May 7, 2016: Shaun Sipos Joins The Cast Of Dark Matter!

The official announcement came yesterday over on  Actor Shaun Sipos joins the cast of Dark Matter.  Here’s the article:

Shaun Sipos Joins Dark Matter

Sipos will play Devon, a once world class surgeon, who is haunted by a dark past that may pose a danger to himself and his fellow crew members.

Sipos.  Sipos.  Now why does that name sound familiar?

Oh, yeah!  Shaun’s sister, Jessica, played Tash, the mercenary with the weird sibling bond, back in the show’s first season (Episodes 210-211).

Having worked with both, I can personally attest to the fact that Shaun and Jessica share clear genetic predispositions.  They’re both terrific actors, exceedingly charming, and two of the nicest people you could ever hope to spend time with.

Tonight’s the Dark Matter wrap party.  I’m off to limber up for my treacherous signature dance moves (Professional dancer on closed dance floor.  Do not attempt to duplicate, re-create, or perform the same or similar dance moves.), so I leave you with a few mysterious set pics from the show’s upcoming second season:

May 7, 2016: Shaun Sipos Joins The Cast Of Dark Matter! May 7, 2016: Shaun Sipos Joins The Cast Of Dark Matter! May 7, 2016: Shaun Sipos Joins The Cast Of Dark Matter! May 7, 2016: Shaun Sipos Joins The Cast Of Dark Matter!May 7, 2016: Shaun Sipos Joins The Cast Of Dark Matter!

20 thoughts on “May 7, 2016: Shaun Sipos joins the cast of Dark Matter!

  1. There darn well better be video tomorrow of the “signature dance moves”. 🙂

    Could catch on: “What dance are you doing? it’s amazing!” “It’s called ‘The Mallozzi!!'”

  2. Oow please get someone to video your amazing dance floor moves! Pleeeze?!

  3. Hope everyone has fun at the wrap party.

    Great mysterious pics and not long to wait to find out how they all fit into Season 2 👍

  4. Oow, please get someone to video your dance floor moves! Pleeze?
    Have a great evening!

  5. Great news about Shaun Sipos. If he’s half as good as his sis’ he’ll be bril’. Doctor, aye? Dangerous to himself and fellow crew members? Ooo, how? Why??

    Mysterious photos … Mmm. First one? No idea. The third one looks a bit like a hotel corridor and the fourth looks like another prison cell. (Noooo, not again?!) Last piccy is especially tantalising….

    July 4th (UK) is toooo long away!

  6. I guess tomorrow you will be blogging about your injuries sustained while performing your treacherous signature dance moves. Congrats on the wrap! I’m sure we will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  7. Have fun at the party! <3

    Don't forget to show us whatever you decided to get the cast and crew for season 2's wrap gifts.

  8. I cannot even conceive of you dancing, let alone having signature dance moves. I think you’d have to get really drunk first. So are you planning on getting really drunk tonight?

  9. Nooo! Who turned on the Transfer Transit system? I’ve been cloned again!

    Is THAT what I originally looked like?
    Oh, ok. Not that bad then…. 😊

  10. Love this show so much can’t wait for the new series. Looking forward to all the new developments and characters. Thanks for the photos, especially the last one 🙂

  11. I can see those 2 little girls from that hotel at the end of the hallway,,,scary,. thanks for sharing all you do, and thanks to all the amazing talented people who built the sets that you share. Be good to put it all together in July. As I always say, you have the best crew, cast, writers, producers, directors, craft services, whisky/ey tasters, and anyone I left out, thank you!! Congrats and sail on smoothly!!

  12. You & everyone else deserve “one hell of a wrap party”! Hope you partied your ass off though didn’t wake up sore from all those crazy dance moves & with a headache from all the testings of miscellaneous libations.

    Nicely done, slipping a new character under the radar. Welcome Shaun Sipos! Brilliant Doctor? Well, I’m sure the Raza crew could use a MD, and who among that crew doesn’t have a haunted, secret past?

    Don’t forget to call your mother on Sunday!

  13. Party? Hope it was a blast!

    Drea: Thanks for the donation link! I’ve been watching the fire news, and it’s so terrible! I hope Patricia and her family are all safe.

    Doesn’t Articgoddess live in Alberta too? Has anyone heard from her?

    Is it Mother’s day in Canada? Happy Mother’s day to all!

    Welcome Shawn!!!

  14. Hm-m… something tells me Joe’s famous dance moves will never see the light of this blog. Perhaps due to “technical difficulties” or a random act of sabotage of the footage. Just say’in.

    I’m curious to see how the DM story lines in Season 2 will carry so many talented actors. I suspect just from the chosen episode titles we’ve picked that S2 will be one rambunctious ride!

    The set snapshots look phenomenal.

    Impatiently waiting for the July 1, 10pm ET premiere…

  15. 😳 Shaun, not Shawn. That makes three ways I’ve seen it spelled (Sean was one).

  16. @Tam Happy Moms Day and to all our moms everywhere! xo

    Patricia lives couple towns southeast downwind from Fort Mac, About 60-80 miles I think?. Last thing she tweeted was her concern about having to evacuate on Friday. Then, nothing. No chatter or replies. Her co-bloggers at worm hole riders wished her safe but received no reply and that was that.

    Wind was traveling pretty fast the other day and she’d mentioned the fire was heading straight for her area. Wish I knew name of the burb where she resides so I could check if residents there have indeed evacuated.

    I think I’ll go ask her fellow bloggers at worm hole. She may have gotten in touch with one of them via DM or phone.

    I’ll let ya know if I find anything out.

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