You know what I enjoy doing while working on a new script?  Anything BUT writing. I’ll go for a stroll, research, check out the kitchen, re-watch auditions and, occasionally, head downstairs and see what the gang is up to…

November 4, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Prep!  The Gang At Work!

Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock considers space toilets.  It’s the little things…

November 4, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Prep!  The Gang At Work!

Research is key!  Prop Master Victoria Klein tests the prison food (and cutlery!) on Props Buyer Susan Woorts.

November 4, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Prep!  The Gang At Work!

The individual cells are coming along.  Doesn’t that bunk look comfy?

November 4, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Prep!  The Gang At Work!

Back on Stargate, Executive Producer Robert Cooper would always stress the importance of ceilings and floor.   It’s something that has always stayed with me and that I’ve carried through into Dark Matter.  Pictured above, some options courtesy of the Art Department.  I think we all prefer the Modern Masters Pewter (lower left) for our Super Max.

November 4, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Prep!  The Gang At Work!

Hey!  It’s Set Designer Doug Slater, MacGyvering a quick treatment for a severed ear.  No time for hospitals.  Staples and super glue work just fine.  Now back to work, Doug!

November 4, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Prep!  The Gang At Work!

Hey, it’s The Raza – minus a gun turret (a casualty of San Diego Comic con).

November 4, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Prep!  The Gang At Work!

See, THIS is why that 3D printer was such a great investment.  First a model of Dark Matter’s badass ship, next –

November 4, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Prep!  The Gang At Work!

Your very own Joseph Mallozzi action figure in its original stasis pod packaging.  Mint condition!  What’s my first bid?

30 thoughts on “November 4, 2015: Dark Matter season 2 prep! The gang at work!

  1. Lotsa goodies in the backgrounds of some of these pictures, Joe! 😉

    Love the pewter, too. Nothing as intimidating and cold as a metal “fortress” of a prison.

    Interesting picture of you in the stasis pod. Either you were just passing by it on the Raza set while they were testing it out and got a quick pic, or there’s something more behind it. I’m going with the latter…. Either someone’s going back in one, or there’ll be some sort of flashback/rewind/restart, or a new character will be found. Hmmm. Let the wild, baseless speculation begin!

    -Mike A.

  2. That prison bowl is perfect for making cupcakes. Who says prison can’t be fun? I had terrific cranberry orange muffins over Halloween, the trick I was told is to soak the cranberries in sugar beforehand.

    Still recovering from Halloween, now that USAirways has merged with American it seems their exciting new policy is one free bag and guaranteed flight delays.

  3. To be honest, that bunk reminds me of the bed I use nightly in my dormitory here at the University of Manitoba, lol…..though honestly at times I am just so thrilled to crawl into that thing most nights, I forget this is “just a dorm” and think of this 52 year old building as “home sweet home”!

  4. What accessories come with the action figure? I would expect extra cufflinks at the very least. Also maybe silverware and a plate of corn tamales. Or a chocolate fountain?

  5. Cool details that you’re sharing! On colors, I imagine that in the future how color effects moods might be studied more. Here’s from an article about the physiological effects colors have on our behavior:

    Grey inspires people to be passive, uninvolved and have a lack of energy. If you like wearing grey, pairing it with a brighter color will help offset the effect.” I’d say you’d want passive and lack of energy in a prison. So I’d go with a grey. Or gray. I’m never sure how to spell that word.

    Love, Love, LOVE the 3D printer. Can you print a new part for my truck, a sun visor? A new one is $160 and they stopped making them. Thankfully, it’s made out of plastic, so I drilled a hole in it and wired the whole thing together. Fingers crossed!

    That doll would make a great X-mas present for your mom or sis. 😉

  6. Cool, your action figure is all dressed up with suit and tie.
    BID $250 US

    ummm what else comes with it?

  7. Tree-fiddy-one and 2 bananas!!!! I plan to make you stand in the stasis pod with only your undies on…. heheheheeeeee 🙂

    omg who severed Doug’s ear?! Alex? There is a First Aid Kit right behind him, so I kinda think you are pulling our leg.

  8. True story – I actually witnessed the demise of the Raza’s gun turret at SDCC. Not saying who, not saying how, but I just happened to be in the right place at the right time when it happened. Well, wrong time for the tiny Raza.

  9. Ha! and you laughed at me when I mentioned toilets in an earlier post. Can I guess which episode will be directed by Peter Delois? (The wheel of life.) Since YYZ does not have a grand local selection of Beers, I would have suggested some of my local favorites like a 12pack of Nordeast or a variety of Serly for the action figure, not that I am trying to start a bidding war.
    I would go with the pewter, much easier to clean and saves on energy for lighting

  10. “I bid three bags of our favorite cheddar/caramel popcorn.”

    Damn!! FOUR bags cheddar/caramel popcorn!!!

  11. Dang! that 3D printed collectable is pretty “animated” for something that’s supposed to be an action figure still in stasis. It deleted my bid!! n it was a really great bid! (the joke that went with it was pretty funny, as well)

    Oh Fine! Have it your way, eh! I bid 2.53 US 🙂 but if my nephew doesn’t get the action figure I’ve now promised him Am sending him over to visit you and Akemi for a whole month when he throws his tantrum over it. 😀 😀 😀

  12. Space toilets! It’s about TIME! 546 hours (yes I Googled it) of Star Trek, and we never ONCE saw a toilet.

    I prefer the pewter as well. One thing that always impressed me on all versions of Stargate were the sets, and the attention to detail. Rob knows what he’s talking about. It’s great to see that carry over to Dark Matter.

    I bid $27.18US. Sorry, that’s all I have in my pocket.

  13. Ok if that is you in the stasis pod,?? who exactly has been posting this blog,, another mystery, ,did you get cloned and we didn’t notice??, maybe you can clear it up for us in S2,,, gosh I love a mystery!!

  14. I bid $500USD for set tour and to spend lunch with Victoria Klein & Susan Woorts! To learn from the masters is priceless! =)

  15. jimfromjersey,

    Pretty sure we saw Rodney’s bathroom on SUNDAY in SGA!

    I was impressed with that much!

  16. @JimFromJersey writes: “I bid $27.18US. Sorry, that’s all I have in my pocket”

    Darn it Jim! Why’d ya have ta go n be so fracken selfless!

    Well Joe, ya know…maybe I’m not cut out for this ruthless sport of auction bidding, after all. I was gonna out outbid Jim by offering 27.19 plus a dozen of the worlds best chocolate chip cookies + a hand drawn doodle from my uber talented nephew on the payment envelope. but Jim loves you so much he just gave ya ‘ALL’ his money and now he’ll probably have to rely on free soup kitchens to feed him for some time to come just so he can make good on that bid, so I just cant do that to the poor soul! Awwww! Bless his big sweet overly generous heart!

    I mean sure… my nephew is loud and is prone to having the most awful, violent, overly long winded, tantrums when he doesn’t get exactly what he wants, but who knows eh? He might actually kinda enjoy playing with the ‘real life’ Joe Mallozzi action figure for a whole month instead while he visits at your apartment and ever so gradually winds down from that tantrum.

    By The Way: Did I? happenstance to mention that video I posted of my nephew is now 20 yrs old. My dear nephew’s actually all grown up now. He stands several inches taller weighs a few hundred pounds more and put his natural talents from his childhood to excellent use by becoming a professional wrestler and body builder. He’s such a champ too! He can even bench press well over a thousand pounds without even batting an eyelash!
    Albeit ya know I just cant help but still love him soooo much. No matter how much of a highly disciplined pro he has become at it he’s never lost his adorable boyish charm and love of playing with his action figure toys! xo

  17. Waaaaiittt a minute…. do we have to keep this action figure fed and clothed? No deal! 🙂

    Tonight is opening night! *gulp*

  18. I couldn’t afford the action figure. Love seeing everything else. sorry not longer only typing with one hand and I hate iy.

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