February 18, 2016: A New Addition To The Club!  And Another Episode Title!

Sure, he’s directing episode 207 but, more importantly, Jason Priestley joined the Dark Matter Whisky/ey Club.  He’s a bourbon man.

I have a feeling we’re going to get along just fine.

Hey!  We have a new episode title!  And the final tally on this one wasn’t all that close either.

So far, we have –

Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home

Episode 15: Kill Them All

Episode 16: I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You

Episode 17: We Were Family

The voting broke down as follows…

February 18, 2016: A New Addition To The Club!  And Another Episode Title!

More meetings tomorrow!  More writing!  More rewriting (and, apparently, re-rewriting!).

Also, more on-set hijinks!

February 18, 2016: A New Addition To The Club!  And Another Episode Title!

25 thoughts on “February 18, 2016: A new addition to the club! And another episode title!

  1. Who’s that little guy? Is that Rocky the rock puppet? I loved his show as a kid! He taught some hard lessons.

  2. Finally a title I voted for won! Lot’s of participation on this one. I’m a Jack Daniels man myself. Somebody likes to play in the caves…..

  3. Your proposed episode titles have the same voice as the chapter titles in Children of the Mind by OSC. I dare to presume it’s out of the writer’s collective consciousness and not a tribute. Unless you’re a secret fan of ableist, sexist, abuser-enabling marriage worshippers who segregate the galaxy by stereotypes. Ok, I didn’t hate it that bad, just sure you didn’t like it that much.

  4. Yay, my choice won! I picked that one, based on the picture you posted that was missing a couple of our original Raza crew members. What happened to the family?

    One a side note, I had a root canal today. Ow.

  5. Coooooool Jason Priestley! I did used to watch 90210 back in the day 🙂 Congrats to him on the directing gig.

    So now I’m 0-4 on titles. Seriously, how is this even possible?


    Is it me or is that rock watching me? Maybe I should try talking to it hehe

    Cheers, Chev

  6. Pleasantly surprised that JP is directing an episode! Big Smile! Don’t suppose that one of the title choices for his episode will be “90210”? Though my choice for title for Ep 4 won, I’m kinda sad that it wasn’t “Hello, Titch”.

    Been thinking of some lyrics from a Spice Girls song: Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want…

    What I really want to know is:
    Who is Titch? (I know the reveal is coming)
    Will the Android be reprogrammed at H-8? Will she finally get a name?
    Will we find out more about Five’s background & her little gang before she boarded the Raza?
    Will we ever see Six again?
    Will One finally tell Three why he thinks he was on the Raza & who he really is?
    Who is that big eyed Rock & what does he want?
    Oooo, there’s so many questions!

    TGTIF (thank goodness tomorrow is Friday)!!

  7. Jason Priestley? Jason Priestley??? Jason Priestley!!!!?? Wow, that is awesome!! And look at him! Some people just don’t age. They keep getting better and better looking. Tell Jason I am a NASCAR fan. I know… right sport, wrong type of car. But still…..

    Love your episode titles. Very intriguing! Great idea to let us choose. We’re pretty good at it! 🙂

    Bruce McDonald is back on set? I can’t tell. (hint, hint, pictures of the man pleeeeaze)

  8. Question for your next mailbag: are there ever comments you don’t let get posted? I’m sure we are ALL awesome and don’t comment anything inappropriate. Have you had problems in the past with comments, is that why you approve them?

  9. Finally got into the editing lab today, and got about 60% of the files converted into the Apple Pro Rez 422 format from the little shoot on Sunday (it wasn’t even an hour BUT I was using two Pentax K-30’s at once to get the different angles). Not crazy about both acting and directing (then editing) my projects simultaneously, but as one of my actors put it, I’m good at it, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (though admittedly the concussion-headaches that come along with editing do tend to make me feel a tad bit broken, similiar to Stoney McPebble’s buddies in the cave-in pic!).

    And as usual, I am auditioning for whatever I may fit in for roles on “Casting Workbook” with my friend Mitchell being the camera operator/reader. Once I get the next episode out of Preflight Launch, well, you’ll be able to see what he looks like as “Birthing Technician Boris Light”.

  10. Sad news for all of us on “Team Titch”. 🙁

    Welcome Jason!

    KathyC: Ouchie!

    Ponytail: How are you and your parents?

    bambamfans & Drea: Any news from Dr?

    TGIF y’all!!!!!!

  11. Agree with ponytail. Jason Priestly doesnt seem to age!

    WOW! with prison breaks, lots of new props, action, characters directors and stories We are in for one truly awesome ride with Season 2!!!! <3

    Hey Joe! Maybe? Next periscope can be done with us interviewing (Q & A) One or two of the directors? Bruce & Jason together Would be fantastic! If you could get them to say yes and find a Saturday free in their schedules!

    (Actually, any two would be wonderful really! We all have our favs! Mikita Amanda Mairzee Bruce, etc ).

  12. JP, cool!

    I haven’t had alcohol in months, and will not for most of the rest of the year. Sigh. I have three different unopened bottles of absinthe to try. Funny, love absinthe, hate whiskey. I am so weird.

  13. Sorry Joe, I do not know Jason Priestly. Not sure which of the 5 he is in the picture. I was thinking of posting a picture picture of my liquor pantry to see if it would qualify for membership in the Whiskey club but I think I would be indulging greatly on your blog.
    Hey a new silicon based life form! I think I saw something like that in an early SciFi show (Buck Rogers (costarring Erin Grey), Maybe?). S’all right.

  14. @Kathy C : Joe does a truly amazing job ensuring everyone feels welcome and appreciated on the blog. Albeit some of us can be a wee bit naughty at times. 😀
    I’ve personally made a few jokes that, (although definitely hilarious) were deemed a bit too edgy & sarcastic to post for a general audience.
    If a comment isn’t posted it doesn’t mean he does not appreciate all our contributions. It is just his way of ensuring the blog remains appropriate and welcoming to all.

  15. I’m on a roll with the titles – 4 from 4! And, because I’ve mentioned it now, I’ve probably jinxed myself…… 😔

    That wee rock looks lost and lonely, I hope he’s been looked after? Is his name Wilson? We all have a Wilson, somewhere! 😚

  16. @Tam Labs are done (no results yet). Imaging is next week. .How’s Jo doing this week post surgery? Sending Hugs & good energy her way to help her hang in there. xo

    @Chev Dont watch Arrow all that often anymore but decided to when you mentioned Rachel guest starring in it.

    Question when did the Felicity character end up in a wheel chair and is it permanent? Also ditto to Tam’s question. What did your labs show about your blood sugar??

  17. @Kathy C Ditto on the root canal ouchie. Sounds like you’d definitely benefit from joining the whiskey/whisky club right about now eh! Hope you feel better soon! xo By the way: How’s the new job going?

  18. @ Duptiang – Which of the 5 is Jason Priestley? First off, he is not the long haired blond. He is the young looking one. Oh wait! He is the one with a beard. Oh wait! He is the one with a glass of whiskey in his hand. Oh wait! He is the one who is smiling. Oh wait! He is the one on the end. Oh wait! He is the one with bourbon in his glass. Oh wait! It could be whiskey. He is that one! See! See me pointing at him?!! That one!

  19. @Drea Thanks! It’s slowly getting better. I’m looking forward to being able to chew on that side again. New job is okay, not very busy which can be boring. But I like all my co-workers, so that helps.

    As for the comment question, it was part joking and part serious, LOL. I wondered if Joe actually declines any of the comments, or are we all actually well-behaved. I’m wondering if there was a problem in the past; as he is such a busy guy, to have to come and check back in over and over to approve comments.

  20. In case no one answered the question, Jason is all the way on the left of the picture.

    I really enjoyed the Call Me Fitz series. It was unlike any other show that was on and was glad Audience (Directv) picked it up. I’m looking forward to ION getting caught up with Saving Hope (finally I get to see season 2 and beyond) so that I can see all the seasons. ION picked up The Listener and I was really excited about that. Now I have 60 episodes on my DVD player to watch of it. NBC made a bad call on not renewing that one.

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