Today, sixteen members of the press representing outlets and sites from all over America and the world, visited the set of Dark Matter to interview the cast, take a tour, and eat lemon chicken.  I was given the heads up about the junket a while back and, last week, was forwarded a preliminary schedule.  The press would be arriving at 8:30 a.m. and then leaving at 2:30 p.m.  Between then, they would interview our actors and, at some point, chat with me as well.  Among those in attendance, representatives from Syfy, NBCU, and a couple of  familiar faces (Sammi!  Michael!  Bridget!) as well.

I was asked to be there for their arrival so I could welcome them, perhaps squeeze in a quick Q&A, a set tour, and then head back to the office to do some writing. That was the plan anyway.

February 23, 2016: The Dark Matter Press Day!

Sammi Agnoff, Publicity Coordinator at Syfy, was one of the first to arrive to oversee the action.  Haven’t seen her since SDCC!  She (and her team) have been doing a terrific job of supporting the show.

February 23, 2016: The Dark Matter Press Day!

Also representing Syfy, their Manager Of Publicity – the lovely Fowzia Iranpur.

February 23, 2016: The Dark Matter Press Day!

We picked up breakfast donuts!  Alas, there were very few takers.  I assumed that, like me, most were “on the program”.

February 23, 2016: The Dark Matter Press Day!

Andrew Liptak (IO9), Tiffany Vogt (, Michael Simpson (SciFiNow) and Sarah Lewin (  We talked Dark Matter and Stargate.  But mostly Stargate.

February 23, 2016: The Dark Matter Press Day!

A rare photo of IO9’s Andrew Liptak in his early days at Stargate Command, serving as a communication officer on SG-12.

Anyways – everything went according to plan.

For about twenty minutes after which my brief Q&A became more of a Q&A&A&A as we awaited the first cast members.  I regaled the gathering with tales from Dark Matter’s first season, my time on Stargate, and was THIS close to sharing some terrific dinner party recipes when our first two actors arrived on the scene – coming in on their day off no less!

As it turned out, the schedule was a little more…flexible than we’d first assumed because the rest of the cast was down on set, actually shooting a t.v. show, and stealing them away proved a bit of a challenge.  And so, I stepped in and did my best to entertain (“Hey!  Who knows how to play I Spy?!”), fielding any leftover questions and generally doing my best to move those donuts.

For the next five hours, I was on and off.  They were a great group but I couldn’t help but feel like one of those comedians warming up the crowd before the headliner (“When’s Dane Cook getting here?!!”).

Finally, there was enough of a break in the action to allow us a quickie tour.  We headed downstairs to check out the new sets (Hyperion-8 Gen Pop, the alley way, caves, “guest ship”, and the Marauder).

February 23, 2016: The Dark Matter Press Day!

We’re heading onto a hot set.  Make sure to turn off your cell phones.  Or, yeah, just go ahead and check your twitter accounts.

February 23, 2016: The Dark Matter Press Day!

We cram into the Marauder which is undergoing a new paint job.  Two members of the press are overcome by the fresh fumes forcing the rest of us to beat a hasty retreat.

February 23, 2016: The Dark Matter Press Day!

Nothing but blue skies!

A few more interviews and then it was on to lunch.  Because of the horseshoe table layout and scarcity of seats, I was seated at the kids’ table in the center of the room where I entertained everyone by eating lemon chicken and spare ribs.  I was one fire!

February 23, 2016: The Dark Matter Press Day!

Alex Mallari Jr. (FOUR) and Anthony Lemke (THREE) on the hot seats!

February 23, 2016: The Dark Matter Press Day!

Photographic proof that Zoie Palmer (The Android) and Jodelle Ferland (FIVE) are still on the show.

Or came in for the presser on their day off to give the illusion they’re still on the show.

Sadly, due to time constraints (everyone had to catch afternoon flights out so that they could be home in time to watch an all new episode of Grandfathered), the members of the press never got a chance to tour the Raza set.

That is, of course, presuming there was a Raza set to tour and the timing wasn’t an elaborate bit of trickery on our part to misdirect the press from discovering a HUGE spoiler!

In the end, a great time was had by all.

I think.

I’m pretty sure they had a good time.

I had a good time.

I do regret not having one of those breakfast donuts.

Anyway, thanks to our publicist Mario Tassone, Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza, Catherine from NBCU, and the gang from Syfy (Sammi, Fowzia, and Arune Singh).

P.S. Much of the Q&A’s revolved around the big season one finale reveal.  The cast was asked how they found learned the news/reacted to the reveal of the mole?

Most of you have already seen this vid, but in case you missed it the first few times, THIS is how the cast found out the identity of the mole…before the last shot of the final day of main unit production:

25 thoughts on “February 23, 2016: The Dark Matter Press Day!

  1. I enjoyed it and I didn’t have lemon chicken or a donut. I definitely made up for the latter in butter, though. So British.

  2. All that and you didn’t even have ONE of the breakfast donuts? Oh, Joe. That is perhaps the one disappointing thing of that whole day. 🙂

    It does sounds like when Dark Matter final ends (as if!) you might find some work warming up the crowds pre-show for one those talk shows. You do have a way with the witty bon mots!! 🙂

    Now I’m anxious to see/read some of the results of all those interviews!

  3. What a relief that Dr. Rodney McKay did not attend. He would have been very upset about the lemon chicken.

    So awesome that you had such a great day with “The Press”. It would be wonderful if, one day, you could open up the set of Dark Matter to fans the way that the Bridge Studios sets were open to fans back in the day.

  4. Pass the donuts please! They look so good. I would of had one, unless nobody else was having one. Then I wouldn’t of. And I would of been really mad that nobody wanted to have a donut with me!

    Love that video of the mole reveal. Classic!

  5. Sammi has 2 phones & a cup of coffee, guessing this is a requirement for her job! Send those extra Doughnuts my way please, I am not “on the program”! An Android sighting, yeah! Looks like it was a busy day for sure!

  6. Good job on keeping all the balls in the air until the cast showed up, Joe!

    I need to get over to Transfer Transit and clone myself. That way I could slap me for missing this.

  7. I had a donut!! It had Oreos on top and was sublime. Thank you for keeping us entertained, answering a surprisingly extensive amount of questions and leading my first-ever set visit! (*Technically second in a set of two, but shhh.)

  8. You say “press day” & I think “wish I could have crashed the party”; you say “donut” & I say “yes, please”; you say “lemon chicken” & I think “Rodney McKay”.

    Busy, busy day! I know you dazzled them with your wit, charm & SG trivia. Applause to Jodelle & Zoie for coming in on their day off! Four & Three looking good in their bad-assery attire.

    As always, love the pics & yes, I might have seen that “mole reveal” video once or twice. Love all their reactions. You look back & go “of, course” but I didn’t see it coming. Sleep well tonight, you deserve it!

  9. wt*? There’s CHOCOLATE ones *STILL* left!! – seriously. WHO *ARE* these People??!!
    Had I known, I’d have put one of my Clones on a plane and done a Snatch&Snack!


  10. More or less got my short “almost silent” film done today, showed it in class and will make improvements on it in the morning. Nobody in class expected the actor/classmate of mine who appeared in my film as the “father” to be in it, and it shocked them that I *gasp* know how to draw, lol!!! Hello, I am taking animation as well, did they think I went into a class that may require drawing for me to *not* know how to do it, lol?

    Glad the press tour went well, makes me almost wish I were a journalist again 😉

  11. Glad that things went well. Also glad to see Five and The Android!

    On the subject of announcements, are you ready to announce this: when will Season Two air?

  12. That must have been a long day. I had no idea there was so much work put into a TV show. You’ve shown us the cast/crew and they are working hard. However, I forgot about the PR side of things. Looks like it was a success.

    Hmm, no Six in those pics…..?

    Do you still get your cheat food this weekend? I’ve read that you have to eat more calories when it’s cold. 😉

    Jorie74: Exciting!

  13. Okay everyone, let’s start the meme… “Great Dark Matter Press!”, “Great Dark Matter Press!”… spread the word throughout ALL science fiction-dom.

    Thank you publicity folks and people of the Press. You were in good hands with Joe (and he said he DID have a good time). It would be very nice if Joe would post the links to those wonderfully positive, supporting and uplifting articles that OUR FRIENDS of the Press will write for Dark Matter! (hint-hint)

    I’ll take a donut, mail it to the Jersey shore – I’ll get it, trust me.

    Warm hugs to Bubba and Lulu from Basil and Stash (and me)

  14. Press day ✔️ Set visit ✔️ 😊
    The video revealing the mole was great
    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for Season 2!

  15. I screamed at my laptop and then I realized that was the last ep and I screamed again. Did not see that twist coming. And I love this vid, I’m glad I avoided spoilers! And yet I still want spoilers! To spoil or not to spoil,

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