November 11, 2015: Costumes And Canines!

Last year, whenever I went down to the costume department, I’d notice the dog pictures lining the far wall – funny photos of pooches dressed up as samurai or miners, running a science experiment or playing cards.  A new one would go up, roughly once a week, and I didn’t think anything of it until I took a closer look and realized there was a method to the mutty madness.  Each dog photo was thematically on point!  Samurai Dog = Episode 109.  Miner Dog = Episode 102. Mad Scientist Dog = Episode 111.  Card Playing Dog = Episode 1o4,  Suddenly, it all made sense!

And so, I was delighted to see the tradition continue this year with a brand new picture to kick off the new season.  Pictured above is our Episode 201-themed dog photo.  Teaser alert!

(Last season’s dog pic rundown:

November 11, 2015: Costumes And Canines!
The impeccably dressed Noreen Landry calls the clothing shots!

Today, we had our very first wardrobe meeting of the young season.  Costume Designer Noreen Landry was fairly bursting with great new ideas.  And also quick to remind me of a few of the things I promised her back in season one in the event we did get a second season pick-up.  In no particular order: hats, more color, and aliens!

My aversion to hats stems from my experience working with the great Peter DeLuise, an enormously talented director who positively HATED onscreen headwear.  I remember watching dailies once and bursting out laughing at the sight of one of our leads, undercover as a simple villager, wearing a silly hat.  “You see!”shouted Peter, following up with a sad shake of his head.  “Now it’s a scene about a hat!”

November 11, 2015: Costumes And Canines!

Also in attendance and back into the swing of things was Assistant Costume Designer Anna Dal Farra.

November 11, 2015: Costumes And Canines!

And Unit Manager Robbie David who is on hand to act as my bodyguard in the event things turn ugly for me.

November 11, 2015: Costumes And Canines!

A very early version of our Hyperion-8 prison guard uniforms.

November 11, 2015: Costumes And Canines!

This one doesn’t belong on this particular uniform but it’s something I’ve never noticed before – the Ferrous Corp insignia!

November 11, 2015: Costumes And Canines!

Infirmary-wear for Devon.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to the memories of our military veterans.

12 thoughts on “November 11, 2015: Costumes and Canines!

  1. Has there ever been justification for why swords are used in the Dark Matter universe? Originally I had thought that the Ishidan soldiers were uniquely well armored and perhaps that’s why they embraced and unusual method of warfare, but they died as easily as anyone else so far to the good old shot in the general direction with a low caliber weapon.

  2. The ladies in wardrobe are very pretty. Who do they enjoy dressing the most?? That black and red jacket for the Hyperion-8 prison guard uniform reminds me of Michael Jackson. Then I see a picture of Michael Jackson in front of Designer Anna Dal Farra and think, awe ha!! I knew it!! Not just my imagination. The Ferrous Corp insignia is cool. (Cute bodyguard btw)

  3. Haha PDL is awesome…. when I read what he said I read it in Peter’s voice… anyone else do that?

    Remember Zippy on Stargate? Oh man that hat lol.

    I really like the prison uniforms… intriguing that they are red, not blue, grey etc…

    Counting down the days until my trip to the Arrow convention. Also on the trip is a visit to the HQs of Google, Twitter and Levi Stadium, where the Superbowl will be held.

    All the best, Chev

  4. Not too hard to guess the meaning of the doggie pic!

    Right in the midst of moving my stuff to the new house. So excited, and yet I’m tired already. Or rather, still tired. 🙂

    Some pics of the inside.

  5. ~~gforce, nice place, I like it when they are pretty and clean and brand new, nice wood floors, and love a fireplace..
    ~ Joe do they find the dog pictures online or is that someones dogs they dress up??

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