November 12, 2015: Scripts Are Out!  Props Are Primed!  And Lulu Is Bummed!

November 12, 2015: Scripts Are Out!  Props Are Primed!  And Lulu Is Bummed!

November 12, 2015: Scripts Are Out!  Props Are Primed!  And Lulu Is Bummed!

Two down(ish); eleven to go!  If all goes as planned, Jodelle and co. should have two more scripts (Episodes #203 and #204) to curl up with next weekend.

Victoria came by this morning for her regular 10 a.m. props show-and-tell.  We discussed variations of these…

November 12, 2015: Scripts Are Out!  Props Are Primed!  And Lulu Is Bummed!

…and these…

November 12, 2015: Scripts Are Out!  Props Are Primed!  And Lulu Is Bummed!

Trust me, when the episode airs, you won’t even recognize them.

A meeting with the Art Department today as well in which we discussed the myriad builds for our opener.  It’s gonna be HUUUUGE!  Next Tuesday, we’ll be taking a tour of the sets-in-progress.  Who’s coming?!

Speaking of our Art Department, I received an email today from Production Designer Ian Brock that made me smile.  Not that his emailed suggestions, sketches, and concept art don’t ALWAYS bring me great joy – it’s just that, on this occasion, he already had me at the heading:

November 12, 2015: Scripts Are Out!  Props Are Primed!  And Lulu Is Bummed!

Shuttle, puddle jumper – tomato, tomahto.

November 12, 2015: Scripts Are Out!  Props Are Primed!  And Lulu Is Bummed!Akemi suspects Lulu is depressed.  Does she look depressed to you?  A little despondent?  A tad melancholy?

November 12, 2015: Scripts Are Out!  Props Are Primed!  And Lulu Is Bummed!

I mentioned this a while ago.  Ever since Jelly passed, she’s been unusually quiet; less playful and clingy.  Every morning, she’ll crawl up into my arms and fall asleep until it’s time to wake up.  Apparently, she spends most of the day curled up in her dog bed – a far cry from the days when she used to drive everyone nuts by continually chasing her toys through the house.

November 12, 2015: Scripts Are Out!  Props Are Primed!  And Lulu Is Bummed!

I’m thinking I may bring her in to work with me tomorrow; see if some daddy-daughter time cheers her up.

24 thoughts on “November 12, 2015: Scripts are out! Props are primed! And Lulu is bummed!

  1. I would love, love, LOVE to do a set tour. Name the time! 🙂

    Lulu has been through a lot of changes recently. And I fully believe that pets can experience a sense of loss and grief. Lulu spent her entire life with Jelly around, I’m sure she has a sense of loss. Plus with the move it’s understandable that she’s been out of sorts. Just keep on loving her. She couldn’t ask for better pet parents.

  2. Maybe it’s time Lulu got a starring role on Dark Matter. Perhaps the big villain for season 2 or an unlikely ally for the team. That’s bound to cheer her up. Or alternatively maybe it’s time to take the plunge and look into adopting another dog.

  3. I applaude Lulu for sitting still for the pics. I think some daddy-daughter time is just what she needs!

  4. I think your daughter Lulu looks just like you. Same brown eyes, same dark hair. Her ears are slightly bigger than yours, but still… I bet she would love to go to work with you and help boss people around.

    I’ll be there next Tuesday.

  5. She looks cute. Poor girl. One of my cats seems to miss Harry but the other cat could not care less. Daddy daughter day sounds like a wonderful idea!

  6. Scripts – woohoo! #BringItOn

    Puddle jumper? Tell us more?

    Touring the sets – yes, please……Would love it to happen again, in March when I’m over in TO? 😘

  7. And don’t forget to sing to Lulu, she will like that. The last picture, looks like she is very far away and don’t we wish we could read her mind.. or they could talk.. daddy-dogter would be good for both of you.. good luck.. Hope she gets out of her funk.

  8. You’er kidding, right? You are kidding? I could be there in the morning for a tour if you were not teasing.

    Lulu has experience many significant changes. So I am sure she is feeling a bit confused. Good suggestion for the office scene.

  9. Maybe Lulu needs a visit with @cloverblob. Wait, that might be traumatic. But she has a “brother” so maybe a play date with someone younger would spark interest in those toys again.

  10. All production offices REQUIRE a Production pup around! I know when working in the office of Rabbit Fall in their first season, one of our producers (Avi F.) would always bring his dog to the production office and she would shuffle about the office, the queen of her queendom, getting scratches on the head (and sometimes a snuggle on the lap, if she trusted you enough!), making sure we were all not overworking ourselves. Hope it helps Lulu out so she can feel like she is part of the “team”!

  11. Having recently lost my last generation of girls, both at age 20 (2 years apart ) it is hard for them to adjust to the loss of a loved companion. We got a kitten a few months after my Mei Mei died in August, 2013. Then 18-yr old Maggie was both interested and annoyed by the kitten. But she came out of her depression. When Maggie left us the end of May this year, the then-2 yr old kitten was a bit depressed but their bond wasn’t close like Maggie and Mei Mei’s 28 year relationship. It’s time for a new family member, Joe!

  12. Aww, poor Lulu. She does look unusually sad. Give her a scratch from Uncle Jim. She is in my top 5 of my favorite dogs I’ve never met. =)

    Nice work on the scripts. Now get those episodes in the can so we can do our jobs and watch.

    As for the future props, I’m going with 1) Communication device 2) Alien testicles.

    Oh yeah, on that: Will we be seeing any alien species this season? It’s a big galaxy. There must be an alien or two.

  13. Just a thought, but could Fondy bring her dog over? Weren’t Lulu and Fondy’s pup about the same age? A doggy play date might help.

    Btw, how is your lung?

  14. Poor LuLu. I have no doubt that she’s sad. You used to bring one or more of your dogs to the Stargate set. Did you stop doing that when your babies got older? I think it would cheer her up to have all manner of people adoring her. It would distract her from her sadness.

    Puddle Jumper – WOO HOO! #LongLiveStargate

  15. Regarding lungs….just had a friend suffer a partial collapse of a lung. The symptoms were chest pains. He went to ER and they discovered the problem with an xray.

    Spontaneous Pneumothorax – This can happen for apparently no reason.
    Please consider getting xray the next time you have the chest pains.

  16. Production update: yay!
    Lulu update: Aww…..

    If she comes to the set, any chance of getting a picture of her posing with her namesake? Maybe with Anthony Lemke demonstrating the proper way to handle Lulu (and Lulu)?

  17. I just randomly ran across BoltBait’s name with his pic in the profile at StackOverflow in a probably outdated (from ’08) discussion about using Cursors. It’s a small internet after all.

  18. Can’t wait for season 2 to start…can’t wait for my favorite Android to return

  19. Hello. I oh-so-late have it on in-house authority [= husband] that first picture is of Lulu wanting something. Other 2 of Lulu show that all-important human providers are not receiving mind-reader message of what Lulu wants. Now it seems from seeing your next-day log, her worry was not as well founded as the pictures implied. Something about meeting lots of friends — brand new and renewed — helped.
    [[[ I notice that the Dark Matter logo shows 6 silhouettes. Yet the “android” is not included — or one of the 6 is omitted? I accept that there are 6 characters by number but there is also a 7th — possibly the one being looked for in particular as evidenced by at least one of the other comments. Hmmm… ]]]

  20. Since it is now Tuesday, I’ve obviously missed the opportunity. That happens a lot for me as of late.

    Lulu has been through a lot. Remember when Jelly passed it was right before your move back to Vancouver. Then you had some travel there, then a trip back to a new place (new to her at least). Also, dogs are sensitive to the feelings of people around them, so even if you may not have Jelly on your mind all the time and not crying, she could still be picking up on the sadness you and Akemi are still feeling even if you are not verbalizing it.

    I’m sending you this link but DON’T watch the video. It is just too difficult, especially with your grief still so close to the surface. (Sophia Yin is a very respected vet/behaviorist in the dog training circles here).

    Hope these help. Sending all my love to all of you.

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