April 30, 2016: Bring Your Daughter To Work Day On Dark Matter!  And More Premiere Dates!

This past Thursday was Bring Your Daughter to Work day on Dark Matter.  As a result Lulu had the run of the place.  Pictured above, seconds before she launched missiles on that Ferrous Corp cruiser.

April 30, 2016: Bring Your Daughter To Work Day On Dark Matter!  And More Premiere Dates!

Then, later, calling dibs on her new quarters.  Looks like hereonin THREE will be sleeping in the infirmary.

She also swung by the wardrobe department to see what Costume Designer Noreen Landry and her crew were working on.  As it turned out, quite a bit…

April 30, 2016: Bring Your Daughter To Work Day On Dark Matter!  And More Premiere Dates!

This military-style jacket in progress.

April 30, 2016: Bring Your Daughter To Work Day On Dark Matter!  And More Premiere Dates!

 This could be trouble!

April 30, 2016: Bring Your Daughter To Work Day On Dark Matter!  And More Premiere Dates!

Han-Shireikan’s gorgeous outfit.


Soon.  Soon.

Speaking of which…

April 30, 2016: Bring Your Daughter To Work Day On Dark Matter!  And More Premiere Dates!

Hurrah!  Another season premiere announcement!  Watch for Dark Matter’s return to Syfy_Spain on July 1st!

April 30, 2016: Bring Your Daughter To Work Day On Dark Matter!  And More Premiere Dates!

And one more! Dark Matter makes its season 2 premiere on SyfyAU July 2nd!

23 thoughts on “April 30, 2016: Bring Your Daughter to Work Day on Dark Matter! And more premiere dates!

  1. I suspect the presence of Lulu on the set is no accident. Could we have a new addition to the crew? I’m sure she’ll be able to do her own stunts and all

  2. Sweet pictures…starring Lulu.
    Hope to get more of the cast to autograph my Dark Matter Book.
    Got Zoie last year at Dragon Con. Hopeful for 2016 Dragon con to get autos from Anthony, Jodelle, and Roger.
    Sure hope Melissa and Mark may be able to attend as well….wheeeeeee
    Would be cooool if you and Akemi can go to Atlanta the Sept 1 weekend too.
    BUT…are you planning a trip to Japan?
    oh well…I can dream

  3. Well, it looks to me like Lulu’s the new Bosslady … Does Two know?

    Those suits are really snappy!
    Great job Noreen and team 😎

  4. I wish I could click my magic sneakers’ heels three times and get a chance to work on “Dark Matter” 😉 Ah well, someday!!!

  5. Love Noreen’s costumes.
    And Han-Shireikan, you say…….How many days until Season 2 premiere? Which episode will we find out about Han-Shireikan?

    Go Lulu #RazaMascot

  6. Lulu looks right at home on set. She’s a natural!! Maybe a guest appearance, as leader of a civilization on a remote planet somewhere?

  7. Lulu!

    Seriously, she needs a role on the show. I mean other than her namesake weapon, of course! Also, a couple of space pugs!

    Summer must be on its way – the new Galactic Authority line is out! Black is always fashionable.

    So it’s what, just two months until premiere? *rounds around in circles with excitement*

  8. Meant to add – had a great day today kayaking with friends from work down a local river. Really nice day, BUT the water levels are very low already because of lack of snow over the Winter and lack of rain this Spring. So… we wound up dragging the boats a LOT over the first 2/3 of the trip. So many rocks!

  9. Woohoo!!! Australian premiere on July 2 means it’s the same day as the US/Canada as we’re a day ahead. Wonder why they couldn’t announce it along with the others.

    I really like those GA jackets. They might convince me to join them.

    Awesome news for Stargate fans on Twitter – Brad Wright has joined ( @BradleyWrite). He’s promoting his new show Travelers, that Stargate alum Patrick Gilmore, Ken Kabatoff, Martin Wood, Andy Mikita, Will Waring & Amanda Tapping are working on ( the last four directing episodes). It will be on Netflix.

    Cheers, Chev

  10. I’m picturing Lulu in a space suit with one of those bubble helmets. Space Pugs rule!! Nice job on the outfits/costumes as usual. I’m not liking the number of GA uniforms. That Spring ensemble looks intimidating. Who is this Han character? Digging the world wide release of Dark Matter in July!!

  11. @Maggie L80… “I’m picturing Lulu in a space suit with one of those bubble helmets.”

    I’m sure Lulu’s personal Costume Designer, Akemi, could outfit her in anything she needs for her starring role as Two & a 1/2 Boss.

  12. Joe I noticed that the Fan Expo coming up in sept will have Stan Lee, Frank Miller, William Shatner, and a good number of the Star trek actors will be attending. Have you thought about You and the crew of the Raza attending?

    Maybe set up a tour of the set for a limited number of the attendees.

    Possibly set up a Con Party Suite so fans can smooze with a few of the Dark Matter stars.

    I know I cannot be there but its always a fun time when the Baen Publishing does a suite at the Gen Con.

  13. Lulu looks like she had a grand time and I’d bet Bubba enjoyed having Akemi all to himself. 🙂

  14. Lulu looks like she did well on her diet. Hope Akemi didnt have too much trouble getting her back down to flying weight.

    @gforce The river may have been low but that blue sky certainly rates high in gorgeousness. xo

  15. gforce – Wow! What a beautiful photo (yet again!)
    Your love and appreciation for your surrounding environment shines through the images you capture. Thank you so much for sharing.

    So, please,when are you publishing the book? Seriously!

  16. I like commenting days after you post something. While it’s mainly because I only check you blog at work during my breaks and downtimes, I feel like I get a more private audience in a way. Sadly, I haven’t had as much time to read it daily as things are getting quite busy around here and downtime is practically non-existent. I tend to do more “drive-bys” recently, kind of a quick read and I’m out, thing. Just enough to keep up, but not enough time to participate like I’m used to doing. Today has a nice little lull where I’m finally able to post a quick bit.

    I call dibs on one of those jackets! Preferably in a 44-46R(depending on how the shoulders are tailored). 😉

    Ever since the day you posted about those food trucks you brought in for the crew, I haven’t stopped thinking about those Chimneys, in multiple ways: 1) I want to try one so badly, it almost hurts. 2) I want to try and make one for myself since I’ll most likely never make it to Toronto. 3) I’m trying to figure out a way to franchise them and start my own truck here because I KNOW it’d sell like gangbusters! I know easy money when I see it and this thing is a friggin’ home run. I just hope they’ve locked it up legally so some ethically absent company doesn’t blatantly steal the idea and call it some other stupid name like DonuTornados or some other crap. These OGChimney people need to be driving Bentleys to work for the good works they are doing for all of mankind! (Or, at least around the greater Toronto area….)

    Happy belated birthday to Akemi! I can’t imagine the kind of damage I could do to that box of chouquettes! I’m not normally much of a sweets person, but if it’s something pastry-based, I have been known to go a bit overboard from time to time.

    Still here,
    -Mike A.

  17. Aw!! I’m hoping for pugtastic webisodes about a space pirate named Lulu and her adventures in badlands. I love all the costumes, they are sharp and totally wearable now, I’d love one of those cool military jackets.

  18. It is likely Oz realizes that their debut date of 2 July will be following CLOSE behind 1 July debut date/times. [I am certain only of my tendency to lose track of what day it is in Oz and by the Kiwis and other locations in the Eastern hemisphere. International clock/date calendars help me only so much. At least we didn’t have to keep up with “current time” in Atlantis — truly impossible.]

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