on the aircraft carrier HMS Invicible whilst live surface-to-air missile firing of Sea Dart!
    So, no hope of any Army involvement in your military space series? 😊

  5. I read On Basilisk Station and several of the Honor Harrington series, have to admit, I , I liked the story, but got away from it after about 6 books, little Nimitz scared me, ha, would be nice to have it as a pet. Good luck with your new SF story. That row of books, wow, oh, wow. good that your are focused on finding a book and not the tight space, wow.

  6. Go Navy! Says the third generation of a four generation Navy family. Hooyah!

    My husband just listened to the Lost Fleet series on audiobook. Being a trucker, he has hours to kill on the road, and hands free over his bluetooth is a great way to “read”. I could listen to them too … I really should.

  7. I’m at the edge of my seat about the results/fall-out from the EU vote. As @Markoloos twitted: Also, if you’ve always wanted to visit the UK—they are currently having a “30% Off On Absolutely Everything” special.

    When can we expect a news release about the new series? (at the edge of my seat for that too)

  8. So jealous, I miss the little corner bookshop, the owner retired. Actually I miss working in bookstores and libraries, and that is still not the geekiest thing about me. It feels like all of those days and hundreds of hours that we have to wait is way too long. So a plan is required to get through these last days before we get our DM. I plan to watch Independence Day Resurgence, Free State of Jones and Smallville to tide me over.

  9. Though I love SciFi movies & TV, have never been much of a SciFi reader. Enjoy! I’m currently downloading books to take on vacation, authors include David Baldacci, john Sandford, Jill Marie Landis, Toby Neal, Stephen King, and Brad Thor. Don’t think I’ll run out.

    Will have to catch the podcast later. Packing & preparing to leave for 7 fun-filled days at the beach. Yep, I’m an ocean kinda girl. Love the water!

    Good luck with the new pilot!

  10. Hey Joe! Happy Friday!
    Glad to hear you finished the 1st draft.

    I posted the AMA in our twitter classroom yesterday.
    Will ‘pin’ a second announcement after 6 pm edt.

    @Gforce Was the doctor able to offer anything helpful?

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