I woke up this morning, rolled over, and checked the time.  7:00 a.m.  I briefly considered getting up to help accustomize my body to the early wake-ups to come…then thought better of it and went back to sleep, ultimately logging in a spectacular ten hours of sleep!  And, I have a feeling, I’m going to need it.

Tomorrow, the action kicks off at our second stage, the Hyperion-8 sets, where two of our characters plot their escape, someone gets taken down hard, one of our characters reveals a surprise “gift” from an old friend, Arax Nero “improvises”, and some black market lipstick comes in very handy.

How’s that for vague yet intriguing?

Hey, I came up with another idea for this blog that might be a lot of fun.  Those of you who were following back when the show first aired may have joined me on Periscope (https://www.periscope.tv) for a couple of live post-episode chats.  Today I was thinking: “Wouldn’t it be fun to do one of those live Periscopes while I was at work?  Maybe during prep on an episode?  Or while I’m at the office?  Or maybe even while I’m on set?”.  What do you think?  Who’s in?

In other Dark Matter-related news, here’s a link to an interview I did with Australia’s FilmInk about the show and the upcoming season:


Dark Matter made Fandomania’s Favorite TV Shows of 2015 list.  Thanks, gang!


Capping off today’s entry with some of the highlights of my Montreal trip…

January 3, 2016: The Calm Before The Dark Matter Storm!

Dinner and drinks with my long-time buddy, Lawrence – and his wife Mel (aka Mrs. Buddy).

January 3, 2016: The Calm Before The Dark Matter Storm!

Getting together with Supa Nige and the rest of the Movie Nite Crew for a double-feature (Third World Cop and War of the Arrows) and Bertram’s home made puncha cream.  Also, three varieties of flavored vodka: mandarin orange, salted caramel, and ice cream!

January 3, 2016: The Calm Before The Dark Matter Storm!

Mom’s neighbor, Valerie, invited Akemi and I over to her tea room for a tea ceremony.

January 3, 2016: The Calm Before The Dark Matter Storm!

The teddy bear tree.

January 3, 2016: The Calm Before The Dark Matter Storm!

Bubba’s numerous costume changes.

Alright.  Fun time’s over.  It’s back to work.  But first – a good (half) night’s sleep!

28 thoughts on “January 3, 2016: The calm before the Dark Matter storm!

  1. Count me in for Periscope! Any time, any day. Work or not, rain or shine, I want to see you on set and probably ask several really stupid questions. I don’t wanna brag, but really stupid questions are my specialty.

  2. Well, I woke up this morning, rolled over and checked the time… and it was 2am. Unfortunately, I’m still on my run of not sleeping through the night, and it’s getting darned tiring, I must say. Maybe tonight will be the night.

    I would certainly be up for an on-set Periscope broadcast, as long as it didn’t coincide with some pointless meeting at my own work. Or maybe even better if it did.

    Great pics! Bubba looks highly visible in his outfit. Safety first!

  3. Oh in other news, for some time I’ve been considering getting another budgie to accompany Brio and I’ve recently been in touch with the same breeder. Turns out they had a couple available and let me see both of them to choose. When I actually got to see them, they said because I was such a great pet parent to Brio that they were going to offer me both birds for the same price.

    So… I now have three budgies. *gulp* We’ll see how this goes! I’ll get some pics later and post them tomorrow.

  4. I’m not looking forward to my 5:30 a.m. Wake up tomorrow. 😒
    Happy Birthday @Ponytail!

  5. Yay! To being, almost, back to working on Dark Matter, looking forward to anything you post on here about…. lots of Jodelle please! 🙂 Sadly I don’t have any devices to use Periscope, but I’ll happily watch it if it’s uploaded afterwards. Btw, are there going to be more cast Q&As? Bubba looks like he’s sticking his tongue out at whoever put that coat on him, lol.

  6. The live-at-work Periscopes would be lots of fun. Anything behind-the-scenes and/or pre-production concepts is exciting.

    Ice cream vodka? I need this in my life. I had a chocolate salted caramel liquer for my hot chocolates over the holidays. Delicious.

  7. I’m totally in for a periscope while you work! Except for 9-2 EST…cause I start a new job tomorrow and pretty sure they frown upon periscoping while at work. I’ll have to get the scoop on that when I get there. One vote, yes!

  8. You had me at “live Periscope at work” I read no more. I don’t think you have to ask. YES!!! how cool is THAT!!!

    @gforce awwww budgies, I love budgies, 3 isn’t bad, We had 4 birds at one time 2 peach faced lovebirds, a parakeet and a cockatiel. When the cockatiel passed away it was too quiet in our house so after about 6 mos I had to get another bird. So we got a Quaker. 17 years later… she’s our one and only. Check out http://www.pattysparrotpalace.com – I volunteer there and right now I think, think, they are at 60 birds if not more. So what’s 3?

  9. On-set Periscope sounds good to me. I just can’t promise I’ll be able to attend due to schedule.

  10. How did you get in my daughter’s room for the teddy bear picture?

    The Periscope idea sounds interesting. When you asked about an idea for a special once a week blog I was going to suggest you introduce different dept. heads and have them explain what they do. You’ve introduced people before and I thought it was fascinating. Maybe it could be a Q & A of how they got their start in the business.

  11. @Kabra: Yeah, budgies are pretty low maintenance. I still miss my African Lovebird, Bart, who passed away last Summer. That looks like it would be an awesome place to volunteer!! I breaks my heart that any creature requires rescue from the hands of people.

  12. Thanks for all the pics through the Holidays and allowing us into your mother’s kitchen. You have the coolest friends. Mine are pretty cool too, was introduced to 360 Lemon flavored vodka this weekend. Not Limon infused, it’s flavored as in sugar sweet pour over ice and drink it straight. Delicious!

    Glad you made it back safe and sound to Toronto. Excited that shooting starts up tomorrow! I’m more excited about you going to your job tomorrow than I am of me going to mine…pretty sad.

    Went to see The Hateful Eight today. Thought of you and Akemi and your failed outing. I’ll not give any spoilers. It is however 2 hours 47 minutes long. Empty your bladder. Get a bucket of popcorn & small/medium Coke (take some rum to add to the Coke) and sit back for a long winter’s tale told as only Quentin can tell. He likes his dialogue.

  13. That is a pretty amazing teddy bear tree. Never seen anything quite like it before.

  14. I vote for the Periscope! I have it installed, but so far I’m only following a couple of insane Howard Stern whack packers and I really don’t need to watch a drunk dude roll a joint. So yeah, I’m in.

  15. Loving the teddy bear tree. Gives me an idea for next xmas!

    My fav highlight of your spending the holidays at your mom’s was Akemi’s posting today. Even when she’s freezing cold she’s adorable and never fails to inspire my smile and often a well expressed giggle or two aloud. xo


    one of our characters reveals a surprise “gift” from an old friend, Arax Nero “improvises”, and some black market lipstick comes in very handy.

    Ooooh, am getting some pretty good ideas of what that black market lipstick will be used for and am betting Barbara Feldon’s Agent 99 is about to get a run for her money so to speak when Nyx and Two rock the sex appeal making use of that black market item!

    Uh oh! Lookout boys! and prepare to be seduced and fall under the sleeping beauty curse with one sweet kiss!

    It’s gonna be a long week for ya eh. But am betting you’ll have fun at work tomorrow 😀

    @Tam here’s a little something to cheer up Rubezilla from Grumpy cat Hope she gets her appetite back soon. xo


    @gforce Congrats on the new family additions, Gary! May they lend much joy to you and your family in 2016. Have of you thought of names for them yet?

  16. I didn’t try Periscope the last time, but I could give it a go for sure.

    Get back to work! Need some DM on my TV!

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  17. The periscope idea sounds great! Never done it before but what the hell, I’ll give it a go! 😊
    Once again, you tease with vague, tantalising details of the day’s/week’s shooting! Once again, my Dark Matter storyline theories scatter, reform and, I know soon enough, will get totally blown out of the water! 😐
    ……… but I’m lovin’ every minute of it! 😉

  18. PS I bet the lipstick isn’t used by the girls!

    PPS I’m wrong ………. aren’t I! 😐

  19. Budgies are great! I am not a good bird parent, but I can adore from afar. I prefer my cuddle cats.

    I do like flavored vodkas. I make my own too, currant and grape. Great bases for fruity punches.

    Improving here, hard to gauge my pace of healing. Life is very messy at present.

  20. Live Periscope BTS – definitely!

    I also love the Teddy Bear tree.

    >>where two of our characters plot their escape
    someone gets taken down hard
    one of our characters reveals a surprise “gift” from an old friend
    Arax Nero “improvises”
    and some black market lipstick comes in very handy<<

    And all this in one episode……dang….can't wait to see it all kicking off 👍

  21. @ Drea Crysel, I’m crying from laughter at the “go reindeer” at 00:30, never seen a pug run that fast in the snow without dropping his antlers. The maple candy looked delicious, I’ve never had it but now I want to try. So here it is snowing and cold ass heck so all I’d need is to add syrup? Or is there a skill in twirling it up?

    More Periscope = greatness, I love all behind the scenes and extras. This week my behind the scenes obsession is the Obi Wan/Darth Maul/Qui Gon lightsaber battle in Phantom Mencace, from the music to the beautiful stunt work. Still not a Jar Jar fan but that is an epic battle.

  22. Well, in the good news department, I did put in my requests for pitcing one-on-ones here for All Access here in Winterpeg, Manisnowba for next week, so will need to get some pitch packages and one-sheets prepared for that! Which shall be made all the more fun (and I use that term loosely) with the fact I suffered another concussion on Christmas Eve while going into my mothers house through the outside entrance into the basement. Fell over my own feet while carrying in my pelican case (which houses my two DSLR’s, lenses, and other such stuff) and though I remember the fall, I don’t remember the moment my head must have crashed into the doorframe, nor when my head’s crash must have burst open the door. I do remember waking up to hearing the mad quacking of my mum’s two ducks (Daisy, an Indian Runner duck, with ivory and gold plumage, and Jiggs, a male Khaki Campbell, similar markings to a male mallard) , both of whom are kept in the basement so they don’t freeze to death outside.

    In any case, I am bound and determined to make this a HAPPY new year, doing creative work that I love!

  23. @ Drea and Tam Dixon – Thank you girls!!! 😆 😆

    @ maggiemayday – Glad you seem to be doing so good.

  24. I’m in for Periscope but I have to make sure I’m caught up on the blog so I know WHEN. Love the grumpy cat/happiness video.

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