February 7, 2016: The Dark Matter Noodle Bar!

Yesterday, after visiting the alley set, Dark Matter Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza, Akemi, and I stopped by a nearby noodle bar.  How nearby?  Well, try two sets over from that alley set.

February 7, 2016: The Dark Matter Noodle Bar!

Following through on that Blade Runner vibe.  Steam and neon!

February 7, 2016: The Dark Matter Noodle Bar!

The place was new.  How new?  Well, when we walked in, they were still painting the tabletops!

February 7, 2016: The Dark Matter Noodle Bar!

You’re all aware of the importance I place on ceilings and floors?  Well, note the scorch and splatter details overhead, the mark(s) of a great greasy fry place.

February 7, 2016: The Dark Matter Noodle Bar! February 7, 2016: The Dark Matter Noodle Bar! February 7, 2016: The Dark Matter Noodle Bar!

And signage is, of course, always key.  You have six menu items to choose from.

February 7, 2016: The Dark Matter Noodle Bar!

Our affable host: Production Designer Ian Brock.

February 7, 2016: The Dark Matter Noodle Bar! February 7, 2016: The Dark Matter Noodle Bar!

Vanessa and I sample the ramen.

February 7, 2016: The Dark Matter Noodle Bar!

The magic of television!

February 7, 2016: The Dark Matter Noodle Bar!

VFX Supervisor/Head Chef Lawren Bancroft-Wilson argues with a Japanese customer placing her order.

BIG week ahead!  Starting a new script, rewriting another, locking episode 203, and reviewing the episode 204 director’s cut.  Production returns to our standing sets tomorrow, then shifting to Hamilton for three days before returning to shoot “in the bowels of the hideout”.

Also on tap for this week, YOU get to choose an episode title for the third episode of Dark Matter’s second season.  As my second grade teacher, Mrs. Vowels used to say: “Put on your thinking caps!”

22 thoughts on “February 7, 2016: The Dark Matter noodle bar!

  1. Noodles…..nom….maybe? 🤔

    Rewriting a script? Can I ask, why?

    Thinking caps are donned again, fire away for Ep3 title…… #options

  2. Um…are you sure you didn’t accidentally visit someone’s craft service? How would they know you’re not local to that production?

    The noodles look good. I love Ramen, and, therefore, it can’t be good for me. So I don’t eat it often.

  3. That looks like one stale bowl of noodles. I’d avoid the place. Not to mention, the “o” in “Pho” looks like it has little puppy ears. I’m not sure I even want to know what’s in that.

  4. Oh Goodness! Lawren Bancroft-Wilson would be wise to elect immediately returning that knife to the psycho set he stole it from.

    Albeit, gotta hand it to that boy! He’s definitely got some feistiness in him! Does he not realize ‘who’ he is attempting to argue with?!!! 😀

  5. Is that noodle bar really part of the episode? How are the noodles standing high… spray glue? And wow, the dirty floor and counter top does add that “used” ambiance. I adore noodles, just about any kind.
    It must be hazardous on set when the fake food and real food co-exist. Any humorous anecdotes to share of folks grabbing prop food to eat by mistake?

    Looking forward to helping choose another episode title!

    We may be getting more snow and lots of high winds here. Sigh. Is it spring yet?
    2cats 🐱🐺

  6. Can’t wait for our episode 3 choices…it’s going to be so much fun when the episodes air, to figure out how each of the choices you gave us fit each episode. It’s so much fun now, to figure out what the episode will be about, based on those choices! haha

  7. @Gforce: Delete is definitely an interesting watch. Albeit, you are here by forewarned to view it at your own risk. I heard the writers had become so paranoid about the evolution of artificial intelligence that, (following the completion of the scripts), they liquidated all their modern electronic assets, purchased a 1973 station wagon and a canoe and paddled off to live with the Sentinelese tribe in India. 😀

    (Those happy always smiling guys you often see photo’s & videos of on the dark matter set are just A.I.’s created in their image – kind of like the Stepford wives)

    @Tam Hope the retail therapy was fun and productive! Sending warmest hugs n good energy to you, Lucy and Jo! xo

  8. I gotta wonder what the standing noodles are about. Are they like the pictures of the food some restaurants have, but way more detailed and 3D? Are those sonic chopsticks for really, really lazy people?

    BTW, who knows what the best temperature is to cook a meat loaf to? I have no intention of cooking below the safe internal temperature, but what temperature above or equal to that maximizes yumminess?

  9. I watched (okay had it on, turned sporadically) the superbowl. I should have just watched the puppy bowl, I think all the twisting to look has cause musculature strain and now I can’t move my left arm without shooting pain. That’s what I get.

    The eatery looks pretty sketchy, update tomorrow if you feel okay after it.

  10. Was Mrs Vowels an English teacher? Would be like having Mrs Algebra for Math.

    The noodles look tasty…so weird they stand up like that… Love the signs for the noodle place and adore all the neon.

    What did you think of the Superbowl? I called it!!!

    We watched it at TGI Fridays. I booked last year before they even knew what they were doing & they gave me Crapola seats… I got them to move us. Wasn’t perfect & I probably won’t go back for another Superbowl. Better at home.

    Cheers, Chev

  11. Noodles, yum! Had some today as part of the Chinese Year of the Monkey celebratons with a friend f mine and her parents visiting from China. She used to live in my dorm but now lives off campus. It was an unexpected but much needed change (she’d told me originally I would just be at her place for a dumpling lunch but it morphed into ‘We’re bringing you to this pot luck with us too!) as I shot a short film for filmmaking class last night about something that happened whe I was a child. Of course I played the role of the mother and cast some very outstanding actors in the roles of the father and daughter. The two looked a LOT alike to the point the actress’ mum told me that the actor playing the role of the father actually LOOKED like her ex-husband, and the daugher’s father. However, it was also emotionally draining for me as I never expected playing that role would actually have that huge an emotional toll on me. I guess it hit too close to home, in some ways.

    That being said, once I finish it (the project was to make a silent film that creates a soundscape without music or dialogue), I promise to post a YouTube link for it up here.

  12. Hi Joe
    What’s the reason behind the the modelled noodles? Is it for one of those wild 360 shots? Inquiring minds…

    DP I cook my meatloaf at 350 for 45-55 minutes. But when I put it in the loaf pan I mould it so it doesn’t touch the sides. We love the the ‘crispy’ outside so that way it has more.


  13. I love the magic involved in making television and movies, thanks for sharing some of it. Happy smiling faces makes the day oh so much better. Hope your day is going well. ((Lawren put away the knife))

  14. Loving the design of the whole bar. Those noodles look delicious! Happy new script writing. Hope you will have a lot of fun. 🙂
    I am looking forward to voting for the name of the third episode! :)))

  15. I thought the actors had real food on the show? Love the set! The grease stains are a nice touch.

    Drea: Yes, shopping was fun and Thanks! Still no word from Memphis Dr…. 🙁

    Das: You ok?

    DP: I look up food questions on Foodnetwork.com . It’s a good resource for any kind of recipe too.

  16. My face hurts from smiling at that noodle bar, neon and plastic sheeting, the Blade Runner of it all is so good. And if you play the Blade Runner video game then you know this is what that kitchen looks like behind the noodle bar where you have to shoot a Replicant before he escapes out the back door.

    I spent Sunday watching War & Peace which is spectacular, the costumes and battle scenes, the palaces. Paul Dano is amazing in it.

  17. HMMM yummy, a communal bowl of noodles. After a bowl like that I wonder how long it took you to feel hungry again. Were the noodle a bit l’ dante? Actually that looks like a good meal if out on the ice fishing in those chilly northern climates. What would you call a Japanese soup Nazi?

    Lucky you to have such an capable and attractive executive producer. I like the penguin shirt Akemi was sporting. I like Penguins. Looks like a fly photo bombed her hand.
    How did you do on the Super Bowl?

  18. So, many, dimples, in that first picture!

    I like how that place is kinda like a barber shop….point to what you want!

    -Mike A.

  19. Hi Joe, this is my first time posting so here goes… I’ve followed you since Stargate and have always enjoyed the inside information about the shows and your busy life (including noodles). I’m a dog lover as well, so your posts on your babies are always special (we have rescued Westies, a Cairn & a Scottie Mix now).

    I just finished watching the first season of Dark Matter thanks to Netflix and I was really impressed with the tight writing, the fantastic effects and wonderful cast. I have a couple of niggles that I felt somewhat out of the show that I was curious about…

    1) The sets of the ship are great and so convincing, until they go to a computer monitor that looks it came from any local computer store. Was this just a budget issue or just something that I’m just overthinking?
    2) In episode 12, the overall episode was great and I loved seeing Will (or Wesley as I’ll always see him) until he said my worst pet peeve in science fiction – Dampening Field. Is that how it was written or did Will just choose the wrong term (or did he intend to get everyone wet)? When we see him again, please tell him that it’s a Damping Field.

    I’ll probably go back to being a daily observer of your fantastic blog, but I was just curious about these couple of things. You should visit Alaska sometime, it’s beautiful here.

    – Brian

  20. Loving this set though I am suspicious of those noodles. I typically don’t eat anything that stands up on it’s own and am very wary of the pictogram of the mini tv with all the sprouty eyes and wiggly legs. I’ll go with the Ramen I think.

    Exciting times ahead! The eagerness level for S2 continues to grow. One character who has obviously been absent is Six. Where is he? Basking in his betrayal or trying to right a wrong after realizing who his real “family” is?

    Thanks as always for a glimpse into the magic behind the scenes! Stay warm & dry…until next time!

  21. Patrick loves noodles. It is the most requested thing on his communication program on his IPad next to “movie” or “Rock Band.” Akemi went back to blue, huh? She would sport any color I think.

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