November 13, 2015: Daddy-daughter Day!

Check it out!  I’m heading to Japan where my buddy Ivon and I will embark on our new career as the hilarious Osaka comedy duo Gaijin and Tonic!  Got my suit and I’m ready to go!  Ikimasho!

November 13, 2015: Daddy-daughter Day!

Lulu this morning was looking a little down.  But, as promised, she was in for a treat today…

November 13, 2015: Daddy-daughter Day!

Road trip!!!  Today was daddy-daughter day at the office.  Lulu got to hang around while I worked on my latest script.  Call me crazy, but between all the attention lavished upon her and the extra treats (including a little roast chicken off my lunch plate) she actually seemed MUCH happier than she’s been in weeks.  She did the rounds of the production office, played with her toys, met a bunch of people, went out for multiple walks, and lazed around.

November 13, 2015: Daddy-daughter Day!

Meanwhile, back on the home front…

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to our friends, families, and fans in Paris.

13 thoughts on “November 13, 2015: Daddy-Daughter Day!

  1. That suit definitely works for you.

    There ya go, that’s Lulu’s problem! The poor thing is love starved! 😉 then again, Bubba looks rather unimpressed himself.

    That is a terrible tragedy in Paris. My heart goes out to everyone there.

    Big move day tomorrow! Finally!

  2. Yay for Lulu! Can you bring her to work again?

    Horrible about Paris! Sending prayers to them! It’s like something out of a movie. 😦

    @Gforce: Hope the moves goes smoothly.

    Bubba looks so handsome. Will he get lonely without Lulu?

  3. Oh, starting to see a trend here; looks like Bubba is in need of an office visit too

    Gaijin and Tonic! too funny

  4. Great suit and really happy Lulu enjoyed her day.

    I have no words can express my reaction to Paris beyond overwhelming sadness.

  5. I woke up in the very early hours of this morning and decided to check out Joe’s blog, as per usual. I read your comments and confused I googled news. Stunned.
    We’ve had ‘stuff’ happen here in London – hell, I heard the Hyde Park bombs (IRA), walked passed The Admiral Duncan pub just 10mins before (nutter) and my one day of work outside of London that week happened to be 7.7
    But what happened in Paris … terrible … so, so bad … too bad

  6. So glad Lulu enjoyed herself. You will have to take her more often. Bubba wants his turn. I’m hip with that suit.

  7. Love the suit Joe. its definitely ‘you’. So glad bringing Lulu out on an adventure to the set cheered her up. She just seemed so bummed of late. xo I watched my neighbors pup go through the same thing when she lost her sibling. Her depression seemed to last a full year. She’s fortunately doing much better now and its wonderful to see her enjoying life again.

    Hi Guys! sorry I’ve been absent last few days. In addition to my usual over loaded work schedule I’ve been helping out a friend this past week with an indie movie fundraising campaign they’d been struggling with. Its actually for a really good cause. They’re Working in partnership to raise funds for a small community foundation that brings much needed 3d printed full functional robot prosthetics to underserved children. Sooo If any one would like to pitch in a few bucks to help out the campaign you can just click on my twitter or j ‘s @thatjameskahn. Am sure he and the e-nable foundation will definitely appreciate it. Both are good causes and good people. xo

    @gforce yay Gary! you’re finally getting to move into the new house! Thank goodness its happening before ya hit snow storm season. xo Hope you’re gonna have a nice house warming when ya get settled in so your friends and new neighbors can come enjoy the beautiful view.

  8. Yay! So glad you followed your instincts and took her to work. She probably needs more of these days.

    So glad @Gforce it is finally move-in day for you.

    I just wanted all of you to know that cherluvya’s daughter was over in Paris right in the middle of things in Paris. After a scary few hours, I did find out she was safe. And it’s Tuesday now and she is now back in the States.

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