Writing can be a lonely job.  But, there are occasions, when it doesn’t have to be – when you can count on gifted individuals who can lend you the creative support you need to make your script that much better.  I’m talking about the unsung heroes: the idea board bouncers, the pitch spinners, the story breakers, the readers, the revisers, the polishers, and the critiquers…

February 27, 2016: Rules To Writing – #17!  Establish A Good Support System!

After completing a first draft of any script, I always read it aloud to Bubba and Lulu.  They are, without a doubt, my toughest critics.  Bubba is a stickler for dynamic act outs while Lulu is all over the teases and tags.  Also, anything that smells like beef.

February 27, 2016: Rules To Writing – #17!  Establish A Good Support System!

Writer’s Block is nothing to be ashamed of.  It happens to the best of us.  And, when it happens to me, I prefer to set the script aside for a while and revisit it later, with fresh eyes.  Or just hand it over to Lulu who will often stay up into the wee hours, fine-tuning dialogue.

February 27, 2016: Rules To Writing – #17!  Establish A Good Support System!

Defend your vision, but don’t be overly precious with your ideas.  A good editor will let you know when you’re getting in the way of your own writing.  Often with a look.  See above.

February 27, 2016: Rules To Writing – #17!  Establish A Good Support System!

Well, it may have been Saturday but SOME people were very busy at work.  I’m not referring to me of course but to the cast crew, photographer and his crew, Ivon Bartok, and Grand Overseer/Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza who were on set today for the Dark Matter gallery shoot.  I dropped by and caught a brief glimpse of some of the work-in-progress.  Beautiful shots.

February 27, 2016: Rules To Writing – #17!  Establish A Good Support System!

Pictured above, the newest member of our ragtag crew – that lovable rogue Domantre Von Suavington the Third.  Quick!  Update the wiki page!

32 thoughts on “February 27, 2016: Rules to Writing – #17! Establish a good support system!

  1. Some youth critics there for sure, especially the one with the pink appendages! Haha! Domantre Von Suavington the Third has a double fist full of firepower, awesome!

  2. Thanks Joe 😊 Wow!!!!!!!!!!! That is one awesome photo. Norman takes awesome photos.

    I also love the photo of you and the dogs rugged up. When does it start to get warm in Toronto?

    Are there really no script fairies? Your secret is Bubba & Lulu? They are amazing.

    Cheers, Chev

  3. I like your comment about writers block. I also don’t like to do multiple edits. I’m currently trying to set up a webpage, but I have “idea block” to start off writings and content. Any idea when Dark Matter will wrap filming?

  4. Joe, okay I believe Bubba has got your back, but Lulu….? “…will often stay up into the wee hours, fine-tuning dialogue.” Looks like she is up playing games all night to me. Look closer my friend. She’s got you snuckered. Cute hats on both of them though. 🙂

    @ KathyC and Tam – Thank you!
    @ Chev – You will never be redundant! Remember, when one door closes, another opens…
    @ maggiemayday – Hang in there! Maybe this is just going to take more time to heal.

  5. My ‘puter messed up – feel free to delete the duplicate post. But not this one! Because I wanna say that now I want to see YOU in a piggy hat! 😀


  6. Defend your vision, but don’t be overly precious with your ideas. A good editor will let you know when you’re getting in the way of your own writing. Often with a look.

    Somehow I always sensed Lulu is as wise as she is adorable.
    Well, as the old saying goes ” Behind every great man there is an even greater woman”

    And here was me thinking all this time it was Akemi. 😀

  7. @Tam Sending smiles and good thoughts to Dr Jo. Yep. I can only imagine how much her fur babies miss her and will be happy to have her home. 🙂
    Hugs n love to you n Lucy as well xo.

    @MaggieMayDay Oh No! What happened? Seemed you were making such steady progress in recovery. Sending warmest healing vibes your way. I know you have your heart set on attending Burning Man this year. Albeit as Ponytail said: Hang in there. Just means you’ll need to be a bit more patient with your recovery timeline. Am pretty sure the festival remains popular enough that it be there for at least a couple more years. (Though its not until the end of August so you may still get to go this year, eh. )

    @Chev: Ah! Chev. Bummer. I am so sorry to hear it. 🙁 Praying it all works out and something good wanders onto the career path for ya. In the meantime we’ll be here if ya need to vent. 🙂

    @PonyTail Well, I certainly know the feeling of overly long work weeks and trying to juggle it all. Your parents are truly lucky to have you. ~As are we~.. <3 <3 <3 <3 ,3 <3 <3 <3

    Hope everyone's having a good weekend! 🙂

    PS: @Kathy C I thought Gummy Bears & Jelly Babies were pretty much the same thing? Though I guess "jelly" would be slightly easier to chew, huh.
    My Brownies didnt come out as well as I'd hoped today. But am gonna try again tomorrow. Enjoying a delicious tiramisu this evening from one of the local restaurants.

  8. It was *melting* here in Winnipeg today, which means we’ll likely get another cold snap soon…. At least puppy proofers to one’s writing are less…..intrusive and desctructive than cat critics…..my cat Widget has been known to either sit on a keyboard (or walk across it whilst I write) or else use whatever I’ve either written or printed my work on as a scratching post!

  9. Joe, not that you should care, but I do believe in giving credit where credit is due. I followed the link from David Hewlett’s feed and saw you mentioned some people who used to follow your blog but disappeared. I am one of those. Loved SG1 and Atlantis but never connected with Universe and stopped visiting your blog as well. That’s why I knew nothing about Dark Matter until I stumbled over it on Netflix. Incredible!! I binge watched the whole season in a weekend and have watched it twice more since. You are talking next season – I am not sure I have caught everything that happened last season yet.

  10. No wonder Akemi keeps buying hats for Lulu & Bubba, you’re apt must be freezing! It looks like everyone else is freezing too. Is anyone warm?

    Get some fingerless gloves and keep typing…

  11. Ya know what’s good for warming up the innards when you’re cold?

    -> Hot Chocolate.

    Even better when you add your favorite liqueur to it.

    And absolute ‘perfect’ if you drink it down wearing a piggy hat.

    (…and yes, we do expect pictures) 😀

  12. Ohh that Lulu she has those ,, looks….Such terrific companions, look into those eyes for inspiration and smooth sailing will prevail. Bubba has the final say (I bet). thanks for sharing!

  13. I wonder if.. When reading to Bubba and Lulu.. You also do the voices?
    Would love to see some kind of “The Writer Reads” series on YouTube, where you read us some of the scenes from episodes past!

  14. Now the truth comes out, those amazing twists in DM were written by hard working Lulu and Bubba. I’m going to try writing swaddled from head to toe in blankets like Bubba, clearly it works for Bubba. Now if I can only find a Lilo and Stitch thinkin’ cap to go with it I’ll be set.

  15. That cold, huh? Love, love, love these pictures. I would love to copy the one with Lulu on the computer and post it to my business FB page for my “cute picture of the day.” Is that okay? Dogs are AWESOME.

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