January 4, 2016: Back On Set!  Dark Matter Season 2!

We were back on set today for Day #2 of Dark Matter Episode 202.  Normally, a 5:20 a.m. wake-up compounded by a thirty minute work-out would have had me nice and tired and ready for bed – at around 2:00 p.m.  Luckily, consulting producer Ivon Bartok was packing his GreensPlus.  A single shot was enough natural caffeine to keep me alert and awake well past 3:30 p.m.!

Pictured above: Director Bruce McDonald oversees the second level action.

January 4, 2016: Back On Set!  Dark Matter Season 2!

I got in at a respectably early time, half an hour before call (but admittedly later than a lot of the crew that had rolled in MUCH earlier), so that I could wish everyone a Happy New Year, get them to run down their holiday highlights, and then regale them with tales of my Montreal road trip.

Pictured above: Ivon gives Alison, Anthony, and Alex his capsule review of the new Star Wars movie.

January 4, 2016: Back On Set!  Dark Matter Season 2!

Spending time with family was nice, but getting back to my second family was even nicer.

Pictured above: Crew blocking.

January 4, 2016: Back On Set!  Dark Matter Season 2!

Pictured: Backlit prisoners, Hyperion-8 Gen. Pop.

January 4, 2016: Back On Set!  Dark Matter Season 2!

Pictured: The techno-crane gets a helluva workout in our first two episodes.

Finally, a little something from Dark Matter Key Hair Renee Chan – concept sketches of hairstyles for the dangerous Misaki Han…

January 4, 2016: Back On Set!  Dark Matter Season 2!

January 4, 2016: Back On Set!  Dark Matter Season 2!

This one was my favorite: practical (for sword fighting) and elegant.

January 4, 2016: Back On Set!  Dark Matter Season 2!

January 4, 2016: Back On Set!  Dark Matter Season 2!

I liked this one too.  Had nice retro Blade Runner feel.

January 4, 2016: Back On Set!  Dark Matter Season 2!

January 4, 2016: Back On Set!  Dark Matter Season 2!

Nice but felt more worthy of an Empress.
January 4, 2016: Back On Set!  Dark Matter Season 2!

Love the intricacy.  I’m saving this one for Akemi’s season 2 wrap party look!

22 thoughts on “January 4, 2016: Back on set! Dark Matter Season 2!

  1. Gforce: Have fun with the budgies! I’m sure they’ll fill your life with joy.

    KathyC: Good luck with the new job!

    Maggiemayday: Glad you’re on the mend!

    Mr. M.: Have you thought about adding a few yoga stretches into your routine? Those help my back.

    Love, love, love the empress sketches!!! It’s going to look so cool on screen. Glad your day went so well today. It’s always good when you like your co-workers.

    Drea Crysel: Thanks! I could use some cheering up. Even with three anti-nausea medications, I can still see Ruby is nauseous. I gave her all the meds first thing this morning. Tomorrow, the vet is going to tweak her meds to see if that helps. Rub’s even stopped drinking water (although, she plays in it). I can get the food down her but I can’t make her keep it. Still, she’s stronger, so that’s something positive. I’m taking Ruby for tests Wednesday morning. Wish us luck!

  2. So great to know things are rolling again on DM, as I keep saying every chance I get I can’t wait to see it. The set looks awesome. Just One, Three and Four today, or did the other have stuff to do too? The first of those designs is my favourite, as I said on Twitter.

  3. Every time I see the cell block set I want to see the cast do a version of Jail House rock for the Blu Ray!

  4. I like the “B” hairstyle better, but then again, elaborate asymmetrical hairstyles kind of bug me…must be the pedantic engineer in me seeking balance.

    @Tam Dixon:

    Good luck with Ruby. I hope she recovers soon.

    And I’ve made it to Vegas and I’m about to start the gauntlet that is the Consumers Electronics Show. We’ll see how I hold up to the 18+ hour days. I predict lots of caffeine in my future!

    By the way, restaurant suggestions are very welcome. It gets cray during the CES show and having backups is always a good idea.

  5. And that was supposed to be “crazy”. I’m not that hip…darn autocorrect.

  6. @JeffW: Yeah, I heard that CES is, like, totes cray!! 🙂

    @Tam: The budgies seem to be settling in, in fact it’s very clear already that the two new ones have very different personalities. One is very mellow, almost serene, while the other one is kind of pushy, dominant and hyperactive. Interesting. Brio seems mostly perplexed by the two of them, as if he’s wondering what they heck they even are.

    @Joe: Back to work! Looking forward to those Periscope sessions!

  7. You are soooo lucky to be able to live (and work) the dream!! And yes, I am sure Akemi would love those hairstyles!!!

  8. So Ive had a look around the Internet and haven’t seen this anywhere. I have complied a list of the “outstanding” questions raised by season 1 of Dark Matter. If you’ve got any fan theories or other questions/ answers I’ve missed anywhere feel free to add. Joe, I know we’ll get the answers to these soon, but any little teasers you could give us until the return of Dark Matter would be just great? Please…?

    Episode 1:
    Who fired the missile at the Raza before their first FTL jump?
    How did One get the Pendant that Rothgars people were supposed to have?
    How did one copy Jace Corso’s face?

    Episode 3:
    What was the key card that Five found near the dead boy, that she had earlier stolen leading to the murders of her old gang? And who were the people she stole it from?

    Episode 4:
    Will Jace Corso continue searching for the Raza and one?

    Episode 7:
    Who was the male whose voice played through Wendy and who placed Wendy on board (likely the same person)?

    Episode 12:
    Who was the man Rook was talking to in the bed?
    Who were Two and Four talking about in the recording Five found under the table?

    What year is Dark Matter set?
    Will we ever see earth?
    Will we ever see aliens?

    Also, I’d like to gauge peoples opinions in relation to how much the characters are actually as bad as they’re made out to be at the end of episode one:

    One- we know one isn’t the real Jace Corso so is he guilty of the crimes, or an innocent man wanting to avenge his wife?
    Two- technically made in a lab, has her “crimes” been reported to get her back to Rook?
    Three- We learnt in episode seven that he’s not as bad as he made out to be, but still lots of ambiguity
    Four- like two, is he guilty of the crimes he’s suspected of, or is it a plan by his step mother to get him arrested and bought back to Zairon? Crimes he committed to escape?
    Five- we know she’s innocent, but why did she write the programme to wipe the crews memories? Was it to protect whomever Two and Four were talking about in the recording, or some other reason?
    Six- is he working for the GA, and turned over the others as a bargaining chip, or is there another reason to it?
    Android: Just. Awesome.

    Long one… I know. Just putting it out there. I was waiting for the next mailbag!

  9. Things are rolling!! Glad to see 2, 3 & 4 on set. Loving that penitentiary brown outfit 2 & 3 were sporting. Or is that just a jumper to keep them warm between shots? As always love the sets. Gen pop is about to get interesting….

  10. Good to see everyone busy on and behind set. You got alot of people there Joe!
    Think I prefer second hair style – a little Bladerunnery as you said but elegant. The third one’s a bit Star Warsy ….. ? All have a very assertive/authoritarian feel about them though. Don’t mess with this lady! 😶

    MaggieMayDay – wish you well for a speedy, comfortable recovery 😊

    Tam Dixon – Ruby’s constantly in my thoughts. Give her an ear rub from me 🐾

  11. I was thinking (never a good sign), you liked my comment on twitter about that concept sketch looking “vampiric”, now did you just like it, or was it a subtle hint at some kind of vampire in DM? You said in an interview that strong female characters could bring in a younger female audience (words to that effect anyway if I remember correctly), another good tactic for that would be vampires, afterall Jodelle played “Bree” in Twilight…. wait, is FIVE some kind of vampire? There is something “other worldly” about her at times, hmmmm.

  12. Ah! C dat! I knew you’d have a good time on the set yesterday! Now wishing I’d actually have placed $$ on that bet! 😀

    I vote for hairstyle B. It says beautiful, confident, calm, logical and lethal without question, or hesitation.

    @Tam Hang in there kiddo!. Sending hugs and smiles your way and warm playful growls to Rube. xo Will keep my fingers crossed adjusting her meds helps. Have you tried a teaspoon of warmed up kitten or infant cereal to help her keep food down, yet?

  13. Weee! It’s 9 degrees here but I’m barely feeling it thanks to these great pics and again wow on the set design. New year new eps, can’t wait for it to air. Love the Blade Runner bun and Empress Braid for Misaki, in fact they all looked awesome.

  14. How is the GreensPlus? How about a short review? You know, in your down time. Hahaha. Hah. Ha.

    I like #1 also.

    Is it the lighting, or does Three have a few “encouragement lumps” on his face?

  15. Cool pics of the set!

    I agree with Jeff T about waiting for a jail house rock scene to happen.
    Personally, I like the Blade Runner look too for Misaki Han.

    Does anyone here watch SyFy’s new show, “The Expanse”? I think it’s at episode 5 now. So far, I’m liking it because there are elements reminding me of Dark Matter, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Universe and Defiance, all rolled in there. I understand it’s referred to as a space version of GOT by a reviewer, but I don’t see that.

    Anyone commenting?


  16. More great BTS and……the techno-crane 👍
    ‘where two of our characters plot their escape’ – Mmm….maybe, from this photo, Two and Three are the ones doing some plotting?

    I also like the Blade Runner hairstyle.

  17. I like the first two hairstyles best, although they are all quite excellent.

    Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. Progress was made today. Overall, this process can take months, so I am expecting a slow upward trend with some crankypants days thrown in.

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