June 5, 2016: More Dark Matter And Stargate Bts Pics!

Today’s screen shot of the day, posted above, is from some unspecified episode in Dark Matter’s second season.  Who’s the blond?  And who’s the guy?  Is that a drink in his hand?  Are they at some sort of party?

Questions, questions, questions.  Answers coming your way in less than a month!

June 5, 2016: More Dark Matter And Stargate Bts Pics!

We’ll be kicking the season off at the Hyperion-8 detention facility where the crew of The Raza will be making all sorts of new friends (?).  Pictured above, actors Alex Mallari Jr., Ronnie Rowe, and Mike Dopud are let out of their cells for lunch, exercise, and the shooting of one scene from the Dark Matter season premiere.

June 5, 2016: More Dark Matter And Stargate Bts Pics!

A selection of shivs and shanks for the discerning inmate.

June 5, 2016: More Dark Matter And Stargate Bts Pics!

First shot, first day, first episode – Dark Matter season 2.

Well, it’s great to be back in Vancouver, visiting some of our favorites places: Granville Island, Seafood City, The Vancouver Olive Oil Company, Beta5 Chocolates, White Dwarf Books, The Book Warehouse, Pete’s Meat, La TaqueriaThe Vancouver Farmers’ Markets.  For starters.  I have a full week, seven glorious days of R&R before the Dark Matter writers’ room reconvenes to break season 3!

June 5, 2016: More Dark Matter And Stargate Bts Pics!

And, continuing my tour through the Stargate vault with more awesome James Robbins concept art. June 5, 2016: More Dark Matter And Stargate Bts Pics!The Wraith Keeper.

June 5, 2016: More Dark Matter And Stargate Bts Pics!

And a view from within the submerged City of Atlantis – “Rising I”.

16 thoughts on “June 5, 2016: More Dark Matter and Stargate BTS pics!

  1. My “niece” looks very good in that blonde shag wig. Nice shade choice.

  2. Five as a blonde? Nice look!

    Prison accessories! Gotta love them. It’s a wonder they have any teeth left after turning there toothbrushes into a shank.

    Ditto, I miss Atlantis too!

    On a side note, was watching the SyFy channel over the weekend and what did I spy with my little eye? A Dark Matter countdown trailer!

  3. I think of Das when I see all the wraithy pictures, I hope she is enjoying them!
    Jodelle looks fetching as a blonde.

  4. I like the shivs and shanks. I sometimes paint with a purple toothbrush very much like number 2 (and it it splattered with black), and the metal thingys look like the large dental tweezers in my art caddy. I think my whole art caddy could probably outfit a flock of renegades and desperados. Looks like the denizens of the prison raided the arts and crafts supply locker.

  5. Jodelle looks good as a blond. I don’t know who the guy is. Looks like some kind of party. Maybe Jodelle will get to interrogate the strawberries. 😉 Let’s see who remembers that line. 🙂

    SGA, Oh what could have been…. 🙁 I wish y’all had the budget to put Atlantis on another type of planet. The possibilities were endless! Oh well…

    What direction is your life taking? You talked about selling, making a spin-off show and hinted at projects in L.A.. Anything you can share with us?

    Kathy C.: Thanks for the RSVP rant! Everyone of us could use a reminder about that. Did you have the party yet?

  6. Food glorious food, can’t wait for those Van food pics. I’m loving these prison jumpsuits; though I’m guessing you have to be super fit like Alex, Mike and Ronnie make it look good. There is something distressing about brightly colored shiny shivs. Won’t look at my purple toothbrush the same.

  7. @baterista9 You are so right! Every time I see that photo I still cant get over how grown up and sexy Jodelle looks with that long blonde hair.<3

    @Kathy C . Sorry to hear what happened with graduation party invites. Had a similar experience about 10 years ago while helping organize a baby shower for a friends daughter.

  8. Although I have the fondest of memories of Star Gate Atlantis, as well as all 5 yrs. of episodes on DVD, “The Rising I & II” remains my absolute favorite of epps. Probably because that was my introduction to another fabulous Star Gate journey following the already fabulous journey with Star Gate SG-1. Meeting the new characters and seeing those Atlantis sets for the first time was just awesome.

    Looking forward to Dark Matter S2 on July 1st and am spreading that news too!


  9. Hi Joseph,

    I am a huge fan of your work, stargate sg1, Atlantis and Universe are my favourite shows alongside Star Trek. Star Trek had such a wonderful message that there is a place in the future for everyone LGBT, gender and any race. You have wonderfully diverse cast in Dark Matter, strong lead women and different races. May I ask, do you have any plans to include a LGBT character in the show, please? It’d just mean so much to see that we’re a part of that universe too. Anyway, dark matter is brilliant and congratulations on season 2.

    All the best,


  10. Party is the 18th @tam and @Drea. Still trying to get people to let me know if they are coming. I sent FB messages to a bunch; I can see they read them. But no reply. Seriously? Why is it so difficult to say yes or no? Or at least an “I’m not sure yet” would be better than nothing.

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