Yesterday, I watched the Superbowl with some of my co-workers: co-creator Paul Mullie, VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft Wilson, Line Producer Norman Denver, 1st Assistant Director Brandon Tataryn, and their respective families (almost all of who were rooting for the Broncos), and actor Anthony Lemke who, always the contrarian, was rooting for the Panthers.  We gathered at Norman’s favorite pub where we ate wings, mini yorkshire puddings, and sticky toffee puddings while watching approximately four hours of commercials interspersed with sporadic actual game play.

And then, today, it was back at it!  While Dark Matter co-creator Paul Mullie was prepping episode 206, and consulting producer Ivon Bartok was overseeing the action on set, I was working on the rewrite for episode 209.  I want to say there’s a shocking reveal in this episode but, really, that would be redundant because shocking reveals – well, they were the norm in Dark Matter’s first season and they look to be de rigueur this upcoming season as well.

So, who’s up for a little voting?  Yes, it’s time to call on all Dark Matter fandom to take the time to weigh in with your thoughts on a new episode title.  In this case, we’re looking to title our third episode of this young season.  And the nominees are…

February 8, 2016: Name Another Dark Matter Episode!

The polls will be open for the next 24 hours!

Finally, let me leave you with a few behind-the-scenes Dark Matter goodies…

February 8, 2016: Name Another Dark Matter Episode!

A little sketch compliments of costume designer Noreen Landry.

February 8, 2016: Name Another Dark Matter Episode!

A little gadget compliments of props master Victoria Klein.

February 8, 2016: Name Another Dark Matter Episode!

And a little glimpse of some on set action.  Any guesses as to what is going on here?

19 thoughts on “February 8, 2016: Name another Dark Matter episode!

  1. That gadget Victoria is holding looks like the most badass paintball gun I have ever seen!

  2. I just started watching season one on Netflix, a very good show! Looks like the sound guy has the mic up close. Must be a close up shot and the blue lights for effect?

  3. Almost voted for 14 Months but I’ve Seen The Other Side of You seems to ring so true of our amnesiac crew.

    Being in Tn I don’t know a single person who wasn’t cheering for the Bronco’s i.e. Peyton Manning. There were a lot of happy folks! I also learned a new word from a Budweiser commercial “pillock” as in “don’t be a pillock”. Who knew the Super Bowl could be so educational?

    I think Victoria is holding a retro fitted freeze ray – whatever it’s “cool” looking. And as for the mystery scene – definitely not a member of the Raza crew, thinking the future’s version of a talk show host.

  4. In a general way I like B; it is a flavors of like “top Gun”, I have a need for speed. Brash and offensive in nature. I was thinking of A. It gives me a feel like the episode “100 days.” There is a story of time needing to be resolved. C can be like A in a manner of speaking but there seems to be a aspect of disappointment or surprise. Interesting, how do I chose to match the story ark. Hmmm. You know in multiple choice tests there is a theory of choosing the longest answer. So I will make my mark.

  5. Gotta go with “Fourteen Months”. Even if it weren’t the most title-ish of the three, it’s got the numerical theme going for it. (Too bad it isn’t the fourteenth episode.)

  6. @Brian P, @Greg Welcome! 🙂 Glad you guys enjoyed DM season one. Staye tuned! Joe’s got lots of Season 2, Q & A’s, Periscopes, behind the scenes treats and more coming our way over the next several weeks and feel free to contribute to our blog chatter here anytime!

    @Brian P Am sure we’d all love to hear more about your wonderful pups.

    @jorie74 Looking forward to see how your silent film project turns out. 🙂

    @Brian P @Greg In case you missed it, Here’s two more wonderful treats while you wait for the next blog posting

  7. Mini Yorkshire puddings? That doesn’t sound right for the Superbowl. Dang son, get some pizza and hot dogs and chips. All American bowel-busters!

    (We had tasted cheesy garlic bread and baked turkey-sausage meatballs, so nevermind me…)

    I like the costume sketch, is the electronic “cummerbund” esthetic or does it serve a purpose?

  8. Hey Joe? Did Ivon Bartok give up on his writing aspirations already??? How come you’re handling his script? Shouldn’t ‘he’ be doing any 209 re-writes ( per your notes), as part of the learning process or did you guys plan it to be a joint writing venture from the start ?? Guess am just curious to see how he does handling a script thru to completion. Am betting that boy has oodles of talent he’s not even truly realized he has yet! 🙂

    Have fun on your upcoming trip to the forest. Be sure to bring along extra layers, just in case… as well as a large thermos of Irish coffee!
    Yet another nasty cold front is poised to Charge!
    Unfortunately ElNino isn’t done throwing tantrums yet.

    I’ve got an important meeting to prep for on the 12th so I will likely be MIA till the weekend. Definitely don’t want to return only to find out the only thing our favorite writer bagged for himself while hunting and hiding out in the forest, was a miserable cold, eh.

    *Penguin Giggles, *Curly Pig Tail Wiggles, *Happy Sing Along Jingles
    and Balaenoptera Musculus Sized Hugs n Love To All! XO

  9. That’s a great paintball gun refit Victoria is holding. Very creative!

    “Any guesses as to what is going on here?” That’s Mike Dopud getting his acting on. I’d guess he’s supposed to be looking at a monitor of some sort.

  10. Yay, episode title voting. 🙂 I like the sound of “I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You”. An episode revealing more about the dark past of the Raza crew, their darker side? Speculations, speculations…

    That looks like a fierce weapon! First thing that came to mind when i saw the last pic was interrogation of some sort.

  11. While we had a typical selection of snacks(including my famous chili-cheese dip), for the main meal we decided to forgo the traditional BBQ ribs and tri-tip and general standard fare American eats during the Super Bowl this year and went with a number of various entrees from a high end Chinese food restaurant here in town. I say “high end” because it’s a little to reasonably-priced to be considered “gourmet”, but it’s definitely the best Chinese food I’ve ever had. Every dish has the same level of quality, there’s “no slacker” on their menu. The gem of their menu? Buttercream Prawns. Unmistakingly unique, thoroughly enjoyable. Everything I’ve had of theirs is top notch, but that one stands out above the rest.

    The story behind the place is that the head chef was once the executive chef at a five-star hotel restaurant in Bangkok. Most of his family was moving to the states and a lot of them had settled here in central California. When he decided to follow them here, he also decided to open up a restaurant here as well. Now he’s got two locations(I’ve enjoyed both) and quite the cult following! At the first location they opened, they’ve got all his awards and medals he’s won over the years when he was still in Bangkok. It’s quite an impressive display!

    -Mike A.

  12. Voted!

    Like the look of the little gadget – stunner?

    What’s going on here?
    Little grey matter goes into overdrive (as usual) – Mike Dopud sitting in a comfy chair chatting to the GA to negotiate his own release from prison, in return for giving them information about the Raza crew’s escape and where they’re heading!

  13. Gotta vote yes to “…Rush” in honor of s’goo. I mean SGU. Pretty sure that prop is one on Aphrodite A’s rockets, the weirdest mecha robot Mazinger Zeta ever befriended. Love that Aphrodite A jogs to the rescue instead of flying because it’s more environmentally friendly.

    Love the Starman vibe of Noreen’s sketch, I’m loving the look of Season 2.

  14. Not sure how to feel about the man corset costume sketch. If I’m supposed to wonder what the hell happened in the 200 years since now, you nailed it.

  15. I would have voted for Fourteen Months. I was going to say it looks like someone is about to drill something into someone’s head, but then I put my glasses on and I agree: It’s Mike Dopud.

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