In addition to the Art Department, our crack VFX crew is going to have their hands full as well heading into prep on Dark Matter’s second season.  I’ve already offered up sneak peeks at some of our Maximum Security Detention Facility Hyperion-8 interiors.  Today, I offer you a sneak peek at Hyperion-8’s exterior.

It’s an escape-proof prison not only because of the way it was designed, and the security measures in place, but because of it’s location.  In the unlikely event prisoners actually manage to escape the grounds, they won’t be getting very far.  Not without a spacesuit.

And a lift.

November 3, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Sneak Peek!  Moon Base Hyperion-8!

Early concept art compliments of the Art Department gang.  They spoil us!

November 3, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Sneak Peek!  Moon Base Hyperion-8!

The only thing missing here is the City of Atlantis (

16 thoughts on “November 3, 2015: Dark Matter season 2 sneak peek! Moon Base Hyperion-8!

  1. I totally agree about the Atlantis thing. That thought kind of pains me.

    For some reason I thought H8 was a space station, but it’s far cooler as a moon based facility. Those concepts drawings look fantastic.

    Last rehearsal of the musical was this afternoon/evening. From here, it’s do or die (on stage). Reminds me of this little ditty!

  2. You have got the best artists!! That big planet in the background is spooky cool!

    @ gforce – Break a leg! 😉

  3. Wow! That looks like Earth…. Very cool prison… I wonder how they escape and if it will take the entire season to do so. I know you’ll have an awesome plan Joe.

    These are great sketches. Very talented Art Department.

    Sorry we didn’t get Dark Matter past the preliminary round of People’s Choice Voting… I voted my fingers off… Just not enough. Great to be nominated though.

    Cheers, Chev

  4. “…because of it’s location. “


    Just because I know you missed having me proofread for you. 🙂

    D as in Damn annoying grammar nazi


  5. @gforce: I watched the video. Which one are you? 😉
    But really, good luck with the show and have a great time!

    @joe: Great concept art!

  6. Escape,,, hmmm, you are forgetting how resourceful our heroes are!! What’s a spacesuit among friends. The android won’t need one, and maybe the nose oxygen plug was invented in the meantime, portable and invisible, so maybe a pair of steam punk goggles is all we need.. Just pondering.
    Cool artwork!!

  7. Gforce: Break a leg?! As a mom, I find that hard to say.

    Those pictures look fantastic! I do hope you’re getting some of these framed.

  8. Great concept art, especially love the large planet in the background! Love the whole concept of a lunar prison base, very MIB3.

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