I’d set my alarm for 6 a.m. but actually got up a half an hour earlier at 5:30 a.m. Technically, I’d been awake even earlier if you counted the numerous times I woke up to anxiously check my alarm clock between 3 and 4 a.m.  Even earlier still if you counted that 2:00 a.m. text message from Blindspot creator/showrunner Martin Gero wishing me all the best on Dark Matter’s second season.

Because, yes, today was Day #1 of Episode #201 – and, more importantly, the first day of main unit on Dark Matter season 2!

December 9, 2015: Production Begins On Dark Matter Season 2!

Nope.  Not me driving home late last night.  This was me driving IN early this morning.

December 9, 2015: Production Begins On Dark Matter Season 2!

I assume this is the place.

December 9, 2015: Production Begins On Dark Matter Season 2!

Director Amanda Tapping gifts the Dark Matter Whiskey/y Club with a bottle of Hibiki Japanese Harmony.

December 9, 2015: Production Begins On Dark Matter Season 2!

Not to be confused with the Mallozzi special reserve.

December 9, 2015: Production Begins On Dark Matter Season 2!

Welcome to the Hyperion-8 Galactic Detention Facility.  Enjoy your stay!

December 9, 2015: Production Begins On Dark Matter Season 2!

Let’s get this show on the road!

December 9, 2015: Production Begins On Dark Matter Season 2!

All dressed and ready to go.

December 9, 2015: Production Begins On Dark Matter Season 2!

Jodelle enjoys a break from prison.  A prison break.

December 9, 2015: Production Begins On Dark Matter Season 2!

Sound recordist Rachelle is optimistically looking forward to a nice blanket of sound-buffering snow.

December 9, 2015: Production Begins On Dark Matter Season 2!

Rachelle, Jozie, Nikki, and Deano.

December 9, 2015: Production Begins On Dark Matter Season 2!

Horseplay on set!

December 9, 2015: Production Begins On Dark Matter Season 2!

The corridors were quiet today because all the action was in the quarters.

A fantastic first day.  We were all thrilled to have Amanda back in the director’s chair.  Tomorrow: “the confrontation” scene, a hotel room visit, and someone has laundry duty!

29 thoughts on “December 9, 2015: Production begins on Dark Matter season 2!

  1. Yay! I see Amanda is looking radiant as usual.

    Who’s that bearded fellow in the horseplay pic? He looks vaguely familiar. 😉

    Oh, the “confrontation” scene! Somebody’s got some ‘splainin’ to do!

  2. Laundry Duty?!? Hopefully there isn’t a group of guys referred to as “The Sisters” helping one of our beloved characters with laundry…

  3. What!!?? They’re using your Joseph Mallozzi Distillery’s Whiskey this season!? Complete with your mug shot? 😛 Was their something wrong with my Whiskey? (Well, at least you are using the American kind with an “ey” and not that crazy foreign Whiskey with a “y”.) 😉

  4. Hopefully today went off without a hitch & tomorrow will be even better! Great seeing Amanda on set. If I brought you a crate of Tennessee’s finest whiskey could I get a tour of the set? One can wish… Thanks for all the pics, updates & miscellaneous rants.

  5. I am up at 5 am and at work by 6:30 am every day. Later in the morning I stand up, stretch, and look out the window. It’s still dark. I always mumble “what the hell time does the sun come up around here anyway?” Repeat the next morning.

    You can tell Amanda Tapping is a Dark Matter Director veteran. She knows what to bring to work… a bottle of liquor.

    Any horseplay on set and just throw them in jail! hehehehe

    “the confrontation” – must be between Six and who? Everyone?
    “a hotel room visit” – Hmmm??
    “someone has laundry duty!” – I bet it is Three. He’d be funny doing laundry. Or are they going to put the Android to work?

  6. Okay, just one more comment. It is GREAT to see Jodelle back, sitting in her chair. Smiling. Just like last year.

  7. “Fully Matured” Really? I think not. “wink”

    (sorry, that was another comment that I couldn’t help)
    (turning off computer now)

  8. (Joe, I hope you will allow this OT post. It’s about a friend and SG fan. Email me if you have questions, please. Congrats on completing first shoot day of S2!)

    My talented friend Beth Baisch has been accepted to a course beginning early 2016 in Australia. To help her achieve her dream, please shop at her web pages.

    Original artwork:

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    Calendars, prints, jewelry, etc.

  9. Oh, and congrats to “my long-lost niece”, AKA FIVE /Jodelle, and to Ms. Amanda, and Ivon, and, well, just everybody!

  10. I’ve been laying low. I will continue to do so. Why? Because I don’t want to have happen with Dark Matter what has happened with Star Wars. All the hype over the last month or so – the Han Solo this, and the storm trooper that – has made me absolutely HATE the very mention of Star Wars, and have no desire now to see the movie.

    It’s like tasting so much of the batter that by the time the cookies are baked you’re already sick of them. I hope you understand, Joe. I still love you (in a non-creepy kinda way), I just don’t want to ruin my dessert. 😉


  11. yeah… It’s like the night before School starts.. Or, in my case, the night before a big craft show… However, to be honest, I usually go *TO* bed at 5:30am! #VampireHours

    BTW, check Amanda’s purse for another bottle. NO ONE should be looking *THAT* GORGEOUS *and* CHIPPER at *that* HOUR!!

  12. “Fully Matured” Really? I think not.

    @Ponytail – O’ yeah, Am most definitely with ya on that one eh! 😀

    Albeit here’s to hoping you never quite mature Joe
    because we loves ya just the way you are. XO

    @Gary By the way, You do realize I was just havin a bit o’ fun messing with ya yesterday right? I’d never do that to ya.. (At least not the wallpaper part of it anyway).

    Albeit, can’t really speak to the flat iron and Joe getting just wasted enough on whiskey to start stripping your walls, part of it.
    With Joe .. ya just never really know, eh. Its entirely possible he could be serious about that.


  13. WhooHoo!

    I wake up early all the time now, and I haven’t worked a job for ages. Early waking, a form of insomnia. But quiet dark morning is so nice, I don’t mind much.

  14. Amanda looks fabulous, so nice to see everyone alert and happy at the crack of dawn. I’ve got first day of school butterflies for you guys, hope it goes well and I’m looking forward to fresh DM on my TV soon. But one important question remains; what did you guys have for lunch? You guys are eating all the fries and meaty sandwiches that I’m no longer able to have, so while I nibble my avocado and kale salad today I’ll be wondering what delicious meal you guys are having on set.

    Again fantastic sets, just amazing detail.

  15. Well now I have to try Candy Cane popcorn. Thanks shinyhula!

    Yay for Amanda!

    Yay on your face printed on the Whiskey (very cool!)!

    Snow, huh? I hope it stays up there. It’s been 60ish here (15.5C). I can live with this. Keep warm!

  16. One other thing, Amanda must be an alien like Ming Na because those two ladies don’t age.

  17. Opposite Das… I don’t want SPOILERS of course, but it’s fun to watch the production end with your blog. As for SW.. well I have DVR so I skip most and really have seen limited. For the most part, we can control what we see. I want the series NOW NOW NOW.. but in the meantime, great to see everyone and wonderful to see Ms Amanda’s big smile!

  18. @ Tam Dixon, the Candy Cane popcorn is criminally good, white chocolate drizzle and peppermint over slightly salty popcorn. I found recipes to make your own online, I’m going to try my hand at it over Xmas.

  19. Oh yes….I remember that darkness on the way to work at the un-Godly hour a mere 2-1/2 weeks ago. So glad I’m getting a break this week.

    Wish I could tell you what Texas Whiskey/whisky tastes like but alas, I am allergic to alcohol (yep, even the stuff in cough medicine and cooking extracts) although rubbing alcohol on my skin doesn’t seem to be an issue. Jeff is more of a wine/beer sort of guy so he couldn’t help me on that one.

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