August 10, 2015: Ask Anthony Lemke Whatever!

If you have questions for the handsome, wistful-looking fellow pictured above, then post them in this blog’s comment section by Wednesday night because that’s when I’ll be forwarding your queries to Dark Matter’s resident rogue, Anthony Lemke.  I know he’d love to hear from you (especially YOU), so don’t be shy.  Ask away!

To those of you asking – Yes, we’re currently working on scripts for season 2, but – No, we have yet to receive a second season pick-up.  The show has been going gangbusters internationally and in Canada –

And the show has been steady in the U.S. –

August 10, 2015: Ask Anthony Lemke Whatever!

I am cautiously optimistic.  But I promise – you’ll know as soon as I know!

While we’re waiting, let’s check out the feedback on Episode 109:

“As always we took all of our questions from this week’s episode to series’ co-creator Joseph Mallozzi in our weekly chat. Mallozzi shares some insights about these recent revelations and takes a look ahead as Dark Matter’s first season heads into its final arc.”

“Get ready. For the second week in a row on Dark Matter, it felt a lot like we were getting prepped for something forthcoming. The question is, what? Four’s plans to meet up with his half brother were thwarted, Five and Six had a minor sibling-like spat, and Ferrous Corp returned on “Episode 9” of Dark Matter.”

“It is entirely possible for the characters to try and become better people. Each character will have to determine if they will allow themselves to be dictated by who they were or fight to forge new lives for themselves. Hit the comments and tell me which characters you think will be able to break the cycle and create a better future for themselves.”

“Ah Dark Matter…How do I love thee? Let me count the ways, while there may not be nine, as in episode nine, events in this week’s installment, there are a few that stand out and make this show worthy of the deepest devotion. These moments are what make this series special, network deities take note, and combined with the plot, they scream out for a second season.”

Hey, if we get a second season pick-up, I’m thinking of doing something super special for a lucky contest winner.  But more on that when we hear definite word…

35 thoughts on “August 10, 2015: Ask Anthony Lemke whatever!

  1. On set, how do you prepare for the different types of scenes?
    Do you ever get nervous about being on camera?
    Do you goof off with the other cast members off set?

  2. I understand that you had a desire to be cast on a sci-if show. What is it about sci-if that attracted you & what’s you’re favourite part about playing THREE? If not THREE, what role would you want?

  3. What (who) would you prefer to back you up: canine Lulu and Bubba or weapon Lulu and Bubba? 🙂

    Were there any scheduling conflicts between Dark Matter and Good Witch? If so, how was it handled? Is it fun to play such different characters?

  4. You appear to me to be a very nice guy (in real life) so how do you manage to play someone as slimey, single-minded, and self-centred as Three? (if you’ve redeemed yourself in the last episode, forget the question — I haven’t had time yet to watch the ep on my dvr…) By the way, I love that a really good actor can portray a character that consistently irritates me every time!)

  5. First off I just want to say you’re doing a great job as Three! My question is this: How many call backs did you get and where were you when you found out you had gotten the role?

  6. I saw from a previous behind the scenes clip of Dark Matter that you and the guys love to sing in between takes. Do you have a favorite song at the moment? Or what would be your go-to karaoke song?

    If you can play another character on Dark Matter besides Three, who would it be and why?

    I loved the scene between Three and Android in episode 9 where he basically tells her to not reboot. Will there be anymore Three and Android interactions?

  7. Questions: Do you prefer acting in films or tv series? Was it a difficult decision to commit to the time needed for a 13 episode series? How do you stay motivated during long days on set? What do you do when you’re not acting?

    Kudos on crafting such a memorable character!
    Keep up the good work!

  8. With everything I have read ratings wise here, Australia,UK, US etc What is the problem? If ratings were abysmal, yes, I would understand. There is a growing audience who have invested their time. What are they going to show, more sharknado?

  9. @Anthony, did Joe tell you that you have to answer EVERY question? And no copy and pasting. And even if no one asks you a question about Joe, you should try to work his name (favorably) into at least 25% of your answers.

  10. Question for Anthony: what was your first paying job as an actor and what did you have to do for it?

  11. Questions:

    1. Dogs or cats?

    2. TV or books?

    3. Spring, summer, autumn, or winter?

    4. Cake or pie?

    5. Snow and fireplaces, or beach sand and fire pits?

    6. Iron Man or Superman?

    7. Boxers or briefs?

    Really enjoyed the tears in the last episode…very touching, and insightful. 🙂


  12. Hey Joe is there anything else we fans can do to help get season 2 picked up I’ve been tweeting #renewdarkmatter anything else you can think of.

  13. Hello Anthony!

    So Joe now owns your soul… Worse could happen I guess! Must say been enjoying the depth of your character now… by the third episode I hated you and was ready to see you go out an airlock! Bravo… a testament to your acting!

    Hope can shake your hand at con someday!

    Q: When you did stage work did you think you ever get into Sci-fi? and… if you could been on ANY Sci-fi show what is your favorite or one you would loved to been included in past or present?

    PS… what was Prague like? Always wanted to visit there!

  14. I’ve really enjoyed Dark Matter. Not surprising, since you have quite the knack for good television. I truly hope many more seasons are in the offing.


    Yes, I know you are a dog person. I have had Yorkies for the past 30 years. Would you ever consider other breeds than pugs and Frenchies?

    Secondly, I am seriously perturbed by the NOLA designation of New Orleans. Those (few) of us who are actually named Nola (in Galic Noble or Famous, in Latin, a small bell – thus a well-known ding-a-ling), would you consider re-using names from previous series?

  15. Anthony you look sad and pensive, among so many carpets. – A tough guy like you how has not managed to give away any of them, as like your fellow McGillian? – Moreover, you could enlighten us about your algorithm on Nash Equilibrium especially your homotopy approximation? – And finally whiskey on space stations is as bad as it seems? Or Joe filled the bottles with Bacon soda?

  16. @Hey, if we get a second season pick-up

    Swap the “if” for “when”. Positivity 🙂 You gotta believe.

  17. Some questions for this Q&A thing from me.

    1) When Three found out about Ones secret with regards to him not being the real Jace Corso, do you think the old Three would have reacted differently, and possibly attacked him?

    2) Do you think Three wants to put a bullet in the head of that Cyrus guy(Who altered Wendys programming) who indirectly caused the death of that woman who loves him? Even if Three doesn’t remember her, you could tell he feels she’s important to him.

    3) If, someday Three recovers his memories, do you think he’ll choose to stay along the same path he’s heading down and be a better person, or do you think the old Three will take precedence over the new Three?

    4) Do you think Three is capable of doing something truly bad to a bad person for the greater good?

    5) Now that you’ve played Three for 13 episodes, what do you think of your character, and where could you see him heading in future seasons?

  18. I just rewatched the last episode last night and I again am so impressed at the subtleties in this show. I noticed early in the episode when the crew is together discussing the importance of honesty and not keeping secrets, that TWO very discreetly touches the side of her neck and covers the bandage (which is notably still there. Hmmm.) Those little details just add so much.

    Questions for Anthony:

    It seems that THREE gets into more than his fair share of getting beaten up, beating up or other injury promoting activities. 🙂 Do you do many of your own stunts? If so, does it help to add to your appreciation and interpretation of the character?

    Also, I think I remember that you’re a “Space: 1999” fan. Did you know that a group is trying to get a reboot going (for years now), “Space: 2099”? Man, I would love to see those Eagle shuttles flying once again!

  19. Questions for Anthony Lemke: Has there ever been a part that you turned down and later regretted? How is being an actor similar to being a lawyer? Any hobbies? Thank you, in advance for putting up with us!

    Ponytail: That’s good advice. I remember Jewel Staite saying she must have pissed off the writers because they kept writing scenes of her running/tripping through the woods. Also, remember when JF had a space bug on his face for an episode of SGA? Makes ya think……. 😉

  20. Ask Anthony whatever? That is something I *can* do. I’ll just ask him things I sometimes ask people when I meet them. It’s more of a fill-in-the-blank type questions (of course I don’t ask them this way when I meet someone). .

    I’m most creative….?

    I often imagine myself….?

    I really wish I knew how to….?

    I’d love to spend a lazy Sunday…?

    My secret talent is…?

    Best spontaneous decision was…?

    Best way to express myself is….?

    Best thrill was…?

    The best advice someone gave me was….?

    Greatest life experience that has made me into who I am today…?

    Greatest kindness someone did for me was….?

    If I were not an actor, I would be….?

    The craziest job I had outside of acting was…?

    The person who influenced my life the most was…?

    Top three things on my bucket list are….?

    My favorite teacher from childhood was _____ because…..?

    The first 5 songs in my most frequently listened to songs in ITunes, etc. are…?

    The last book I read was….?

    My favorite sport to watch is….?

    My first pet was a ____ and their name was ____ ?

    And some either/or questions:

    Sunrises or sunsets?

    Singing or dancing?

  21. HI Anthony!

    We (my daughter and I) are loving your portrayal of Three.

    Lots of interesting questions have already been posed, so I’ll just add these:

    1a. Did Three enjoy Charlotte’s Web?
    1b. Would he ever admit to it?
    1c. Did bring back any memories for him?

    2. So what was going on with Three when he threatened to send Five out the airlock in that flashback (when he discovers her as a stowaway)?

    Can’t tell us, right?

    Yeah, well…

    Let’s try these:

    3a. Have you ever read Charlotte’s Web?
    3b. What’s on your current reading list?
    3c. ebooks or paper?

    Anyway, keep up the good work! You’ve created quite an interesting character in Dark Matter and I’m looking forward to watching where you (and Joe) take us next.

  22. Question for AL:

    If you lost the memories for every fourth year of your life, would you be a different person today?

  23. @gforce — Yeah, I’ve been reading that for a while now, not sure why ITV or some other network hasn’t picked it up. When I last checked, the Space 2099 site hadn’t been updated for over a year, so either they’re keeping it all a secret, or nothing is happening at all, which would really be a shame if the latter were true.

    Everything goes in cycles these days, so if shows like Dark Matter and Killjoys continue to rack in the viewers and bring about a new interest in ship-based sci-fi (which it seems like they ARE doing right now from the ratings), then other networks might take the genre more seriously again, like they used to do in the 90s. It’s all about competition. DM does wonders for Syfy, then maybe next year another network will notice and try to compete by bringing back Space 1999 or a new Star Trek or Babylon 5.

  24. For Anthony:

    Three quickly became my favorite character on the show. I dig his snark. His overall assholiness, if you will. And I know this is always a loaded question for an actor, but how much of that is on the page, and how much of it do you bring to the screen?

  25. I’m thinking of doing something super special for a lucky contest winner.
    Can’t wait to hear more! Bring on Season 2 👍

  26. @Anthony

    1 — Does anyone call you Tony?
    2 — Do you have pets?
    3 — What’s the most exotic place you’ve visited or worked in as an actor?
    4 — What’s your favourite place on the planet?
    5 — What’s your favourite episode of Dark Matter?
    6 — Is Joe hard to work with? You can tell us. He won’t read this blog. ;-p

  27. Have you ever actually read “Charlotte’s Web”? (I must admit I haven’t.)
    If yes, did you cry?

    What is the most embarrassing moment in your life that you’re willing to share with us?

    Did you or do you have a nickname or do you go by Anthony?

    Do you still do any lawyering on the side?

    Do you like scotch? If so, what’s your favorite? If not, what’s your poison? Can I have some?

  28. Do you think Three really loved Sarah, or was he mourning the loss of the only connection he had to his past?

    You enter a poker tournament and your opponents are Four, Android and Meg Tilly. What’s your strategy? What strengths does each player bring to the table?

    If a ship leaves Jupiter at 10 am. and travels FTL 100 Light Years toward Earth and at the same time a space station leaves FTL halfway between Mars and Saturn, at what time will the ship dock?

  29. Re-posting this because I don’t know which is the right blog post:

    Three is my favorite character! I like the badass he tosses off, and his rough attitude adds to the crew dynamic.

    As for a question? My question(s) is/are:

    1. What would be your dire strait for Three (and maybe a crew-member) to get out of?

    2. What is Threes favorite gun? He has so many…

    Thanks for the awesome show!

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