This list is a matter of opinion.  Were I to put together a rundown of the Top 10 Best Spiderman Villains, Mysterio would make it.  Mysterio.  This guy –

June 19, 2016: Top 10 Worst Spiderman Villains!

with the fishbowl helmet.

I mean, my childhood memories of Electro and the Green Goblin subconsciously direct me to forgive a lot.  But then, there are those villains that even the fondest of childhood memories cannot make right.  These are My Top 10 Worst Spiderman Villains…

June 19, 2016: Top 10 Worst Spiderman Villains!

10. Tarantula

Despite the fact that he was given an update, he’ll always be the guy with the pointy poisoned boots to me.

June 19, 2016: Top 10 Worst Spiderman Villains!

9. Grizzly

Don’t get me wrong.  I have all sorts of respect for the power of the grizzly bear. Less so for a guy who runs around New York dressed like one.

June 19, 2016: Top 10 Worst Spiderman Villains!

8. Hammerhead

This flat top gangster could either shoot you or hit you with his really hard head.  A true dual threat!

June 19, 2016: Top 10 Worst Spiderman Villains!

7. The White Rabbit

Armed with Alice in Wonderland-inspired weaponry and a Bachelor of Arts degree in literature, former socialite Lewis Dodson IS The White Rabbit.

June 19, 2016: Top 10 Worst Spiderman Villains!

6. Kraven the Hunter

Back when I worked on Stargate, my office was decorated with Marvel and DC villains.  One day, Executive Producer Martin Gero walked into my office, pointed to the Kraven the Hunter and asked: “Why do you have a statue of Freddie Mercury on your shelf?”.  ’nuff said.

June 19, 2016: Top 10 Worst Spiderman Villains!

5. The Vulture

Poor decrepit Adrian Tomes with his skintight green spandex outfit and impossibly big wings.  The very definition of awkward.

June 19, 2016: Top 10 Worst Spiderman Villains!

4. Hypno Hustler

He can hypnotize people with his guitar.  And, for an encore, his boots emit a knockout gas.

June 19, 2016: Top 10 Worst Spiderman Villains!

3. Rhino

Combine the very best worst aspects of Hammerhead and Grizzly and you get this guy.

June 19, 2016: Top 10 Worst Spiderman Villains!

2. Kangaroo

He can jump really high.  And box.  Of course he can.

June 19, 2016: Top 10 Worst Spiderman Villains!

1. Big Wheel

I mean, just look at the picture.

16 thoughts on “June 19, 2016: Top 10 Worst Spiderman Villains!

  1. Never really read comics as a kid; I grew up in a house of only women, so comics were not abundant. So, I’ll take your word for it on these.

    I survived the graduation party; too much food leftover, even after sending some home with those that stuck it out till the end.

  2. Teehee. Opinions do count whether good, bad, or ugly. I’ve attended author panels who reflected character analysis and worldbuilding and how to make each “fit in” to the storyline. These are authors who see both tv and movie scripts. Edit, rewrite, scrap, start all over,…….

  3. There is a really good Aleksei/Rhino story, not too long ago…I think it was during the Civil War event. Very touching, very moving. You should read it (probably in a Spidey book.)


  4. My knowledge of Spider-Man comes from the TV series and movies ( Toby & Andrew with Andrew being my favorite ). Then there is the brief intro of the new Spider-man in the latest Captain America movie. Sadly never read these comics. I was more of a Batman, Scooby Doo, and Pogo fan. Then there were the Archies. Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County. And don’t forget Star Wars! It came out in 1977 when I was 11. I read and collected everything Star Wars. Have the “big” comics and the entire original collection of trading cards x 2.

    Thanks for the rundown of worst villains. Lots to choose from. I wonder who will make the best/worst villains list in Dark Matter. I’m sure there are more villains on the rise.

    Do you watch Game of Thrones? Did you catch up on TWD while on break? Lots of great villains!

  5. I always loved Rhino. He also fought the Hulk and the Fantastic Four if my memory is correct (albeit i am remembering back to reading comics in the 70s). Great memories. Thanks ☺

  6. Looking back a looooooooonnnnng time ago, not sure I recall some or any of these. Maybe the vulture. Was more of a Superman Batman addict when my mommy would allow comics. Can’t waste money on this junk…lol, and that was when it was only 10 cents. Now she would really have a fit at some of the prices.

  7. You were one lucky kid growing up with all those comics! I grew up in a small town that didn’t have a public library until I was in high school. During the school year, I’d check out books from the school’s library but during the summer I was SOL. Comic books filled the void. That town only had a one small grocery/pharmacy that sold comics and so choices were limited. I would have loved Ebooks then. Some tech advances rock!

    Thanks for memory lane!

  8. Don’t knock Big Wheel; his prices are always right and he always lets you spin again. I’m still enjoying the tiny harvest from last week’s farmer’s market. Gorgeous campari tomatoes with asparagus and amazing strawberries. And then a terrific GoT. I was very sad to hear of Anton Yelchin’s passing, he and Jon Cho were my faves on the rebooted Trek.

  9. The boys must have gotten together yesterday
    and decided to declare it Spider-man day.
    When I was chatting with Jeff W yesterday afternoon
    he said he was checking out a spider-man anthology.

    I remember some of the characters on your list
    but didn’t read many comics growing up
    and wasn’t a huge spider-man fan.
    That was more something my brothers were into.
    When I wasn’t busy with dance, music or science
    I spent much of my free time either reading
    non fiction biographies.
    Futuristic sci fi stories/books .
    Learning new words in the dictionary.
    Watching movie classics from the 1940’s up
    And often enough,
    Building new villages and expanding tracks
    for da N gage train set.
    I LOVED playing with model trains.
    Still do!
    Agree about white rabbit and grizzly tho.
    Too corny to fit in as spider-man villains.

    Sounds like you had a relaxing Sunday.
    Good for you! xo
    My pastitsio was a hit last night with the neighbors.
    Glad I could bring a smile to a few faces after all
    the sadness here this past week.

  10. @Kathy C Glad to hear you survived the graduation party.
    Hope it turned out nice 🙂

    Wonder how @Gforce’s weekend went in Maine?

  11. I’m not really a Spiderman fan, but I did like King Shark on The Flash(TV series). That’s one seriously threatening villain. Gorilla Grodd was kinda cool too, though I felt sorry for him because of his past. Grodd being a product of experimentation & particle accelerator accident, and being all alone in the world was kinda sad.

    Anyway, those Spiderman villains look like the product of someone on a deadline thinking of something ridiculously random. If The Flash/Arrow/Supergirl etc can have so many cool badguys, Spiderman having loads of terrible ones suggests someone being lazy.

  12. C’mon, Hypno Hustler sounds awesome!

    I remember as a kid though, thinking that Rhino was the stupidest idea for a villain ever. Okay, so he runs into things and breaks them up. Great super power. NOT!

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