November 2, 2015: Welcome To Hyperion-8!  Pod-shopping!

Welcome to Hyperion Eight, Maximum Security Galactic Detention Facility.

Logo compliments of 1st Assistant Art Director Roxanne Borris.

November 2, 2015: Welcome To Hyperion-8!  Pod-shopping!

In the market for some new-look pods this upcoming season.

November 2, 2015: Welcome To Hyperion-8!  Pod-shopping!

Check out this varied selection.

November 2, 2015: Welcome To Hyperion-8!  Pod-shopping!

I’m leaning toward the sleeker models – 5, 6, and 7.

What do you think?

36 thoughts on “November 2, 2015: Welcome to Hyperion-8! Pod-shopping!

  1. Agreed on the pods – I like 6 & 7 particularly. I also like 11 & 12, but maybe that’s just because it would probably film better by showing the people inside.

  2. Oh, I read today that they’re planning a new Star Trek TV series on the CBS streaming service. Given that Kurtzman is running it, and how egregiously awful the last movie was, I’m not optimistic. Maybe if they have the sense to actual get some decent writers it will have a chance, but I’ll believe it when they see it.

  3. Personally, I’m a fan of 5 and 8; I’ve always been a sucker for the sleek box look. Never been much of a fan of round pods, they remind me too much of tanning beds. It also depends on how they’re arranged. If the pods will be placed side-by-side I would prefer 5 with perhaps a central control console, but if there were just one per room I would prefer 8.

    All cool designs though!

  4. I see Roxanne Borris is up to her usual awesome graphics self. I would prefer a pod that tilts up like 1-4, 11 or 12. Can I wear more clothes than just underwear? I’m the shy type. Are those prison pods? Don’t they know the Raza crew will find a way out of a pod?

  5. Hi Joe I like 6 & 8 best… 5 looks coffinish to me.

    I hope everyone is well… I’m trying to stop a losing streak in Fantasy Football… Go Carolina!!

    Meanwhile it’s Melbourne Cup day… The best public holiday lol. I’m off to select my horses and place my bets.

    Also I’m doing more prep for my upcoming US trip to go to a convention and meet BamBam. I’m beyond excited!!

    Best wishes everyone.

    Cheers, Chev

  6. I kind of like 5 and 9. Both seem to be less complex and would have more practical functionality. Great adventures ahead, I see. Off to get that Hyperion 8 tattoo. . .

    Wait, that design is finalized, right?

  7. I like 11,1,&4. Something with the person elevated gives it something extra. Less Tan Bedish like when their laying down. But excited to see the new series!

  8. I agree with your pod selection, as they look like functional pods you’d place a humanoid into, easily accessible (need to be able to walk in and out of it).

  9. Hmm, on the pods, 6 kinda looks like a sunbed, 3 looks big enough for 2 people, the ones that sit up, depends on the room they are in to be used for if sit up is good. I would not like to be in any of them unless I was knocked out, ,tight quarters.

  10. @gforce — I saw the news about the new Star Trek series as well. It’s trending on Twitter right now with over 91,000 tweets. Premieres January 2017 on CBS, but I think their strategy is going to fail. Releasing the first episode on television, then releasing the rest exclusively on CBS All Access (with reruns later appearing on television) is ridiculous — simply a money grab by CBS. Also, it sounds like they don’t want to dedicate a spot on their primetime schedule for the show.

    There are still many questions that need to be answered though. Will CBS return to the original timeline, or will they continue with the stupid rebooted timeline set in the Abrams movie era? Will each episode be 1-hour long?

    Will they actually get a good Trek-like orchestral theme song for the opening intro of the episodes, or will they just cut to a 5-second clip showing the title font “Star Trek”? (STARES AT JOE)

    Anyways, I’m cautiously optimistic. It’ll be almost 12 years since Enterprise ended, before we get this new Star Trek series. I’m really excited at seeing it return to episodic television, but not if CBS messes it up, or cancels it after 5 episodes because it’s not getting the 20+ million viewers the network wants.

  11. Number 8 looks sleek and compact.

    @Elminister: (yesterday)

    I get tired just reading about what you do. That goes for you, too @JeffW

    In that case, I’ll be quiet about my itinrary for the rest of the week… ;-D

  12. @maggiemayday: It does look like a clown. I hate clowns.

    @Scott: It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long since Enterprise ended. Man, time does fly.

  13. First I’d have to know function. Generic long term stasis pod? Sleep pod? Detention stasis pod? Medical diagnostic & potentially treatment pod? Transfer transit pod upgrade? A pod that can also be a ship escape pod? My favorites are 3, 2 & 7 in that order. And yes I admit I first thought of the stasis pods in Aliens, Alien, Event Horizon, Supernova & Earth Star Voyager. #2 reminds me of the cockpit of a BSG Viper. That’s probably why I like it so much. I say go with the pod that’s most aesthetically pleasing, functional for filming & the actors & easiest to manufacture i.e. cost effective so money can go to other effects.

    Thanks for all the updates. Greatly appreciated. Makes the wait til next yr bearable.

  14. Just a reminder to all to tune in live tomorrow 11/3/15 @periscopetv noon eastern time to find our if Dark Matter made it to the Peoples Choice Awards Finals!!/home/all/77/2 🙂

    The Pods all look pretty cool Joe, but my vote is for some variation of 1-4. They are prison pods so they should appear as foreboding and impossible to escape from as is possible and not at all resemble anything so comfy as a transfer transit pod or a simple coffin. Ya might even ask the visual FX staff if they can make it appear as if there are red lazer bars shooting horizontally across the outside of the pods (once prisoners are placed inside them) to make escape seem all the more daunting! You know TWO certainly loves a good challenge! I suspect our young Five would easily revel in the occassion to show off some master houdini tricks as well! 🙂

    The escape itself need not take up a whole lot of the episodes time or budget.
    it just needs to offer the look and genuine feel of something complex and elaborate. Albeit, that’s just my personal preference, rather than from a well researched view point. Am sure, considering you have a truly amazing cast that always put their whole heart & soul into their characters, no matter what you decide, -> like lucky charms, it’ll all turn out quite magically delicious!

    Well, am off to the kitchen again to go get myself a cocoa puffs ice cream treat!

    xo ~Sweet Dreams n golden moonbeams Everyone!~ xo
    Keep your fingers & toes crossed for tomorrow!

  15. #4 I think it’s important to have the pod positioned upward to view the people in the pods. Of the upward units, I like the view of multiple #4s lined up.

  16. there is something about 7 that talks to me, I think the two side pieces/benches make functional spaces for sitting and closely monitoring the prisoners and can double as a place for tools, for the care and maintenance of the pods and their contents.

  17. There’s something about that bracket arm thing on number eleven
    that makes it look quite interesting and different…..but the
    rest of number eleven isn’t as interesting.

    Maybe that bracket arm could be somehow worked into one
    of the other designs.

  18. My bad. Another overly looong work day here, as is unfortunately the usual for me of late. Second look and reading of your blog wording ( and once again the comments) this morning tells me these might not be ‘prison’ pods.??

    In that’s the case and you’re simply going for a new look & feel on transit or med stasis pods my pick would be for one of the glass top see thru ones. 8 &10 are nice.

    Now onto the ‘really’ important matters!. Think I’ll ask my neighbor if I can borrow her ice cream maker next wknd to make a cheese cake ice cream with bing cherry bits n pieces. I wanna experiment with adding it to a base of a simple homemade vanilla ice cream then top it off with just a wee sprinkling of curled chocolate shavings. The tricky part will be not over blending it so the vanilla doesn’t get lost in the taste of the cheese cake.

    If it doesn’t work out maybe I’ll just make bourbon ice cream. This way if the experiment is an absolute disaster I’ll be too snookered to care 😀

  19. Since you ask:

    Yeah, I was thinking 6 looked like a tanning bed, too. So, no. Not 6.
    I like the coffinish look of 5. Just creepy enough.
    Unit 1 is nice, too. Very daunting.
    Unit 7 looks like it could be launched, though I expect the thing sticking out the side is panel to monitor the inmate, not a wing.

  20. I kindof like the idea of less sleek, more of a older, we have less money to spend kind of thing. Prisons aren’t supposed to be luxurious, and to me sleekness is nicer than not. Does that make sense?

  21. Did Roxanne Borris supply that bouncy icon set for the last space station’s information kiosk, too?

    Hyperion Eight will have all the best prison rugby team cheers. H8! H8! H8!

  22. I like the H8 logo – coincidence that it can be considered text language meaning ‘hate’?
    Are there Hyperion 1-7 detention facilities too?

    I’m in favour of pod 7 👍

  23. 6 looks like a tanning bed and the style has been over done in various other shows. I feel like the style of the pod should reflect that workmanship of the people or group that made it. Without knowing that it’s hard to say which one works best. I am partial to the non-symmetrical concepts. They give a sense of function over form, much like the raza.

  24. The pods aren’t doing it for me. Perhaps it’s the sketches. 6 does look like a tanning bed, but it also looks the most practical… Perhaps because it does look like something we know already. I do prefer its rounded look – it appears more ‘modern’ than the others. The others just seem too 1980s sports car-ish. All but 6 look more like miniature shuttles. I sort of like 5…I wonder how it would look with some of the edge taken of the corners so it doesn’t look so 80s’ box-y. But I like the head shield, the lack of consoles around it (making it easier to stand anywhere next to it), the use of less glass and more concealment, and that it is flat (pretty sure the tilted ones would be edema-inducing). Yeah… leaning towards 5.


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