August 18, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s Four – Wants Your Questions!

I’m pleased to announce our second Dark Matter cast Q&A.  On the hot seat next is actor Alex Mallari Jr., Dark Matter’s FOUR.

August 18, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s Four – Wants Your Questions!
DARK MATTER — “Episode Two” Episode 102 — Pictured: Alex Mallari Jr. as Four — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

If you’ve got a question for Alex, post it in the comments section of this blog.  In the interest of preserving my own sanity (since I’m the one who has cut and paste all the text to upload), I’m limiting questions to a very reasonable 5 per person.

So…have at it!

August 18, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s Four – Wants Your Questions!
DARK MATTER — “Episode Three” Episode 103 — Pictured: Alex Mallari Jr. as Four — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Hey, you know what’s on this Friday?  That’s right!  Dark Matter Episode 11!  Check out the promo:

And speaking of Alex, here a little appetizer for our upcoming Q&A: “10 Questions for FOUR”:

August 18, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s Four – Wants Your Questions!

22 thoughts on “August 18, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s FOUR – wants your questions!

  1. I’m curious about how heavy those swords are. They don’t look very light, but you swing them around like a cat with a mouse.
    Also, do you think Four would ever want to retake his place in the family Empire again, or is that a too late now kinda thing?

  2. Questions for Alex:

    Do you like that FOUR seems to talk a lot less than most of the others? Do you like the subsequent mystery of his character?

    Did Joe make you read any specific Anime to better understand where FOUR is coming from, or to get into character?

    Now that your weapons training has really taken off, is there any specific new weapon you’d like to see FOUR master and use in combat?

    Keep up the great work Alex. As someone who studied Shotokan karate for many years and learned many of the same weapons you’re using on DM, I’m more transfixed by your athletic abilities and technical skills at times, but you are definitely pulling off your character beautifully. Strong, silent, unwavering, technical, brutal. I love it!

    Joe, season 2, you need to have a moment between FIVE and FOUR where FOUR finds a new close quarters/martial arts combat weapon of some kind(perhaps even one made just for the DM universe) and FIVE smiles and looks at him and says, “That’s so you…”, to which FOUR just looks at her and does a mischievous little half smile(a la T2).

    -Mike A.

  3. Some questions for this Q&A

    1) How comfortable would you say Four is around the crew after everything that has happened thus far? Would you say he has a trust in them and could see himself staying with this group over the long term?

    2) What would you say was going through Fours mind when he stabbed Akita-san with his sword? Do you think he has any regrets over his actions?

    3) Out of everyone in the Raza crew, who would you say Four trusts, and gets along with the most?

    4) Do you see Four ever reclaiming his throne? And could he do it without killing a whole bunch of people in the process? Also, do you believe his grief over the loss of his father motives him to pursue justice?

    5) After playing Four for 13 episodes now, what do you think of your character, and where can you see him heading in future seasons? I think you’ve done great so far, your weaponry skills are excellent too, is there a weapon you want to use but haven’t thus far on the show?

  4. For Alex: I studied Kung Fu for a year and Karate for several years. You make the moves look flawless. All your hard work shows! How long did you practice to make your techniques so smooth? Which parts of martial arts did you pick up the easiest and which were the most difficult? Since I’m getting older, jumps are a struggle now. However, I can still do head high kicks, so all is not lost. 😉

    @Mr M: You copy & pasted all of those questions? Wow! Thank you!!!!
    Lulu news?

  5. For Mr. Mallari,

    You have obviously captured the hearts of many of our female viewers and the envy and respect of most males in the audience (your mastery of the sword is impressive). Do you see a romantic interest in FOUR’s future in seasons to come? Will it soften that rock hard exterior so we can experience his Nutella center?

    Thanks for your hard work on the series and your ever so entertaining tweets.

  6. Yeah! I love FOUR too!! My 5 questions for Alex:

    1. What was your first favorite TV show you can remember as a kid?

    2. What do you do on set to pass the time in between shooting your scenes?

    3. If Joe let you write a season 2 episode that was FOUR centered, what would it be about?

    4. FOURClan is a pretty cool name. What other names did you consider before going with FOURClan?

    5. What would be your ultimate dream role ever?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! You are a brave sole! Lucky for you Joe limited us to only 5… 😉

  7. For Joe;

    Hello again with another (and better) update on the little black puli. [Feel free to simply read and then not publish this post or edit however you’d like.]

    We found out yesterday (with a bit more information than what was put out by the Alberta SPCA release) that the little guy is in a foster home with a family that has experience with pets with broken limbs. I can’t go into details, but suffice to say that everything *had* been done properly by the ASPCA in accordance with the Alberta Animal Protection act, and that the information ball about picking him up was dropped outside of what the ASPCA had control over. I’ve been reading comments sections and I’m continually amazed at how many people have an agenda and won’t even try to acknowledge that what they’ve been told is truth — so they keep blaming the ASPCA (I’ve even tweeted them an apology) and not even bothering to educate themselves about what the Alberta Animal Protection Act states — let alone how what they’re doing could help in the possibility of pressing charges against the former owner.

    As well, my daughter was asking all sorts of smart questions (especially for a seven year old), so her mom let her talk to the Peace Officer who picked up the puli She was very kind and patient, and answered all of her questions. My ex told me that she was smiling after the conversation, so that says something about the Officer involved.

    It seems that no matter what age we get to there’s always a part of us that wants to think both the bad and good of something. I don’t know if it’s just the state of the world we live in where it’s the bad that comes before the good, or if it’s just a philosophical question that’s existed for centuries.

    Question for Mr. Mallari Jr.: Will you be able to talk the execs into letting Four grow his hair out rebel-style? (And I don’t mean Rebel Wilson … though that would be an interesting look …)

  8. We all know well the serious side of Four and his unparalleled skill with swords and martial arts. So, I would like to know, if Four DOES laugh (not sure we’ve had a full laugh yet), what would make him laugh, like falling down, rolling on the floor kind of laughing?

  9. Hey Joe, whatever happened to the questions we posted for Jay Firestone? Am I missing something?

  10. Hello!
    • Was using a sword something new for you to learn?
    • How much preparation effort and time did dealing with sword(s) require?
    • Was that preparation facilitated by knowing how to use other auxiliary weapons such as nunchakus?
    • How many other blades of what kind does Four have tucked about his person?

  11. Since Joe’s a dog lover I have the feeling that Akita character was named after the dog breed, very nice dogs by the way.
    Before the Q&A Alex could blackmail Joe to takeover the ship, wait, that sounds like Three, ok moving on I don’t wanna upset Alex I don’t wanna be anywhere near Monday 😀
    I talk (and write) a lot of nonsense but I can tell one thing, I’m not intrusive, I’ll try to respect your privacy as much as I can, I’m not the type of guy who makes too many questions.

    I’ve been paying attention to the weapons rack since day one (the nunchaku wasn’t there!) basically the weapons left are from Chinese origins will we see you training with them before this season ends?
    I like China and Russia, two countries I’d like to visit someday, what can you tell us about the Russians? (are the girls really pretty as they say?)
    I never practiced any martial arts (but I was a pretty good walking punching bag) I’ve watched tons of documentaries about it, Filipino Cali seems to be a very effective martial art, have you mastered it?
    Nowadays who’s your favorite martial artist actor? (mine is Donnie Yen)

    It’d be really nice if we (me at least) get to see some action like in Kill Bill or the bloodiest ninja movie I’ve ever seen, Ninja Assassin (2009) lots of blood *-*
    Thank you Joe & Alex that’s it for today, but I’ll still annoy you guys on Twitter 😀

  12. Hello Joe,

    Sorry if I asked too many questions…. I hope Lulu is getting better.

    Questions for Alex: (Hi Alex its webgurl)

    Congratulations! You’ve done a great job developing your character. FOUR continually surprises me.

    1. What surprised you most about Season 1 of Dark Matter?

    2. FOUR is the most ruthless of the crew. Do you think he believes he is justified in the deaths he has caused or does he just react to situations in a manner he was raised?

    3. How difficult was it doing the walking/talking scene outside in the cold with your hands tied behind your back?

    4. What book are you reading at the moment, or the last one you read?

    5. I’ve been impressed with your sword work. You’ve studied martial arts. Did you have any prior experience with katanas and is this something you’d like to pursue?

    Byeeeeee… See you on Twitter!!

    Cheers, webgurl

  13. Hello Alex !

    Would like to know which scene was your favorite to make/shoot, and why ? 🙂 Thank you !

  14. Hello, Alex! a.k.a. Twinkle Toes…

    Growing up my best friend was from the Philippines. My husband even tried the tinikling dance at her wedding. His ankles did not fair well… 😛

    So, a question – have you (or can you) perform the tinikling dance? If so, how did your ankles fair? And also if so, is there video? 🙂

    Thanks in advance! 🙂


  15. Thanks for this great show and your fine portrayal of Four, Mr. Mallari. My questions:

    – DM is sci-fi with big potential regarding the universe, technology or mystery. Is there some situation, theme or story you would like to see in DM Season 2?
    – What do you like about Four’s character and what you dont like?
    – In first episodes there were great moments when silent Four suddenly spoke and it had both meaning and an impact. Which of Four’s sentences do you like most?
    – Who was the best talent for fighting scenes amongst your crew mates (except you) and who was your favorite opponent?
    – Would you prefer smaller roles in big martial arts movie or big Hollywood dramatic movie, or bigger role in interesting TV serie?

    Have a nice day and good butt kicking, Alex! 🙂

  16. To Alex:

    One of my fav scenes this season was when One, Two, Three and Four were on the space station in the restaurant and the guys were guessing the special meal Two ordered. Once you found out that you were eating meal worms the way you dropped the food and the look of disgust was priceless. Its the reaction my stepdad has every time I let him try something new; good example was kale.
    I was wondering the two people who grew up with money are the two who were not accepting of the meal worms. Is that scene a look into what the backgrounds of Two and Three are. Do you feel since Two suggested the worms and Three kept eating that means these two did not grow up with silver spoons?

  17. Hello Alex,
    I have learned that you are vegan, that’s awesome
    Why are you vegan ?
    Ethical reasons (animal cruelty, world hunger), environmentalism, your health ?
    Thanks !

    Go vegan ! 🙂

  18. Hey there, Joe! Hope all is well. Loving, loving, loving Dark Matter (can’t wait to see this week’s episode – it’s the one I was on-set for). I posted my questions for Alex over at the DM Facebook post and realized that I needed to post them on your blog. Here they are, and thanks for doing this!

    For Alex:

    Can you tell us a bit about your experiences filming Episode Nine, and your thoughts on Four’s backstory involving his father, brother and homeworld and how that’s unfolded so far. Also, the action sequences involving your character are amazing! What do you enjoy most about executing those in front of the camera. Thanks as always for your time, Alex!

  19. Hi Alex! Four was my favorite character from the comic book and you are doing a great job with him. Thanks for all your hard work!

    Just one character insight question. Okay, maybe two questions:

    1. If Four becomes Emperor, how do you think he will reward his Raza crewmates?

    2. Do you think that Four’s experiences (those that he remembers, anyway) will make him a better emperor? Why or why not?

  20. Hi Alex,

    first I like to say that I love your dedication for Dark Matter and how hard you are working for it. It´s always a pleasure watching you and the rest of the best crew in outta space in Dark Matter :-).

    My questions for you are :-):

    Are you doing all your fighting scenes by yourself or do you have a stunt double?

    What weapon do you like to use Four next?

    What roles/characters do you like to play in the future?

    I really like your sense of humor and I have to say I already missed your “dance of the day” in Joes blogs. I hope there´ll be some when Dark Matter will be renewed :-). I really love how you all shared your “Dark Matter moments” with us. It´s always a pleasure reading your tweets :-).

    Have an awesome weekend :-).

  21. 1. In a hypothetical throwdown between TWO and FOUR for the title of the most badass Raza crew member who would win?
    2. On the other side of spectrum, can you imagine a scenario where those two end up making the beast with two backs?
    3. Why did FOUR erase everyone’s memories?

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