I started this blog on another hosting site before moving over to my permanent home here on wordpress.  I was able to transfer all of the pre-existing comments with me – but, sadly, not their IP addresses.  So, more or less…

KathyC writes: “I definitely was a lurker for a long time before actually posting a comment. I think I’ve read your column daily since…since…oh geez. I don’t know when. 2012, maybe?”

Answer: March 7, 2012 – “It may surprise you to know…I watch Finding Bigfoot. LOL Stupid show, but can’t miss it when it comes on.”

poshrapto writes: “Used to be daubermaus, then maushiem, then a few other sign ons, now I just follow on fb. Came on board at the start of SG-U, after googling a recipe and finding you.”

Answer: March 26, 2010 – “Matcha Ice Cream with veins of dark chocolate ganache and a dusting of salt and cinnamon – amazing!”

Pennylnn writes: “I don’t remember my first but I do remember giving you the idea for the book club….which I never did get credit for!”

Answer: December 20, 2007 – “Hi Joe.  I feel silly that it took me a week to find your new blog….”

Betty Monfette writes: “I have been following you for an age and a half.”

Answer: December 14, 2012 as Betty Monfette but possibly as far back as March 17, 2008 under a different name?

Evil Droid writes: “My first post here was just a few months ago when I discovered Dark Matter on Netflix & binge watched all the episodes in about 3 days! ”

Answer: As Evil Droid, I’ve got January 22, 2016 – “I am so waiting for season 2. Just watched season 1 again on Netflix & will probably with it again, and again…..”

Maggy Kelly writes: “I don’t recall exactly my first post, but it was around 2008, for sure.”

Answer: October 7, 2009 – “Hi Joe! I’m a newbie to your blog and have enjoyed it so far… only have been reading since the end of August/ early September.”

Keith writes: “I’ve read every post since… At least 2008 I think. But I only post when I feel there’s something I can add to the conversation. ”

Answer: October 20, 2009 – “Your “Johnny Damon” comment kind of kicked a question into my head, a big enough question to convince a long time reader, first time writer (LTRFTW) to actually post and ask it: How do writers such as yourself actually come up with character names? Does more thought go into cast member names than just single episode appearances?”

baterista9 writes: “Gee, no, but I followed At least two of your previous blogs /production diaries at GateWorld and SciFi.com starting around…2003?

Answer: January 16, 2007 – “Sorry to say that, living in the home city of Tex-Mex, I missed International Spicy Food Day. Am enjoying, however, the ARCTIC BLAST you kindly sent to South Texas. Send more…but not right away!”

StellaByStargate writes: “Egad. Mine was probably a Sam/Jack question.”

Answer: Yep.  January 25, 2008 – “…the third part of the AT interview released on Scifi.com yesterdy made reference to the lines from Trio…I assume that interview was done before those lines hit the cutting room floor (*sigh*). Do you think you could be so kind, once Trio airs, to share with us that little tidbit that was lost…a lot of people would love to know what was said.”

Airelle writes: “I know I have been here a spell, can’t remember dates. ”

Answer: You don’t need to.  February 19, 2008 – “Joe, thank you for the blog and all your hard work making SGA the best,Congrats on the rating, and really like the pictures you post, the puppies are so cute too…”

antisocialbutterflie writes: “You made me look. I have been lurking here since at least May 2008. Wow, it’s been a long time.”

Answer: Actually, April 8, 2008 as Anti-Social Butterfly – “I have to admit I wasn’t entirely paying attention to the blog when I read McKay/Ronan/Keller Scramble and thought that Tracker was going to be some god-awful body switch episode. I think I prefer the love triangle as a plot device, though Jason playing the character of McKay does make me chuckle a bit inside.”

paloosa writes: “I don’t remember what I wrote, but I started sometime in 2007.”

Answer: December 17, 2007 – “I opt for Blogger – its black, dark oppressive feel better fits your evil persona. This light colored, cheery stuff is just too fluffy for you.”

Jon Hrubesch writes: “I started following your blog sometime last year when Ian Brock asked if he could use my artwork for the transfer transit set.”

Answer: March 30, 2015 – “Being someone who loves all things science fiction I am very excited for this show…”  But we corresponding via email prior to this.

Elminster writes: “According to your search thingy my first post was September 19, 2009, but I’m sure there are a couple before that. I’d say early 2008 or late 2007.”

Answer: September 4, 2009 – “Hi Joe.  Long time lurker, first post…  Nice blog, really friendly people. And I admit, I came to your blog for the Stargate stuff, but have stayed as much for the other things. The food, the books, dogs and the CHOCOLATE!  Anyway, what got me out of lurkdom was your indication of smilelys geting in the way of cutting and pasting remarks from the website. Try cutting and pasting into notebook first, then cutting and pasting back into whatever application you use. You’ll lose the smilelys!”

lewis writes: “Love the past blog history trip down memory lane.  Gotta ask… how many days in a row have you consecutively blogged now?”

Answer: I haven’t missed a day since I first started back in late 2006.  Even when I was locked out of my account back on the other hosting site, I continued to update the blog.  As for you… June 8, 2010 – “I just found your blog and love it! I’ve always loved your commentaries on the dvds over the years and now to read your blog … well, talk about a great read! “  Thanks!

sunstonetal writes: “I’ve lurked the blog for several years – I have it on my RSS feed and read posts as I choose from there. I think i’ve been reading since at least 2009, because I saved the link to your February 6th 2009 post which was a list of restaurants from around Vancouver that you recommended.”

Answer: February 7, 2009 – “Hey Joe.  I’m not that new to your blog anymore, (i’ve been reading for a few months) but I’ve never commented before so, ‘Hello!’”

Astrumporta writes: “My first comment was on your 3rd post, on November 29, 2006 (as Michelle)! In fact I think I broke the news to Stargate fandom that you’d started a blog. Of course someone on Gateworld forum stole my post as their own. Don’t get me started.”

Answer: Yep.  November 29, 2006 – “Thanks for the great descriptions of everything, Joe. I don’t think I could remember any of that long enough to blog it, much less make it funny. What the heck is a hairy lobster, and why were you sorry they were out of them?”

Kat Impossible writes: “Hmmm, I am not sure about my first comment. I think it was definitely something Dark Matter related.”

Answer: Yep.  September 27, 2015 – “It was mean to put in that last moment!!! I was so shocked back when I watched the episode for the first time.   Dark Matter is such a great show though, I would have a hard time picking any favourite moments, even though I quite liked it when Ennis Esmer and his crew were on board the Raza.”

Laura H writes: “Looooong time lurker here. I’ve read almost every post since somewhere halfway 2007 (including those from 2006, when reading back wasn’t as much of an effort as it would be now), but rarely posted. I think this post may be my 5th or 6th”

Answer: 11th.  August 13, 2010 – “Cool, they’re gonna perform laparoscopic surgery on the Destiny (re: concept art)? Or thoracoscopy, or… ‘brain’oscopy, or… what the heck are they planning to ‘scope’ out there?”

Line Noise writes: “January 7, 2009 was my first comment. I asked you whether you’d ever considered writing a script with a favourite author.”

Answer: Actually, it was January 8th, 2009 but your were commenting on my January 7th post..  “G’day!  Short time reader, first time commenter. 🙂  Re: Spec scripts.  Have you ever considered approaching some of your favourite sci-fi book authors about writing or collaborating on a script?”

bambamfans writes: “Hi everyone… I searched your blog and the earliest recorded answer to me I believe was August 10 2007, so I must have been around before that to have asked.”

Answer: July 25, 2007 – “I realized that although Peter DeLuise directed many episodes for season 10 of SG-1, he was not featured in ANY of the commentaries let alone his own episodes. Was he not available or simply because of the way he commentates they did not allow him to do it.”  For the record, Peter DeLuise was a commentary favorite.  Did I mention he’ll be directing Episode 209 of Dark Matter?

Star_Climber writes: “Was fun to read about the veterans that have been commenting on here. I started visiting the blog not so long ago, i think, even though Stargate is one of my favorite shows, i found your blog after the first season of Dark Matter and i love it. I do not remember my first comment, probably something like: love this, love that etc. ”

Answer: As a matter of fact… October 3, 2015 – “I hope many more people will start watching this show and grow to love it. Can’t wait for season 2! In the meantime, re-watching sounds like a great idea.”

jimfromjersey writes: “I don’t remember it, but I think I’ve found it via your handy-dandy search tool.  July 25, 2008: ”JimfromJersey writes: “ I just received BREAKING NEWS email from SyFy Portal: “Brad Wright announces that a third Stargate movie is in the works”

Answer: Actually… May 23, 2007 – “Joe, Time for a bit of fanboi-ism! With SG-1 nearing its end, I just wanted to personally thank you and everyone at Stargate(s)for many years of unsurpassed entertainment. While I’ll mourn SG-1’s passing, I look forward to the movies and a long, healthy future for Atlantis. Eat well, live well!”

Drea Crysel writes: “I remember when you first began contributing to the SG blog, then again some blog account or another, just before the current WP incarnation.  And although I did not begin regularly contributing until I discovered you had managed to get Dark Matter onto TV, ( and had only made one or two comments prior to that under a different handle) I’ve So many fond memories of the postings and people over the years, I actually had to genuinely devote some time to careful contemplation to narrow down my fav.”

Answer: Not sure but… July 7, 2011 – “Hi Joe. Ok, this should offer you something to smile at other than the absolutely irresistable charm of your triplets…..Has D Blue sent you advancement concept doc. yet? If not, email me, catch me on twitter or leave a message on our webblog and i’ll fill ya in. -Drea”

Barbaro writes: “I have no idea when I first commented on your blog Joe, but I’ve been reading it since I heard about it from Gateworld way back before the cancellation of SGA”

Answer: March 8, 2008 – “Wait a minute Joe, I do get up at 6 am. And by the way my 6 am is three hours earlier than yours is. That’s why I like it when you post to your blog early.”

FargateOne writes: “Sorry,,,nope!”

Answer: June 25, 2007 – “Vos blogs m’ont fait prendre mieux conscience de l’importance d’être un scénariste, scripteur ou écrivain de talent pour assurer le succès d’un film ou d’une émission. De mauvais dialogues ne peuvent que nuire aux acteurs si talentueux soient-ils. “

2cats writes: “I know I was an avid long time lurker before posting because I was shy about writing anything that would remain “forever” in the ether. That still bothers me.  But according to your search tool above, using 2cats, it was Sept. 13, 2015. But using Carol Z., the earliest was July 24, 2008. I asked Mark Savela some questions on his Q&A.”

Answer: December 15, 2007 – “Well, well, I FINALLY found you Joe. Still shaking from Mallozzi Blog withdrawal, (it isn’t a pretty sight). Hey, I LIKE this new locale! Speaking from a graphic designer point of view, the black text on white IS easier on the eyes, (wink-wink), so please continue the style.”

Jenny Horn…no, Jenny Robin…wait… writes: “From what I can tell, I started commenting on your blogspot blog in February 2007. ”

Answer: February 7, 2007 – “Dark chocolate + cherries + chilis (as in chili peppers)”.  Sound familiar?

Dallas Marshall writes: “I was with you for a few years during Stargate. […] I stopped posting this past December and began making my comments on Twitter because my posts stopped showing up here regardless of what login that I used. I have no idea whether or not I said something stupid and offended you, or whether it’s a glitch. If I have offended you, I am deeply sorry.”

Answer: Er, no.  Don’t ever recall being offended by anything you’ve written.  Has to be a glitch.  February 16, 2011 – “Since you say you will not be privy to new SGU developments after your move, do you have any suggestions regarding other people “in the know” that we should be watching on Twitter, blogs, Facebook or web sites? Does Brad Wright post any where?”

DP writes: “I think I was inquiring as to when Brad Wright would finish his Q&A, but had been reading posts that got a lot of Gateworld chatter before that. I was posting under my Gateworld user name back then.”

Answer: GateFanSamJack, I presume?  November 22, 2008 – “I’m having a ball reading about your jam sessions writing and planning SGU. I’m so jealous of you guys having a job where the problems are so open-ended.”

maggiemayday writes: “My first comment was probably about Daniel Jackson or some long rambling story about life in Japan. I’ve been quiet and concise lately, my surgery a couple months ago went well enough, but I am definitely not bouncing back in a timely fashion.”

Answer: December 11, 2007 – “Dagnabbit! you beat me to the Hawaiian spam blog sushi reference. mumble, mumble, mumble … taking my titanium spork and going home now.  Nevermind, I am home now.”  Have missed you and your Japan ruminations.  I’ll always fondly remember the story of your friend who ate the Japanese mustard-dipped dog.  Sending you positive thoughts for a speedy recovery!

ceresis64 writes: “Like some others, I was just a reader before a participant but can’t remember when I made my first post.  When will we get pictures for this Season, of different dogs dressed up dedicated to represent what the episodes are about?”

Answer: I’ve got August 3, 2015 – “Found my way here! It’s tricky to ask longer questions on Twitter in 140 characters!”  I’m going to wait until the costume department have put up a dog-themed post for each episode of season 2 after which I’ll shuffle them up and post them all – maybe host a contest and see who can match up each dog picture to their respective episode.  Sound like fun?

shinyhula writes: “Yep, it has been a long time on the JM blog, I came for the behind the scenes scoop and stayed for the cooking tips and friendly SG fans. I didn’t post much until the Great Whispers Naming Contest which the lovely Anne Teldy won.”

Answer: Alas, I’m not aware of your alias.  As shinyula: July 24, 2012 – “Again I make the mistake of reading this blog before lunch, so very hungry now from looking at that sandwich.”

glowyzoey writes: “I have no clue when I first commented on this blog. ”

Answer: December 15, 2007 – “Hello, Joe! I like the new blog, except for the smaller print. My eyes doth protest it. *squint squint* […]  Hugs to poor Jelly. Hope you have a good visit with your mom.”



37 thoughts on “February 22, 2016: Continuing our trip down this blog’s memory lane…

  1. “Answer: January 16, 2007”
    I vaguely recall posting something like “Found you!”; maybe that was someone else’s blog. Fall 06–Jan 07 was a stressful period because of two deaths in the family, so my Swiss-cheese memories are not surprising.

  2. Eight years? I’ve been here for eight years??! That’s longer than most marriages last! 😉

    Ah, I remember my passion in those early years, rabidly defending MY Wraith. I bet you were ready to strangle me at times. 🙂 I still love those guys…miss them something terrible. You know what else I miss? Chocolate parties. Are you planning one anytime soon?


  3. Wow! Thanks for putting all that time and energy into finding those first posts. Now stop using this fun task as a way to procrastinate and get writing! 😀

  4. Oh yeah, Das is right! Chocolate parties! I haven’t seen a good one of those in… well, ages.

    That is some pretty serious research getting those dates – wow!

  5. I’ve been trying to remember when I first heard about your blog and started checking it out. I’m pretty sure it was while SG1 was still airing, but I’ve never been a regular commenter, more of a curious lurker. I probably used my old hotmail address, but heaven help me if I could remember for sure. I barely remember breakfast.

  6. I am the Queen of Procrastination having honed the skills in college. Could there perhaps be an underlying reason for this trip down memory lane? I have enjoyed reading everyone’s comments.

    How’s the writing & rewrites going? Looking forward to episode 209. Love Peter Deluise! Being the nerd that I am, I have watched the entire DVD collections for SG1 & SGA with the commentaries. I can’t watch the opening footage of Cheyenne Mountain from SG without thinking “guard, guard, guard”, or whenever I see an explosion that it needs to be “bigger”. (It’s Peter’s fault).

  7. Ooooh. Chocolate. It goes really well with Whisky (or Whiskey). Just thought I’d put that out there. In case you wanted to do a chocolate/whiskey mash-up sort of thing.

    As a party.

    Or not.

    Scotch and chocolate go well with books, too.
    But if you throw in the books it’s not quite as conducive to partying.

  8. I started to ask you to find me too, but I am pretty sure I did and if not the earliest… certainly here a long time

    >>“I’ve only recently started reading your blog, … DebraDownsth – August 17, 2007: Inquired about an ascended Daniel.<<

  9. Very interesting walking down Memory Lane. Some old names that will never be forgotten and a huge abundance of personalities/characters. Just another element of your blog that makes it so awesome.

    Did you say you are planning a trip to Tokyo? When? You should take a 2 week vacation from Dark Matter filming and go. How much can they get done in two weeks? You have such a great crew, you could slip away and be back before they know it.

  10. “Actually, April 8, 2008 as Anti-Social Butterfly” I forgot I started posting here before I got my wordpress account. That’s why I couldn’t find it in google. Having seen Jason on Drunk History, I am now extra sad we never got the Ronan/McKay body swap.

  11. I read your blog every day and have for years. I think i started reading in 2007, before you moved from blogspot. I almost never comment, but i was proud to be a runner up in a photo caption contest for Carl Binder once. I have probably read every entry you have written. You should do more responses to spam again sometime, those were hillarious. Thanks for the years of entertainment.

  12. I laughed way to much at my outrage the PDL wasn’t on a DVD commentary… Gotta love him.

    I do remember the lockout on the other host…. Man I’ve been around here for ages.


  13. Remembering Cheryl… That brings a smile to my face. Lovely lady…. You’ve started something with this memory lane thing…


  14. I don’t know where you find the time to deal with all of this. I’m always amazed by your dedication to this blog. But I’m also glad that you do. 🙂

  15. Yep. That 2011 post was one of mine My recent joke about bringing SGA back sprang from that. Albeit no one involved in the series I had contacted back then felt MGM could be successfully taken to task on their decision , so the matter was dropped and everyone moved on. There was one earlier posting 3-4 years before that but i think it was just some sort silly comment about the pups or chocolate. Speaking of postings. I havent forgotten about typing up and emailing you the housing options I researched last year. Will make time for it in next couple wks.

  16. Time passes very quickly and when you look at these things, it becomes very scary. I remember finding the blog ages ago, I do remember the move to WordPress.

    It think after I first found your original blog site I went back to read it from the start it was only a year or so’s worth.

    Didn’t comment that early but I remember commenting on a Stephen Donaldson Lord Fouls Bane book for the book club, not sure if that was the first post. I remember trying to make a bad joke about food which got taken the wrong way, (sorry about that) finding typed humour it hard to do!

    So thanks for a lot of entertainment and info over the years, it is I think a bit special that you do this and interact with us in this manner, not many in your sort of position do to this level….

  17. i’m not sure when i started commenting. i participated in the character naming contest & missed it by a hair, but you couldn’t call a character archersangel anyway. unless it was just archer as a last name, or something.

  18. @Tam: Wow! I had no idea! Why did that woman Lori take in all 90 animals with no intention of adopting them out to some good forever homes? Do they all live in cages then? Or does she have a large property for them to roam freely about on?
    @Chev Sorry to hear things have been so tough at your job. Hope it all works out no matter what. decision you make.
    @Gary Thinking of you and hope you’re hanging in there. Keeping my fingers crossed the clinical trial folks can find you a more comfortable mask. Keep us updated if you can ok.
    @Ganymede. You are truly blessed with such a large family. How many lbs did your new great nephew weigh in with at birth?

  19. I’d read a few earlier blog posts, but the day I bookmarked your site was the day that GateWorld posted their EPIC spoiler about the Asgard being in Atlantis.
    That damn near ruined that episode for me, and I vowed never to return to GateWorld. I started reading your blog near-daily, from that day.

  20. “Answer: Actually… May 23, 2007 – “ Oh wow! Almost 10 years! Jeez, our anniversary is coming up soon. What is the traditional gift for a 10 year blog reading anniversary? Floppy disk?

    In all seriousness, thanks for doing what you do. Reading your blog has become my routine every morning when I get to work and boot up my computer. Like Rich said, not many (none that I know of) in your position do this. Especially on a daily basis. And thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  21. hmm, I can’t really remember when I started following this blog, have not written so much, but read it for a long time at least. I was at a friend and he watched SG-1, season 3 I think, on DVD, I liked it so I bought all available boxes at the time, some I had to order from the US since they where not available in Sweden, but I think it was up until season 8 maybe. Then, when I could not get anymore boxes I googled around and finally found the blog, and have followed it since then.

  22. Wow. Just wow. It’s been a long time and a long commitment, to Stargate and Dark Matter, to the wonderful people commenting through the years and those we’ve lost, and to a generous and slightly wacky writer/producer/showrunner/anime lover/whiskey drinker that we all know and love.

    We don’t say it often enough Joe, but thanks for your time and effort to keep this blog going. It has been (and continues to be) one of the highlights of my day to come here and read/view, etc.

    Join me in raising that virtual whiskey glass again (being virtual it never goes dry)… to Joe and his Thoughts and Tirades, Rants and Ruminations!
    CHEERS! (clink-clink) May they live forever!

    Okay, now does this trip down memory lane have to do with Dark Matter in some way? DO tell.

    Carol Z.

  23. I cannot remember exactly when i did first comment, but I think it’s when I first started my webseries and a friend advised I post links up here for it, lol…. I felt a bit cheezy doing it at the time but was trying to get people to watch it.

  24. @das, yeah Wraith adoration, I forgot how much I loved Michael until I watched an old Enterprise ep, Connor Trinner is such a cutie. Of course Todd is the most zen Wraith ever, I was pleased to see Chris Heyerdahl on Minority Report causing trouble in future DC.

    Yep I made the mistake many times of blogging before lunch while perusing the amazing food on this blog.

    Does the set have food trucks that set up there or is it too cold for that?

  25. A lot of class acts on this blog and we have YOU to thank for that Mr. M!

    Chocolate party!! Woo-hoo!!!!! You should make the party timed to JeffW’s visit. 😉

    Drea: I’ve only heard Lori describe the place: The dogs are kept in large cages and go out in an enclosed area to play/poop twice a day. Most of the cats are kept in 8 x 8 chain link pens. They have PVC towers my hubby built for them when they were at the humane society to play/sleep on. Some of the cats have two/three level cages that I bought years ago (for the h.s.). Some cats/dogs are kept in her house and most of those were her pets before she took all of them to Arkansas.
    Lori takes them to the vet when they are sick. She texted me today about a diabetic cat that she’s working with. She tries to keep them all healthy. They get fed, cleaned but not a lot of handling. I can’t imagine how depressing it will be when they all start getting older and she slowly loses each one. 🙁

  26. Wow, I get busy for a few days and look what happens! 😉

    I’m pretty certain that I started lurking around the time that SGA was cancelled. I mainly read the blog and never commented simply because what was I going to add to the conversations that hadn’t already been said? That’s when a LOT of people were throwing their two cents in, even if nobody asked! I don’t stink I started commenting until a part of the way into SGU, can’t remember if it was first season or second season, but second season sounds familiar.

    I may not have visited everyday since my first visits, but I’ve certainly read every post since. Don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, either!

    -Mike A.

  27. Late to this post, but I’ve been around since SGA days and your old format. Back then mostly to whine about stuff like McKeller and agitate for more Sheppard. Still check out your blog daily although my main interest still is Stargate. (I’m one of the jerks who are still boycotting Syfy for cancelling SGA) Got hooked on the pups and your observations on food and life.

  28. i never post something on the interwebs, this blog must be the most i posted online in years 😀
    i started reading this blog i think when SGA was canceled, was looking to see how they would go on in season 6. (damnnn still wanting to see atlantis on the moon!) and saw that SGU starting thats when i first came here.

    Thanks for all the years of good reading!


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