16 thoughts on “August 4, 2015: The Weird Food Purchase of the Day – Peanut Butter Soda!

  1. It always amazes me how you will take a good swig or bite of an unknown food item to test it–particularly if it smells horrible. You do know, in the animal world, the sense of smell is suppose to give you a heads up! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Ewww. Everyone knows you can’t have peanut butter soda without a strawberry jelly chaser.



  3. Actually, when I picked this one out for you, I had high hopes as well. I was picturing something like Reese’s Pieces as a soda. So sad that it’s closer to that natural peanut butter stuff you see in the health food stores…you know the kind that forms that weird oil on the top that somehow never mixes in with the rest of the jar?

    Anyway, when we were going through all the flavors at Pops, there were so many to choose from, I tried not to repeat any of the selections in the gift six-packs we bought. My son David got a selection that included seal cola, licorice soda, and almond soda (which he said was actually pretty good). I had a granny smith apple soda, a concord grape soda, and a sasparilla licorice soda that tasted like some of that old time cough medicine that my grandmother used to keep in the medicine cabinet. My daughter Jackie picked out a peach soda, a couple of different colas, and bubble gum soda.

    I’ll admit that I was curious about the Cel-ray soda, but I’m less inclined now that you’ve given it a low review.

    The next time I go through Oklahoma, maybe I’ll try the peanut butter and jelly soda and report back my findings. Was it Tim that said he lives near Pops? Maybe he can go try it and post his thoughts? We could have a soda of the tasting session! 😀

  4. No quicker way to “settle your stomach” than to drink something that will “empty” your stomach fast. *barf* Oh did JeffW say “Peanut” Butter Soda. He actually meant to say “Pee-nut” Butter Soda. When you said Peanut Butter Soda did the dogs come-a-running? Let them try it. They’d know if it was real. HOW IS LULU?????

    I’m loving all the comments here about Dark Matter. Personally, I’m convinced TWO and FIVE are androids also. All androids are not like The Android. They can seem real like the Ruby Rose one.

  5. Should have been “soda tasting session”. My typing got ahead of my brain…

  6. BTW, just a WARNING – DON’T “pass gas” outside, or you could end up being mauled by squirrels!!

  7. JeffW, if that PBJ soda is from Jones Soda brand, be warned. I carried that at my store for a time and was excited to try it. At first it takes okay, but quickly the aftertaste is strongly reminiscent of cheap, burnt PB that’s been in the pantry for too many years and has dried out.

  8. What did Ivon ever do to you? 😉

    Hope your stomach is better!

    No Lulu news? Symptoms better?

    I finished “The Fall”. It’s a show I’d recommend to mystery lovers. It didn’t grab me like “The Killing” but I think that is because we know who the killer is all along. I hope “The Fall” has a season three!!!

  9. Run Ivon!!!! But not before doing another Periscope with Joe. You looked so puzzled, it was cute.

    I would have thought Peanut Butter soda would have tasted better too Joe.. Strange… Reminded me of Taco Twisties…. Sounded like an awesome idea but tasted horrible… Now Bacon Twisties ZOMG awesome!!

    Cheers Chev

  10. After your very colorful description of the smell, I am impressed you drank it TWICE. I glad that there are brave people in the world willing to try the strange foods so that I’ll know what they taste like. Pretty sure I never will.

  11. I thought — oh — that’s going to be great. That will take your number one spot. I was screaming ewwwwwwww when you were describing it to the point my Jeff came eagerly running in saying, “What? What?” because he likes all things that I go “ewwwwwww” to. I surprised you even tasted it with the way you were feeling. That’s commitment. I have to find something here for you to try. Texas is full of weird stuff.

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