August 17, 2015: Looking Ahead To Dark Matter Episode 1.11!

The thing I love most about doing interviews is coming back to them, days later, and being genuinely surprised by what I said…

In which I talk corporate conflicts, TWO’s secret, and coming revelations!

August 17, 2015: Looking Ahead To Dark Matter Episode 1.11!

In which I offer insight on our Android’s issues, FIVE’s place, and our crew’s options down to (slim and none).

August 17, 2015: Looking Ahead To Dark Matter Episode 1.11!

Is it Friday night yet?  No?!  Okay, here are some Episode 11 teasers to tide you over…

Check out the promo: “With the team trapped and Two dead, Five must save the day. But all actions have consequences.”

August 17, 2015: Looking Ahead To Dark Matter Episode 1.11!

Check out a sneak peek scene: “After Two is seemingly shot into space, Wexler and Cain rough up One … whom they believe is Jace Corso.”


7 thoughts on “August 17, 2015: Looking ahead to Dark Matter Episode 1.11!

  1. There’s this quote from The Simpsons that I thought of in relation to waiting for the next Dark Matter:

    “To the most beautiful moment in life. Better than the deed, better than the memory. The moment… of anticipation!

    Jacques- The Simpsons”

    I say screw that! I want to see episode 11 NOW! 🙂

  2. I am really looking forward to episode 11. And some more answers. This show has spun me around so many times I really don’t know who to trust and from which direction the next ‘gotcha’ moment will come. It’s rare that I watch a show for a couple of episodes and haven’t figured out most of the angles. This show’s angles have angles all hidden behind a cloud of amnesia and snarky androids. You’ve crafted some dandy story telling acted by folks who know and care about their craft. All my news search apps are out there incessantly prowling the interwebs for anything with ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘Season 2’. Hope to be rewarded soon.

    Now that Anthony Lemke has set the bar for a Q&A you may have trouble finding another victim to step up to the plate. I do hope we get a chance to hear from other cast and crew in the near future.

    Is it Friday yet?

  3. Ok Joe, I’m onto ya… so you might as well fess up now!

    I know you have been telling everyone 111 is to be a very dark episode, Albeit what you and Paul have actually secretly planned is a comedic episode in which we discover 2 and Wexler were previously betrothed and Her beating him to a bloody pulp and Him blasting her out the airlock is really just their version of passionate bedroom foreplay. LOL! 😀

    Cheers & much love to all at D.M.! May each and every one of you continue to challenge yourselves to Climb to new heights, Dive to new depths and Soar farther and faster than ever before! xo

  4. “… whom they believe is Jace Corso.”
    If I was One, I’d play off the knowledge I already have:
    1. I’m Derrick Moss, vigilante billionaire. When the GA runs a genetic check, they’ll confirm it.
    2. Oh, that face? Funny thing, Corso was amazed too when I bumped into him.
    3. Also, keep your hands off Three, because I have a personal score to settle with that jackass.

    That’s enough for a distraction and dragging Three away for a while. Then coming back packing enough heat to liberate a small nation.

  5. @Wexler and Cain rough up One … whom they believe is Jace Corso

    While they’re no angels. The real Jace Corso is a bit of a jerk, what with him wanting to kill One and Three and stealing the guns from the Raza. What I mean is, I’m sure Jace has his haters for a good reason lol.

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