Tomorrow will mark the last Tuesday of the Dark Matter season 2 production schedule.  Where has the time gone?  It feels like only yesterday we were in Vancouver convening the writers’ room –


Back at a time when season 2 and the Trump presidency seemed so impossibly faraway.  And now look at us.


Finally, after many months of spinning, writing, prepping, shooting, and slaving over a hot editor, the end is in sight.  And once I finish my final edit at the end of May and get through a few mixes, I’ll be flying back to Vancouver for some much needed R&R – Research and Review as I prepare to beat out Dark Matter’s third season.  Juuuust kidding…

I’ve already started beating out the show’s third season.  I’ve got the major arcs, series and character, as well as many of the stories.  And, this morning, I just finished breaking the season 3 premiere.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Instead, let me get ahead of myself while you all relax and check out the show’s second season premiering in early July wherever all fine science fiction shows are aired.


Another little something in the works for our finale.

So, over on my alt. @DarkMatter_show twitter account, the BTS pics continue to come fast and furious…

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.56.51 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.57.21 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.59.02 PM

If you’re not following, you’re missing out!

Meanwhile, over on Reddit, I posted this little goodie on the scifi sub-reddit:

And, for the Stargate-minded, this informative write-up of The 4 Best Atlantis Scripts I Never Got To Write! over on the Stargate sub-reddit of course.

This week’s highlights going forward: the mix, the ambush, and the knife fight!

P.S. My friend Carl Binder’s show, Houdini and Doyle premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on FOX.  Check it out!

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Love the Marauder! Sad that season 2 is wrapping up, I gotta say. That means our BTS goodies are going to be wrapping up too. I’m sure you have lots of goodies awaiting in the camera, tho? Right? Just say yes…LOL

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

Extremely saddened to know this is the final week of production but giddy with anticipation for the season 2 premier in July. As always, love the pics. Is that a new Transfer Transit pod or is the Raza crew catching some artificial rays in space? That darkened hallway is intriguing, doesn’t look like the Raza’s hallways. Five is rocking Three’s Bubba gun.


Sorry to hear things are wrapping up in Toronto, but then you’ll be back in Vancouver. wink Like all the BTS pics. smile I was browsing Barnes and Noble site for an anthropology related book that I had as a textbook, and I found Dark Matter S1 DVD and Blu-ray up for pre order. Will have to wait to order.

I’m in the process of changing blog hosting sites, so I’ll “be around”.


Found a cable channel “Comet” that is running episodes of sg-1 and sgu. Even.though I do own all the DVD sets, this is nice to turn to and watch.


Back at a time when season 2 and the Trump presidency seemed so impossibly faraway. And now look at us.

As We say in da U.S -Bite Your tongue young man!!

You best hope Trump doesn’t manage to bribe enough people to get elected Joe Or this crazy greek-science-ballerina-geek is likely to be your new Vancouver neighbor!

oops There Goes The Neighborhood! grin


@Tam So sorry to hear poor Jo is having to endure yet even more of an already impossibly long hard battle. Am sure she must have received at least one of my cards by now. I do hope it at least brought her some tiny shred of comfort knowing everyone far and wide is sending love and good energy her way and rooting for our worlds’ warrior princess to emerge fully victorious from this.

@JeffW: If you happen to be reading this while in Castelleto maybe you can take a couple quick pics of the local neighborhood where ever you are and post it for us here on the blog. Though I’ve NS101 users who are local to that area, I’ve never been to Castelleto, myself either so it’d be fun to check it out.


Every other country around the world is collectively shaking their heads and wondering how the Trump thing got so far.

It’s really late… Early for you…all the best for the home stretch…thanks for the photo 😍 Awww the Vancouver days.

What will happen to all of your furniture?

Cheers, Chev

Star_Climber (@Star_Climber)

Aww, wrapping up on season 2. Gonna miss the updates and speculations and theories what is what etc. but gonna enjoy finding it out in season 2. Love the BTS pictures on twitter, keep them coming. smile


Wow, final week of shooting!
What will this Season’s finale have in store, I wonder?

I’m enjoying reading your posts on Reddit, I will have to get used to its format and maybe participate one day. When/what time will you have your AMA on there?

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

There aren’t any good candidates. sad I’m going to look at the green party this election.

bambamfans: I think Trump’s gotten this far because he knows how to “Play” his audience and the press loves to egg him on. I’m one of the head shakers. For some reason, this election reminds me of that boat naming campaign, “Boaty McBoatface”? It started out as a joke but…..

Thanks Drea! She hasn’t been contacting me as much lately. The radiation treatments are pretty brutal and they keep her well medicated. However, yesterday’s update: the surgeon said that the tumor is dying (that’s what’s erupting from the skin) but they can’t do the surgery until the radiation is complete. So that big hunk of tumor has to stay for a couple more weeks. I hate that it has to stay but it is dying, so…. I’m counting that has good news.

I missed ” Houdini and Doyle ” but I’ll look for a replay. The previews look good!
I’m enjoying “Blindspot” too!

This season of DM has gone fast! Have you made any life changing decisions about the house? Your job path?


Season 3
. mmm
. Sounds sooo good!

Diana Goodrich

I love the photo of “the little girl with the great big gun”. I have missed seeing No.5 carrying that shoulder-cannon in Season 1. Is the photo shown again as a tease that does not happen again. [OK, Ok, I do not expect you to answer. Ah well… .]