“Easy to root for” is a term Dark Matter Supervising Producer Ivon Bartok introduced me to years ago.  It was in reference to actor Brian J. Smith (SGU‘s Lieutenant Matthew Scott) on the heels of his Tony Award nomination for his Broadway performance in The Glass Menagerie.  “Easy to root for” in that Brian, in addition to being incredibly talented, was simply just a straight-up good-hearted, down-to-earth, sweet-natured guy.  We were happy for his success because it seemed an appropriate karmic payoff for a guy who had been nothing but positive, pleasant, and downright gracious during our years working with him on Stargate: Universe.

Flash-forward four years and the term comes to mind again in relation to actress Melanie Liburd who, in addition to her role in the upcoming sixth season of Game of Thrones, joins the crew of The Raza in Dark Matter’s second season as the mysterious Nyx Harper.  “She’s like the nicest person on the planet!”texted Zoie Palmer and I have a hard time arguing that statement of fact.

Today, Melanie, Akemi and I got together for a long-overdue meal.  We did dim-sum, got in some shopping, chatting, and capped our afternoon with a visit to Toronto’s premiere chocolate shop, Soma, for a major chocolate infusion.


Melanie shows off her lobster dumpling…that’s actually shaped like a tiny lobster.


Akemi and Melanie prepare to descend on dessert.  The calm before the snacking storm!

Can’t wait for you to finally meet her when Dark Matter season 2 premieres (July 1st on @Syfy, @Syfy_Spain, and @SpaceChannel; July 2nd on @SyfyAU, July 4th on @SyfyUK, and July 11th on @SyfyDE).

Speaking of the new season, I have a conference call next with Bipasha Ghosh and the rest of the Syfy International marketing teams to discuss plans for you, the fans.  And, oh, what plans we have!

This week, we head into the home stretch in what promises to be a season full of shocks, surprises and BIG pivotal moments.  What’s to come?  Well, here’s a hint…


If you’re not following @DarkMatter_show on twitter, you’re missing out on oodles of amazing BTS pics like these…


Jodelle and Alex support each other during read-thru.


The sassiest android in space!

Lately, I’ve also been spending time on reddit’s Stargate sub-reddit where I’ve been reposting some of my most popular Stargate-related entries.  So far:

Stargate Memories: My Journey Through the Gate – In which I detail my journey from animation writer to joining one of television’s most successful scifi franchises.

My Top 10 Favorite Stargate Episodes – Self-explanatory.  #1 may surprise you.

The Top 10 Best Stargate Episode Titles – In my opinion.

Top 10 Running Gags in SG-1 – From blue jello to whatever’s in O’Neill’s mug.

It’s been a lot of fun.  If you’re interested in reading about some of the BTS action on Stargate, subscribe to the subreddit.  I’ll be uploading daily entries moving forward!

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Welcome to to club Melanie!! We’re happy to have you!

I keep forgetting about Reddit. Will try to be better, I promise!

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Lunch with two gorgeous ladies! You’re a lucky man. smile

Welcome Melanie !!! Any chance of Brian making a DM appearance?

Gforce: Gorgeous picture yesterday!


Yes, welcome, Melanie, and I really *really* hope that Brian makes a little trip to “Dark Matter”, when he’s not bust with “Sense8” that is smile


Writing DARK MATTER July 1st onto my calendar. WOHOOO!


Soma chocolates, definitely #nomnom

Teaser photo! One of the ‘BIG pivotal moments? Five and Six 🤔

Looking forward to hearing the outcome of the call to Bipasha Ghosh!

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

Continue to enjoy the BTS pics!

That chocolate looks delicious! Did you take some home?

Welcome Melanie!


One thing I have observed in Season 1 is don’t make Android mad. Ahhh who’s got da sad faaace, who’s got da sad faaace…

Yes, would love to relax with a hot cup of Soma’s Maya! Dum som one of my favorites too. You did not have lunch as Zoei’s across the street?

Melanie (like the name) is a lovely addition to DM world. Can’t wait to see her in action. I just picked up the DVD set of S5 GoT. I declared to myself this would be the last season so I might not see her work in that show.

Looks like Ameki and Melanie have similar rings, hmmm.


@Joe Glad to see you finally got a chance to get to know Melanie. smile

@Tam Hope Jo is doing a little better this week? What did her doc say? Is she going to be able to return home in a couple wks?? xo

@PonyTail Be sure to let us know how your dad likes his new chair!


Big pivotal moments …. ooow, is Boxy gonna save Six and Five from the Blue Bloke creeping up behind them?!

As always, great BTS photos.
Cute picture of Jodelle n Alex. They both look flaked out!
Ooo, and the Android with the ‘You lookin’ at me, matey’ attitude. Great!!

Sorry Joe …. just a teensy request, if it’s not too late to ask … when you speak with Bipasha Ghosh et al, please, please, pretty please, could you ask them not to show Dark Matter so early that it has to get sooo edited to pieces that some sequences totally miss their meaning and that they don’t show ‘an Avid cut version (24/25 fps)’ which makes the Raza’s jump to light speed kangaroo hop across the screen like a learner driver … please?
Its only later, much later, on catch-up tv, you actually see the really brilliant version of Dark Matter!

Sorry, rant over!

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Drea: Thanks for asking about Jo. The tumor on her cheek is huge! The only chemo that might work isn’t but the radiation IS stopping the growth. When she last contacted me, she said the dr was going to schedule another surgery to remove the tumor this week or next. Getting that huge mass off of her cheek should make her feel better. The dr’s are upping the radiation treatments. It’s going to be more than a couple of weeks. sad
In hindsight, they should have started treatment immediately after the first surgery. This tumor is so aggressive that it caught them by surprise. Dr Jo is being so brave about it though. She texted this: “I look at my warrior princess picture and mourn the face I’ll never have again. Then I try to move on. I think you always have to mourn changes to be able to move on.”


What are they putting in the water up north that makes everyone so ridiculously good looking? I’m guessing its the maple syrup, which means I need more trips to iHop.


Reading these favorite lists makes me really want to do yet another rewatch of Stargate (SG1 and SGA). Why can’t I be paid to do nothing but watch TV?! wink

Diana Goodrich

[[ I mentally dig my toe in the ground, look down and clench my teeth. Having watched a sporting event which took place in Oz, one does not “root” for someone else. Just as in parts of England, if you are “on the job” you are NOT working unless you are a prostitute. Urk! I am open to being corrected if I have missed another meaning for “cheer”, but “Easy to cheer for” might be “safer”.
This situation does not hold a candle to the TV show titled “Joanie Loves Cha-Chi”. Viewership was astronomical in at least one SE Asian country until it became clear Cha-Chi was a guy’s name, not “phallus” in general. Yikes! ]]