Kaboom! We have now completed two-thirds of the shooting schedule for season 2 of Dark Matter.  Granted, in comparison, we’ve finished only a little over half the edits, less than 15% of the visual effects, hardly any of the mixes – but still, the heavy lifting has been done.  And, late last week, I completed a first draft of Episode 212, an episode that, I suspect, will raise more than a few eyebrows on set.  #OhdaaaamnThatdidNOTjusthappen!

(Kaboom graphic by artist Victor Mare)

March 21, 2016: Kaboom!  2/3 Of The Way Through Production On Dark Matter Season 2!

March 21, 2016: Kaboom!  2/3 Of The Way Through Production On Dark Matter Season 2!

Whoa whoa whoa.  Not so fast, guys.  Not so fast.

March 21, 2016: Kaboom!  2/3 Of The Way Through Production On Dark Matter Season 2!

Ivon and I were rewarded for all of our work (him for writing Episode 209, me for just being me) by longtime blog reader Maryanne who sent us a treat pack chock full o’ Aussie goodies and assorted pug paraphernalia.  Thanks!

March 21, 2016: Kaboom!  2/3 Of The Way Through Production On Dark Matter Season 2!

Good news!  Reddit and I are friends again thanks to the timely intervention of some helpful moderators.  I’ve been fielding some Stargate-related queries there (most of which involve me breaking the bad news that MGM holds the rights to the franchise and is clearly in no rush to bring back our beloved shows) over the past few days and will continue to survey the sub-reddits for Stargate and Dark Matter questions and comments, intriguing SF conversations, and hilarious marching band gifs.

March 21, 2016: Kaboom!  2/3 Of The Way Through Production On Dark Matter Season 2!

Well look who’s in town.  If it isn’t Dark Matter co-creator Paul Mullie and Dark Matter actor (Sorry, scratch that.  I’m not supposed to say anything until the official announcement) Mike Dopud.  Note the crazed look in Paul’s eye, symptomatic of a guy who has spent way too much time on set.

March 21, 2016: Kaboom!  2/3 Of The Way Through Production On Dark Matter Season 2!

Hey, look!  It’s Spiderman!  Ha ha!  Just kidding.

March 21, 2016: Kaboom!  2/3 Of The Way Through Production On Dark Matter Season 2!

On the other hand…

38 thoughts on “March 21, 2016: Kaboom! 2/3 of the way through production on Dark Matter season 2!

  1. Love TimTams! The caramel are my favorite. I recently found them in the Easter aisle at Target. We’ve purchased about a dozen packages so far…there is only 8-9 cookies inside each, so if all 4 of us each 2 it’s empty.

    1. @KathyC – either original or double coat are my favourites. The Value Pack of originals are the best… Twice as much.

      Cheers, Chev

  2. So what were the terms of your reddit resurrection? Did you have to promise to quit linking to your blog, or something silly like that? And what on Earth is reddit gold membership? You don’t actually PAY for that, do you?

    Where are the puppies off to?

  3. In relative timeframe terms, how far into the schedule are you now, in comparison to Season 1?

    What’s with TimTams? 🤔
    Will the ‘raising of a few eyebrows’ have a similar effect to ‘the mole revelation’?

    We WILL get confirmation of Mike Dopud……..eh, before the new Season airs? 😋

    1. @ceresis64 – TimTams are awesome! Wherever I send them, people love them. This time I sent them to the crew for their hard work on Ivon’s first episode.

      Cheers, Chev

  4. That was so sweet of Bambamfan! I’m not surprised though. She’s a great lady.

    Do the dogs think it’s time to go back home? Very cute! I wonder how long they would have stayed like that, if it was “your” idea to put them in there? If they were cats, then you wouldn’t even have a chance to take the photo.

    Any news on Drea?

  5. Why are the pups in the luggage? I think they want to back home! I don’t blame them – Vancouver is so nice this time of year compared to the big snowstorm that we’re getting here. (How is in in TO anyway?) I think it’s just about over though. I’m waiting until morning to try to clean out the driveway – way too cold and windy out there.

    Good for Maryanne! She’s so cool.

    Paul always keeps such a low profile, it always kind of startles me when I see him in a picture. Like “whoa, that guy looks familiar… but who…?” 🙂 Mike D.’s participation in DM is probably the worst kept secret ever. But, at this point I’m expecting the official announcement will be when the episode airs that he’s in. Which I’m sure will be awesome, now!

  6. “If it isn’t Dark Matter co-creator Paul Mullie and Dark Matter actor (Sorry, scratch that. I’m not supposed to say anything until the official announcement) Mike Dopud.”

    Oh please Joe. Everybody knows it’s Mike Dopud. I think even your mom knows.

    Good to see Paul Mullie and his beautiful eyes again. Alex would make a great spiderman!

  7. Me thinks a couple pugs are ready for the warmer climate of Vancouver!

    Now that the cat is out of the bag, when is the network going to officially announce Mike Dopud?

  8. Mike Dopud is in one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies: “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”. So pleased to see him again. Though I only know him through guest appearances & supporting roles mostly, he leaves a lasting impression. Loved him as Gage in Battlestar Galactica. Glad he’s unofficially come aboard.

    Nice Tic Tic Ka-boom graphic. Love the pups! Enjoy your treats! And keep Four off the walls…

    Congrats on the 2/3’s milestone….there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

  9. Nice aim! Looks like primary target hit and with secondaries as well. How serendipitous to see Mike D. I was watching SGU season 2 on the flight back. I think I like the show more a second time around.
    With Mr Dupond on set there must be some “bad ass” action coming up.

    Gforce, at this time of year in a day or two nature will take care of it, don’t you think?

  10. G’day

    Yeah for Maryanne sending TimTams. I much much prefer the original. But the Pina Colada is pretty good as is Caramel.

    Paul and Mike in one photo THUNK…

    1. @Janet – thanks… Yeah original are still my favourites… Seems like each week they bring out a new flavour. I saw Choc Banana last week..

      Cheers, Chev

  11. Good morning All! 🙂 Apologies for the delayed update. Yesterday was one heck of a looooooong day and unfortunately the happy obliteration of my pesky alien visitor had to be rescheduled until next week.
    Long, complicated, flip floppy, not so playful, story. Suffice it to say it was most definitely not of my own choosing!

    E’er just the same, today is a brand new day and brand new opportunity to feel the romance in each breath, to experience new joy
    and be reminded its so very good to be alive!

    On that note …..

    @Joe Hey! YAY! Great blog post to begin the week with! Sure sounds like there is much reason to celebrate
    and have that ‘On Set Chocolate Pot Luck Party’ with cast and crew (and fans via periscope) this weekend!

    *Your writing partner Paul Mullie is back in town. 🙂

    *Most of the heavy lifting for the season is done!. 🙂

    *You finally finished writing episode 212 and that ‘chocolate’ is apparently the devil in its details
    seems a chocolate themed party to blow off stress this Saturday
    would be playfully perfect for building intrigue about the episode, eh!. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    *Your 1st periscope of the second season has received 300+ new views in the last week since its reposting
    and views are still increasing at a healthy steady rate. 🙂

    *Your’e back on reddit.:-)

    And last but not at all least ..
    *Chev certainly gifted you with enough Tim Tams to make a decent sized
    contibution to the party! 🙂

    Say YES! <3 You know you want to! <3 It'd be a fantabulous morale booster for all and while you party with whatever cast and crew attends on set – maybe

    each one can talk a little bit about their favorite characters to work with so far this season or their fav episode so far, (excluding spoilers of course)
    which would give us fans an opportunity for a sort of impromptu live Q n A with more than one cast and/or crew member.at a time <3 <3 <3

    1. @Drea – sorry to hear about the delay in surgery.. Sending positive vibes your way…

      A chocolate party on Periscope sounds like an awesome idea 😉

      Get well soon!

  12. @Gforce I know warm hugs can’t make the snow melt, cure your insomnia or make you feel better about wearing reading glasses… but sending some your way just the same. E’er so filled with much happier thoughts for a brand new day
    xo <3 xo

  13. @Drea: Aw gee, thanks! I slept great last night and feel pretty good today, actually! And it is sunny after the big storm yesterday! Too bad about yesterday’s frustrations. Hopefully everything gets ironed out soon.

    @Duptiang – I’m hoping it melts! The sun is out today, but it’s still pretty cold. The warmth of the Sun this time of year though usually is pretty strong.

  14. <3 My gift of chocolate's laughter to all today <3

    This vid was created by the ever so talented Karsten who works at MUPUS for ESA's Philae mission. (The folks that landed on comet 67P).

    It's how Easter Bunnies are 'really' made in Switzerland!

    Watch all the way thru to vids completion to reach maximum *G impact.

    *G = giggle 🙂

  15. Good job on completing the 2/3 work on Dark Matter Season 2. I’m gonna miss the daily reports from the set when it all finishes, but then the other cool stuff like promoting, promo pics and finally the airing of season 2 will happen, so that is fine too, hehe. ^^

  16. @Drea — Bummer you have to go through this all again next week.

    @Chev Cool box of treats. I finally found a store here that carries the Arnott Tim Tams versus the Pepperidge Farm wanna-be’s. They were delicious.

    @Gforce Ugh, snow. Let the sun take care of it.

    Glad to see the smiling faces of Paul and Mike. Although everyone knew it was Mike, it is glad to have a real pic, although I’m guessing just having the picture would have been confirmation enough (of the front of his face because, well, we saw the back of his head already).

    The puppies are always adorable. Glad you got the Reddit thing all fixed (and grateful also to those who intervened for you).

    I can’t post this on my FB page because my sister-in-law told me to take down my prayer request for my mother-in-law (at her request). Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She is 87. She fractured her hip about 2 weeks ago and had a pinning done. They transferred her to rehab. There she developed a UTI and got transferred back to the hospital. The day they were going to send her back to rehab, they discovered she had a Clostridium difficile (also known as C diff) infection so they kept her at the hospital. Then they were going to discharge her back to rehab and on the exam before discharge they discovered liver masses. I have copies of her results of the CT scan they did and they look pretty large. And they said “metastatic.” Many years back they diagnosed her with myelodysplastic syndrome (which Jeff “thinks” was it but I can’t remember what he said that many years ago). Friday they did a biopsy of the liver masses. They are waiting for that pathology to come back (which will shed light on what type of cancer this is). According to her tests she has a few other things going on as well that are heart and lung related. Jeff’s sister, who is normally an optimist, said this was not looking good. They had to put the mom on oxygen last night and now suddenly she is sleeping more. They can’t keep her sodium up either. My heart tells me she is running out of time on this earth. Would sure appreciate the prayers for her.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law… Saying a prayer for her and your family xoxox

      Glad you found some proper TimTams


  17. The pugs are ready to go! Interesting, so Mr. Nero is on set and there are explosions, hm. Okay I have no idea what it means plotwise but I’m super happy to see the awesome Mike Dopud on DM. I’m loving the twists on Cedar Cove, I hope his CC daughters learn to get along.

    I love Spider-Man but he wouldn’t last three seconds with Four. In fact I’m concerned now, what did the Raza crew do with poor Spider-Man before Four appropriated his costume? I get the feeling Spidey is in a crate getting shipped off to Comic Book Guy for an exorbitant fee.

  18. Drea: I’m so sorry you have to repeat this! {{{Hugs}}}

    PBMom: I’ll put your MIL in my prayers. Say Hi to Narelle please!

  19. PS Will be awesome to see Mike Dopud on Dark Matter… Allegedly 😉 …Hi Paul!!! @Ponytail is right. He does have lovely eyes. All the best.. I’m going back to sleep… Zzzzz


  20. Joe, I have a coworker who is taking his parents to Vancouver for their first time. I happened to mention that I have been there and offered what information I knew and give him some pointers like tour Gastown, Chinatown, and Granville Island, etc. I also provided him with a list of restaurants that you mentioned. In researching your blog, I came across an entry from Nov. 5, 2015. It seems the pictures above are not the first time Lulu and Bubba tried to sneak into traveling containers.

  21. @bambamfans Thanks for your reply.
    That’s so cool! I think Tim Tams are available here in the UK. If so, I reckon this calls for a ‘taste’ test to sample their moreishness 👍

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