It’s the end of another season of Dark Matter and I can’t help but consider it a bittersweet conclusion to another fantastic year.  On the one hand, I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished and am looking forward to a little time off.  On the other hand, I’m genuinely going to miss my extended family, this cast and crew, with whom I’ve spent the better part of my days these past seven months.

Last night, we said our goodbyes in fine style with drinks, dance, drinks, food, and drinks…

May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
Noreen shows off her spaceship purse.
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
Brianna and Matt
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
DOP Craig Wright looking dapper.
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
Alison and Akemi ready to party.
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
Akemi samples the refreshments.
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
Jean and Rowena
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
Anastasia and Jeff (aka Lieutenant Anders)
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
Norman sports his team colors.
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
Ellen and Adam
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
Zoie and Akemi
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
Lindsay and Vanessa
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
The Ferland sisters: Jodelle and Marisha
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
Melissa, Ivon and Brett
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
Roxanne and David
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
Jodelle and Mackenzie
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
Joe and Noreen
May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter Wrap Party!
Ready for bedtime

22 thoughts on “May 8, 2016: The Dark Matter wrap party!

  1. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Though show runners dont get to head home quite as soon as the cast I bet Akemi has the whole family’s bags packed already, eh! 🙂

    @Tam Dont know if you got my other message? (under yesterdays blog).
    I sent a message to Kenn @wormholeriders to ask if anyone has heard from Patricia since Friday. No reply yet. Will keep ya updated.

    ~Happy Mothers Day To All Our Moms!~

  2. I forgot to say thanks for the Twitter shout out the other day, Joe. Definitely a surprise. 🙂 And thanks for the birthday greeting last month.

    @Drea Just wanted to be sure you saw that I did thank you for the good thoughts about my wrist. Posted that comment on the May 6th entry. Organization is obviously not my strong suit, but manners count for a lot. *sheepish grin*

    The Fort Mac fire is frightening. I hope those who live in the area are safe and that it rains a lot to help put it out. I’m in Saskatchewan but not that far from the Montana border. We are also in an extreme fire risk area because it’s so dry, but it is supposed to rain the next three days. Hope it rains a lot everywhere that it’s needed.

  3. Here’s update on Fort Mac Fire for anyone interested.

    100,000 have evacuated to safety, thus so far.
    1600+ homes/ structures destroyed by fire at last count estimate. (this does not include # of vehicles destroyed). New damage assessment will probably come in a few days.
    The fire, continues to grow and is now aprox 20 miles outside of Saskatchewan. It is expected to reach their border sometime tomorrow.


    Please say a prayer for Patricia @ArcticGoddess. If she has not already evacuated am sure they will be ordering an official evacuation of her neighborhood soon.

  4. @Zoe Hi. Saw that. Apologies for not replying, sooner. The Fort Mac fire has kept me pretty busy/distracted these last couple days. And no worries. Although the fire continues to grow and is now 20 miles from Saskatchewan border it should continue to be safe where you are, especially with rain overhead next few days.

    Hope your first day back to work isnt too painful on your wrist. xo

  5. Looks like everyone had a great time. Lots of smiles!

    Prayers up to all those effected by the fire!

  6. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Congratulations on the wrap. I am really looking forward to seeing season 2 and hoping for a season 3. It would be nice to be able to live tweet. We’ll see how my schedule goes.

  7. So now that I caught up, there were just a few things I needed to say that weren’t cleared up in later posts:

    @Drea Glad to hear you are going to live. That is fantastic news. Sorry I missed the great news when you broke it.

    @DP Congrats on the new app. How is it doing?

    @TamDixon That Dr. Jo quote is very insightful and true (mourning before acceptance of change).

    @TamDixon Thanks for the hugs and you did ask about Patrick. I completely left him off the “holy cow what is going ON in my life post.” His weird facial tics are subsiding. No more weird seizures outside of the other ones he has. He still has lost a mysterious 17 pounds and I need to get an appointment scheduled for him so we can look into this.

    @Drea Thanks for the thoughts and gentle hugs. I had to work from 6:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and I caught a stupid cold. I came home, got into my PJ’s, took some homeopathic cold tablets, got some hot cocoa, got some stuff off the DVR and now I’m catching up here. Jeff got me a beautiful card that made me cry. I asked Patrick for a hug but he pushed me away (typical—didn’t actually hurt my feelings because I’m used to it, but it made me laugh). Dad is the preferred parent – he goes on lots of errands/car rides with him and he doesn’t make him do stuff like the enforcer mom is. That’s okay. I was the preferred parent when he was younger.

    @glowyzoey Good luck tomorrow with work and your wrist.

  8. PBMom: 17lbs? Oh my! Good luck at the Dr.’s! I’m so glad you had that DVR day. Bless Jeff!

    Drea: So ArcticGoddess IS Patricia? Call me clueless. 🙄
    Thanks for the updates. I’ve never been in a natural disaster like they’re going through. Terrible! Those Alberta people have to be tough to live in the extreme winters though. That toughness will serve them well!

    Glowyzoey: Praying for the rain and I hope your wrist is better!

    Dr Jo update: She spiked a fever last night and is back in the hospital. Last I heard, Wednesday is her last radiation day. I hope this fever doesn’t set her back.

    I was dragging this morning. Swam a mile in the pool and came out with an optical migraine. Anyone here get optical/visual migraines? Major weird but gone now.

  9. Akemi looks fabulous! What a good looking cast, congrats on Season 2, I’m ready to watch Syfy! Feel free to sneak peek ep 201 anytime. Like now.

    Meanwhile I managed to forget my bra in the laundromat, I feel like I left my kid at Wal-Mart. The relationship between a girl and her bra is sacrosanct, and now I’m worried that random weirdos are dancing around with my bra on their head.

    Spent the weekend binging Lost Girl season 5, my question for Zoie if there is still time is how is it to be in one costume for long periods after having the vast wardrobe on Lost Girls? And how is it learning the cool fight choreography for DM?

  10. Been watching the Transfer Transit of Mercury today thru a school telescope
    … fascinating……. small … 😶.

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