And I am absolutely exhausted.  Following a two week whirlwind Montreal stay, early wake-ups, an intense new morning workout routine, and a four and a half hour drive back to Hog Town, I’m feeling a lot like these two –

January 2, 2016: Back In Toronto!

I have a little over a day to rest up before I head back to the Hyperion-8 Maximum Security Galactic Detention Facility where – well – all hell is about to break loose.  So much so that we couldn’t pack it in to a normal five-day work week and had to schedule a Saturday shoot as well.  How’s that for a “Welcome back!” present?

As production on Episode 202 continues with Director Bruce McDonald at the helm, prep begins on Episode 203.  And, of course, the writing continues on, oh, twelve different scripts in various stages of development.

It goes without saying that I’ll continue to update this blog on a daily basis, packing it full of behind-the-scenes insights and other goodies.  As for what those “other goodies” should be, I’ll leave that up for discussion.  In addition to the usual, I’m thinking of bringing back the Book of the Month Club in which we choose a book to read and then have the author drop by for a little Q&A discussion.  And since I’m going to have my hands full with the show, I thought it might be fun to do a comic book version of the book club.  There are a lot of great titles out there, a number of which I listed in yesterday’s blog entry.

What do you think?

What other territory would you like to see this blog explore in 2016?  I’m open to suggestions!

21 thoughts on “January 2, 2016: Back in Toronto!

  1. Hi Joe Welcome home to you, Akemi & the dogs. Is it OK if I just call it Hyperion8?

    My idea for the blog… What if once a week/month we all share one thing on a theme? It could be a favourite childhood book, or the worst thing you’ve eaten, or something from our garden we love… Things with stories.

    I’m off to the cricket again w/ my nephew… Awesome aunt hehe.

    Cheers, Chev

  2. Well, I’m sure our enthusiasm and eagerness to see s2 of DM will have us sending waves of positive and creative energy to you, the cast and crew…. Just keep FIVE safe though, she’s like the Willow (Buffy) of DM, there’s a collective gasp of fear and “how dare you!” when she’s in danger. 😉

  3. I’m pretty sure we’ll all be so wrapped up in season 2 daily updates we won’t have much time for anything else. We’ll all be looking like the pups! 😀

  4. Thanks for letting us tag along to your mom’s house. Always a pleasure to see her. Glad you had a good trip back.

  5. Great to hear you’re back safely! I love the idea of a comic BOTM club, it sounds more manageable time-wise than full-novels, as long as I can get the books. I would love to see a return of Cookie Monster’s movie reviews/discussions as well. Perhaps monthly or something so it’s easier to handle.

    I’m over at my friends’ place in PEI for the weekend for a holiday visit, but heading home tomorrow. It’s been a very nice visit and I’m glad I came over.

  6. Thanks for all the nice blogs from Montreal, and sharing your family with us.
    That sounds like fun for a new book club. I had planned to read a bit more last year and so I have. I was inspired by the book club to venture back to reading more and so I had purchased a least 5 novels to read on my iPad’s Kindle app. but my machine has experience a catastrophic failure so, so much for getting to read them. As I have experienced a let down in my physical and dietary well being I too am trying to get back into shape and quell then center of expanse, no not the universe. I heard there is an app to help monitor a diet the people are using. As far as any new territories, I was thinking I would like to take part in an off site whiskey club by getting a bottle equal to what you are b(r)ought. Would you have to finish a bottle at every sitting,or is a fill of a nice glass fine?

  7. well, you’re “timing” is good… I just noticed a big SNOW CLOUD over Montreal on the weather radar… You just missed a weekend “date” with a shovel!
    BTW, did you break any more Land-Speed Records getting back? – [remember, check for possible speeding tickets in your “in box”!]

  8. The things that I personally enjoy the most about this blog (which you already cover pretty thoroughly) is the interesting insights you provide on the “creative process”. For instance, I’ve noticed that during writing and producing, you’ll be understandably vague on certain current challenges so as not to give them away (such as “I can’t figure out how to get character X from place A to place B” or “I can’t decide on using shot A or shot B). I think it would be interesting to keep those musings in mind, so that when the episode rolls around (or after) you could fill us in on those previous allusions. You could maybe even give some season one insights in the meantime.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’d love to understand better the challenges of decision making in writing and producing.

  9. Hiya Joe!
    I do like your idea of the comic book version of the book club! I’ve only read a couple (one being your Dark Matter comic book, of course!) There’s so many out there, it would be great to be guided by you, to the best or most interesting or unique ones, seeing as you’re such a fan of them yourself!
    Chev’s idea could be fun too …. 😊

    And now it’s back to work…
    Sorry to hear you start the new year off with a six day week but really excited at the prospect of this action packed (epic!) episode … and all the other episodes to come !!! … being hinted/teased and photographed in this blog.
    . Thank you so much, Joe!
    Greatly enjoyed and appreciated! 😁

  10. I’m game for a return of the online BotM club. I’d even give some graphic novels and comic books a shot. It will help me broaden my literary horizons.

  11. I can’t wait for more BTS material on this season’s production of Dark Matter! I love seeing how it all develops! At the same time I would love a monthly comic book club! I was trying to get more into that genre this year anyway!

  12. If I had known you were driving back, I wouldn’t have submitted such a long post. Sorry and I’m glad y’all got back safely! Hope you catch a nap today.

  13. HAPPY 2016! Glad you all made it back to Toronto safely. xo

    As far as new territory for the blog in 2016: Was thinking it’d be an absolute blast! to do an improv comedy blog once per month with you and Ivon and perhaps special guests once in a while. You guys could basically just run a few paragraphs of hysterical dialogue/banter that feeds off each other and we could come up with fun snarky come backs to it. Bet it would get Deidre back here full time eh! 😀

  14. My, my, lots of good ideas so far. I agree with Keith that one of the things I enjoy most about this blog is when you delve into the creative process involved with creating, writing and producing a TV show. Perhaps to expand on that would be guests from the DM production team and cast that can specifically share their thoughts and experiences too. Then we’ll have your viewpoint as well as others from the same production. It may be mind blowing…

    Or, we could just encourage you to continue with your highly successful blog mix of personal life + work life + our lives + pups and pets!!

    I’m sure whichever way it lands your grateful readers will continue to enjoy it all.
    After all, we are family. And ardent Dark Matter fans!

    =^-^= =^-^=

  15. @Maggiemayday: So glad you are home now and beginning to recover. May you get well quickly and may 2016 prove to be a joyously magical, wondrous year filled with love n much laughter!

    @JeffW: When you head out to CES this week keep in mind, because of the Paris terror attack they have decided to search all people and bags going in and wont allow anyone with a rolling luggage carrier or more than 2 on the shoulder carry ins. Am betting lines to go in will be extremely long and slow, so be prepared to go early and if anyone’s finally come up with the a star trek holo deck or some other equally fun commercially viable application for touchable holography.. see if you can hide it in the inside pocket of a jacket and sneak it out the door for us eh! LOL! 😀

    @PONYTAIL: There just aint no waaaaaaay Am letting you forget its your special day!! 🙂

    xo HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! xo

  16. Ditto from above. I’m already in a book club thought I haven’t started this months title yet. Would give it a go. Liked babbamfans idea as well. Last graphic novel / comic I read was Dark Matter, before that was probably Scooby Doo in 7th grade. I’m game for whatever providing is not too challenging to obtain.

  17. Postal – there are two trades out so far – seems to be something right up your alley, Joe. It’s not my cuppa, but I can’t stop reading it…lol.

    My favorite series in the past few years was The Massive – a great story for those concerned about the environment. Intriguing, at times suspenseful, but without all the gore that has marred comics today. It tells a story, and develops the characters, without relying on shocking, graphic moments to hook the reader. It’s not a fast-paced story, but for me it was a page-turner, and one of the few books I really looked forward to. There are 5 trades in all, so it may not be the best for a book club, but I think it is worth a read.

    I’ve been reading some sci fi (space-based) books, too – Fuse, Copperhead, and…something else. I’ll have to check tomorrow – well, today – after I wake up. 😉


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