19 thoughts on “March 22, 2016: This season puts the dark in Dark Matter!

  1. This may seem strange, but I feel like that is a perfect doctor costume. I may be a bit deranged from watching too many horror movies.

  2. @chocolate from yesterday: those bunnies are a little creepy looking, no? Or is it just me?

    Trying to make an effort to go back and read comments from the previous day; I tend to be online right around the time Joe posts, so I miss lots of comments after me.

  3. I like the sound of that, ‘the dark in Dark Matter’ !

    Great graphics again from Victor 👍

    It can’t be long now until we hear about air dates…….

  4. Teasy, teasers, Joe!
    Think I recognise person hiding behind mask in #1 photo. (Wondered when he’d be reappearing again 😊) Costume does look rather daunting and looks like it could maybe be worn by someone who deals with death. But how, why, where?

    Oh, no! Three with his feet up? Has all his constant eating finally caught up with him? Hope it’s not too serious ….

    And those people, constantly standing in the way! Could you please request future scenes be shot on closed sets?

    Do like the graphics ‘Infiltration and Corruption’ by Victor Mare.

  5. I was doing printed circuit board GPS RF track layout all morning, so the bloody circuit board progression from Mr. Mare was strangely apropos. If Victor wants some more complex circuitry layouts, let me know and I’ll send some along.

    And lately, my everyday life details are bleeding over into my dreams at night (is that a sign of stress?) So after viewing “Infiltration and Corruption” and having had a day of microwave strip trace design, my dreams tonight should be strange indeed.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Peter DeLuise’s work on screen later this year. He always struck me as a “high energy” style of director…should be fun!

  6. Ever since Toronto Comicon I have been in a perpetual FanGasm! All these teasers & inside info is great, but it is killing me! Season 2 cannot start soon enough.

  7. @The stuff of nightmares – from the Dark Matter costume department.

    Looks more like a Scifi style ninja outfit to me! Definately something someone would wear into combat. Saying that, a weapon like a katana on the back would look really cool.

  8. Awesome “costume”! Definitely a nightmare in waiting! I’m picturing Jeffrey Combs circa The Frightners, The House on Haunted Hill. Disturbing!

    Peter Deluise directs while Anthony Lemke sleeps.

    Infiltration and Corruption…we talking about the Nixon era or a computer virus?? Nice graphic.

  9. @KathyC Just a wee bit of ‘dark’ chocolate humour for Dark Matter’s dark season 2. 😎

    @Tam @Gary @Hilda @Chev. Thanks.
    As frustrating exhausting and disappointing as my Monday was, my Tuesday actually proved to be Awesome Fun!!
    I got to help coordinate and participate in an artificial intelligence workshop for ages 10-15. OMG!!! Some of the A.I’s the kids invented were so scary brilliant! I shudder at the thought of what they might invent over the next 10-20 yrs!
    @Hilda sending prayers for your mother in law.

    By the way: Has anyone heard from our Carol @2cats lately?

  10. Hmmmm….Ah, Geez! Joe! Why do ya always take what I say
    so dang literally, eh!

    What’s with the blood filled circuit board?!

    When I said I was just gonna keep teasing ya and instigating until you finally break down and come on over to the dark side …. You do realize…..uh…… this isnt ….uh…….. what I had in mind, dont ya?. :

    …or was it? mawahahahaha! :-O

    Blog regulars 4 life. ~Because we’re dangerous!~

  11. As for today already being Wednesday,
    with only 3 days left till the weekend

    I can only say




    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  12. @Drea: That AI workshop sounds like it would be a lot of fun! I always say that the stereotype of the average teenager is just that – a stereotype. Most I have met in recent years are interesting and actively engaged in issues and pursuits that are important to them. It really gives me hope for the future.

    As far as chocolate parties go, I think our wonderful host should invite us all in person to a big blog festival/meet up/chocolate party! 🙂

  13. Lemme guess, Peter is saying “No, BIGGER!”, right?

    Something tells me he and Lemke get a long real fine. I don’t know what it is, they just seem like they’d be buds. 😉

    -Mike A.

  14. Hi all! {waves} I have been reading each day, just do not always have something to add. No worries…

    After seeing that image close up of “Devious goings-on”, I wonder how do the actors manage to maintain their composure, remember their lines, take direction, make their marks… all while a host of camera, sound and others stand mere inches from them? I’d be unnerved.

    An actor I shall never be… but I can write their words to speak!

    Happy Wednesday all!


  15. You always have these creepy masks in Dark Matter. Love it. The infiltration & corruption sequence was awesomely creepy.

    @Drea That does sound like a lot of fun. Thanks for the prayers for my MIL. Don’t have any updates as of yet.

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