Ah, there are no better motivations than anger or a deadline and, in the case of this new pilot, I can draw on both.  A little over halfway done and it’s coming along swimmingly.  Hoping to have it done soon so that I can get some feedback, do a rewrite, and then go out with it in the next couple of months.  As much as I enjoyed my time in Toronto, being back home these couple of days made me realize how truly awesome it would be to set up a show here.

So, in yesterday’s blog entry, I uploaded some pics from the Stargate archives. I’ve been going through a lot of these old files and am amazed by the brilliant work of James Robbins who, prior to taking over as Production Designer on Stargate: Atlantis, spent many years in the art department conceiving, creating, and designing some of the franchise’s most memorable visuals.  Like for instance…

June 4, 2016: Looking Back On Stargate!  Looking Ahead To Dark Matter!

The wraith pod from the Atlantis pilot.  Or…

June 4, 2016: Looking Back On Stargate!  Looking Ahead To Dark Matter!

The wraith mothership.  Or…

June 4, 2016: Looking Back On Stargate!  Looking Ahead To Dark Matter!

The headpieces for the wraith warriors.

Just incredible stuff.  You can check out more of James Robbins’ over at his website:

The Art of James Robbins

Speaking of art, on one of our last days in Toronto, Akemi and I had dinner with actress Ellen Wong (Dark Matter’s Misaki Han) and her husband Adam.  It was Ellen’s birthday and, to commemorate the  special day, we gifted her this awesome framed painting by a budding local artist:

June 4, 2016: Looking Back On Stargate!  Looking Ahead To Dark Matter!

Speaking of the new commander of the royal guard of Ishida, check her out…in uniform:

June 4, 2016: Looking Back On Stargate!  Looking Ahead To Dark Matter!

And, of course, you remember her ride…

June 4, 2016: Looking Back On Stargate!  Looking Ahead To Dark Matter!

So, today I resume one of my favorite spotlight features of this blog: The Screenshot of the Day!  Each screenshot will be selected at random and uploaded without context.  Assume what you will!

June 4, 2016: Looking Back On Stargate!  Looking Ahead To Dark Matter!

5 thoughts on “June 4, 2016: Looking back on Stargate! Looking ahead to Dark Matter!

  1. Hmmmm…trying to decide if SofD was during or in between takes. Tough. I’m thinking in between takes.

    Another thing that’s tough? Trying to throw a graduation party and the attendees are not being cooperative with the RSVPs. I made the mistake of saying “regrets only” on the invite, instead of asking people to let me know they ARE coming. I figured it’s easier to send an e-mail (didn’t put phone number, just e-mail) to say they can’t make it if they aren’t coming. Well, outta approximately 80 guests invited, ONE person e-mails for herself and her kids (11 people total) that they couldn’t make it. That’s it. ONE. So I kinda start panicking that I am going to have tons of people (I honestly assumed at least 30 wouldn’t be able to make it) so I discreetly start asking around Facebook, as I chat with various people over the week, about the party. And here come the “I can’t make it” responses. Hello, were you going to tell me you weren’t coming??? Ugh. So frustrating. I made it so easy – send me an e-mail – don’t even have to tell me in person that you can’t come and have to make up an excuse. One of my friends; we chatted last night for about 30 minutes, even talked about her son’s party (which is family only, no invite for me) and I talked about what I was serving…no mention that she couldn’t come. Didn’t tell me until I asked directly today. She is going to a 50th anniversary party that she received the invite for before mine. So she’s known for a month, from the day she received my invite, that she couldn’t come…but couldn’t tell me when teh invite specifically said to reply regrets only? UGH!

    So today I sent out a FB direct messages to everyone invited that hasn’t told me either way yet (I did get some calls from people saying they were coming, asking about presents and such) asking if they are coming. Party is the 18th. I need to plan the food!!

    Okay…felt good to get that out. I can’t complain on FB, cause, well, my problem peeps are there, and I can’t complain on twitter cause a few of them are there too. I think this is my only private place at the moment, where no one I know will know I’m complaining about them. So thanks for “listening” everyone! 😀

  2. Misaki Han (as in Han Solo?), knowing she’s the new leader of the Royal Guard & childhood friend of Four, could she be a friend in disguise? Seems that our Raza crew has enough enemies, they need a few more friends in their corner! Love the pics! David H and his jazz hands constantly in motion! Honestly, where does wardrobe get his shirts?

  3. Funny Joe, I mentioned jokingly that there is something cuttleable about your royal commander, and by gosh you proved me right.
    One question, you mentioned that “Cowboy Bebop” was influential in your Dark Matter story. Was the ending of Ep 2 S1 with the rain part of that imagery?
    Vancouver is a great place for shows as I am finishing watching Continuum. I just have great respect of the actors who spend all day in the rain to practice their craft.

  4. Two ain’t buyin’ what Tabor is selling, but I love Tabor’s moxie. That painting is pugtastic, art is a great investment, happy belated b-day to Ellen.

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