I was back in the production offices today for my first full half-day of work!  Well, more like third-of-a-day’s work, lunch inclusive.  And that also counts the roughly half hour I spent sorting through the various items I stored away in my office during my five month hiatus.  Akemi needed her knitting needles and yarn.

Anyway, back at it and, on deck today = casting.  And LOTS of it!  Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza and I convened to review taped auditions for the roles of Devon (61 candidates), Misaki (22 candidates), and Arax Nero (19 candidates) – which took us much of the afternoon.  We’ll finish tomorrow by reviewing Nyx’s (62 candidates).

It was interesting to see several former Stargate guest stars in the mix as well.  I have to admit – it’s going to be tough.

In the coming days, we’ll also be running auditions for Treihan, Shaddick, Kierken, and Reynaud.

So who the heck are these characters?  Well, stick around.  In the coming days, I’ll give you a peek at the casting breakdown that went out for each role – which will offer a little more insight into what we have in the works for our thrilling, action-packed, chock-full-o-shocks second season.

In the meantime, how about a few more peeks into what the Production Designer Ian Brock,  Set Designer Doug Slater, and Concept Illustrator Sanford Kong have in the works?  Feast your eyes, Dark Matter fans!


October 20, 2015: Gearing Up For Dark Matter Season 2!

(click for the big picture)


October 20, 2015: Gearing Up For Dark Matter Season 2!


October 20, 2015: Gearing Up For Dark Matter Season 2!


Dark Matter fans, you are spoiled!

So, what do you think?  What’s the deal with those last two pics?

Off to rewrite some scripts!  Do drop me a comment to distract me.

25 thoughts on “October 20, 2015: Gearing up for Dark Matter season 2!

  1. Mining operation…recycled Android parts…hmmm what could those pictures be about???

  2. Yes. Yes, we are spoiled, but it is no more than we deserve for our years of dedication and unwavering support. 😉

    Trash bins! I love trash bins! they are so good for escaping from places and then ending up in a horrible (but amusing) situation.

    Work has been moderately awful, but mostly that’s because I really just want to be back on vacation in England. So thanks for distracting me!

    I’m looking forward to going to a play this weekend in Chicago: http://www.theatreinchicago.com/the-curious-case-of-the-watson-intelligence/7946/
    I can’t wait!

  3. Those last two picks are what I imagine our local community recycling center looks like…especially when I’m recycling car parts.

  4. Looks like a rather eerie end of an assembly line. I’d expect Cybermen but that’s a different universe. Super soldiers?
    Could be the birth place of Android.

  5. The last two pics are an asteroid mining version of breaker boys. They sort the impurities out and it’s a really dirty job. It’s a continuous process, with constant input and impurities to eject, so the hatches stay open. Even if it wasn’t continuous, the space suits make more sense than getting the air dirty.

    Breaker boy is such a dirty job that my great uncle failed his WWII recruitment physical at only 17 due to black lung.

  6. Better not see a Zoebot head on that conveyor belt! Love the detention center layout – that’s what it looks like that is. Individual cells with a common area. Is there an interrogation/torture chamber? Can’t wait to discover who all these mysterious new characters are.

  7. So, what do you think? What’s the deal with those last two pics?

    hmmmm? An assembly line to process what appears to be possibly human bones? Uh Oh! Dont tell me you plan to turn DM into a bizarre version of the Soylent Green movie?! 😀 I’d click on the pics to have a closer look but that’s how the glitch happened in the previous posting.

    Dark Matter fans, you are spoiled! Yes, thanks!, We certainly are!
    By one of the most talented, kindest, loving, and most generous human beings on the planet!. Thanks for all you do Joseph Mallozzi. xo You are so good to us! xo

    BTW: Voting to determine nominee finalists for the Peoples choice awards closes on October 22nd. Hope you will all share the love via posting the link below onto your social media accounts


  8. Is our dear Android in danger…??!!!! Nooooooo..!!!!

    Hopefully, farmgirl-tough Nyx will help the gang rescue her, after teaching a certain someone in the gang a lesson in bullying, that is 😉

    (If you think that is too spoilery to mention, I respect you not posting this comment!)

  9. lol… sparced beat me to the punch!! I Love Lucy was the first thing I thought of, too. 🙂

    So…that means I got nothin’. 😛


  10. Okay, I did as commanded – I clicked for the bigger picture (had to click twice). I have no idea what it’s all about – I had to leave the page because that spectre guy is still freaking me out.



  11. Speaking of Assembly lines… @JeffW dont forget you promised me some pics & vids of the aircraft in the making (thus so far) when you finish with your business travel tour in Ca. 🙂

  12. More great concept art. The last two?

    Dismantling parts of the Raza and/or something that was contained in the ‘vault’, looking for a particular item that is explosive/toxic (hence the suits)……


    Sifting through specific types of debris looking for remains of the device, that blew up the planet (heck of a task, but worth it?)…..
    And what DO these letters mean?


    Selecting raw materials suitable to manufacture more advanced androids….


    Just your everyday recycling plant…… 😙

    Just a little under two months until shooting starts and you’re already giving us loads!
    The casting breakdown – awesome!
    Lots more auditions/reviews too, did you write the role of a character with a particular actor in mind?

  13. Ok, they are sorting fish heads and moon rocks…How do the crates full of stuff move about, hidden wheels, air, magnets? My head would spin a bit from all the things you have on your plate, minus fish heads. Maybe a little breaktime with some knitting, I think it can be meditative and therapeutic… or have a Moscow mule complete with copper mug?!? Not sure it will distract you but can’t hurt, right?!

  14. Sorry, but I saw Lucy and Ethel, too. But spacesuits don’t have many places to hide chocolates. So maybe that’s it. Forget mining. This is how you keep Lucy and Ethyl from stealing chocolates.

  15. I Love Lucy, funny! That was a classic scene. I’m leaning towards android factory. Love the picture!!!

    Can’t wait for more sneak peeks! Hope everyone’s day is good.

  16. “…full half-day of work! Well, more like third-of-a-day’s work, lunch inclusive.”

    Wow! I have always thought that working in this business was for fun !
    I whish that my day of work would be this long !!

  17. We really are spoiled. With all you do, I don’t know of anyone who is more dedicated to posting a daily blog for so many years who isn’t paid to actually post a daily blog every day. And we <3 U for that.

    As far as the final two pictures, I think our crew gets a hold of some worker duds in the SuperMax prison to find things so they can plot their break-out.

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